Archway Wardens Social Media Talk


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Social Media introduction. Workshop delivered to network of Archway Wardens at Whirlow Grange on 29th January 2013

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Archway Wardens Social Media Talk

  1. 1. Banging the (On line) Drum Digital & Social Media Paul Webster – 29th January 2013 @watfordgap
  2. 2. What I do : train & support Charities & Churches Social Media Surgeries Digital Advice
  3. 3. Old media - Web 1.0 . . . (Others – if you dare!) . . static websites - no interaction, - text heavy content, - information fed TO visitors - no idea who was (if anyone) was reading
  4. 4. New media - Web 2.0 .... . media rich, interactive, content served based on preferences, open for comments, conversations NETWORKING with visitors encouragedWeb 2.0=Social Media=New Media=Social Networking
  5. 5. Lets play a game!What are we saying?
  6. 6. It’s about conversations…..Social media…is about pursuing relationships and fostering communities. Paul Adams, Google - not about forgetting everything you know. Centres can still support, still raise awareness, stillshow caring ... just you now ALSO have the power of an on-line space to do all this.
  7. 7. You’re Famous!
  8. 8. Are you on Social Media? No? Probably – Yes!Have you checked?!How are you being represented?What are people already saying?Are you using Social Media?Does your organisation have a website … that is interactive?Have you got a blog?Do you use YouTube or Flickr?Are you on Facebook?Do you Tweet?Do you use web tools to improve organisational efficiency?Even if you dont plan immediate use of a social network, you should considerregistering your organisation on anyway to prevent squatters. What is Social Media -
  9. 9. Networking – the numbers
  10. 10. 76% of iPad users also have a desktop PC, but 9% bought one to replace their desktop / laptop The Mobile Web Mobile web access will eclipse wired by 2015, 17% of UK If you took away households already use phone as primary web access my mobile, you would take away a 45% of web users connect from mobile (ONS – Aug 2011) part of me 16% UK web traffic from a phone/tablet (Comscore – June 2012) Have you viewed your website on a phone/tablet? Android OS use grown from 5% to 47% (Dec 2009 to Dec 2011). Apple is 30%, Symbian <5%. (ComScrore Aug 2011)Over 25 million smartphones in use in UK 51.3% of phone market 59% access social network, 49% to buy, 12% to check-in (Ofcom Aug2011 / ComScore Dec2011) 1 million tablets sold by Dixons Group in December 2012 Bite-sized reading & news – even volunteering & learning whilst travelling Its not a passing phase
  11. 11. Its Relational not Transactionalbalanced equality between organisations Social Networking isand visitors. Leads to deeper conversations the levellerWere all content creators. Our messageis relevant and as important whatever size. Gives all of us an equal1 person or 1000 in a community voice with the worldIncreased Reach - barriers broken down aseveryone empowered to present their ownpositive stories and accurate pictures.Who is my neighbour? On-line mission tofriends locally or worldwide on Twitter &FacebookImmediacy of news & events, what tookdays, takes hours. Minutes now secondsPresent our message to a wider audience& live as disciples 24/7 in an on-line Front Be Helpful – Be Generous - SayLine space. (LICC) Thank You - Share and you’ll be amazed what you get back!
  12. 12. Why should the Church use social media?• Why not?• Everyone else does … but not jumping on the band wagon, but because Everyone else does so its important to be in the space• A vital tool, but not the vital tool• Important to Wisely and Thoughtfully use these technologies as we have adopted printing press, phone etc – #trainprayer from @drbattytowers (Twitter) – Ministry from those unable to preach from the pulpit (Blog) – Church in the (on line) community, e.g. St. Pixels (Facebook) – Keeping in touch with Christian ministry in Egypt (Mailchimp) – Streaming of worship, availability of podcasts (You Tube)• To present a relevant message and balancing conversation in a secular and chaotic on line world
  13. 13. Reflections and value of a website and social networks• Will increase the number of people enquiring about the centres who had only heard through social networking sites• Less burden on centre staff as information provided on line and event / resource bookings possible too• Show the community we are a relevant network of caring Christians• Potential to make wider contact with local and national church networks in real time• Rather than a plain website, content kept fresh and up to date. An increased group of centre staff supported in making updates, using Twitter and uploading videos and pictures• A two way link. – Centres can communicate and share easily with other – Centres can signpost to network resources & be informed of news
  14. 14. The problem many small organisations faceWhere to startKnowledgeConfidence / FearCapacity / ResourcesAccessTimeCostScepticismAny more?
  15. 15. Retreat Houses – Have a planKnow your objectives and what you want to say Presenting a welcoming Christian place for people to stayResearch who & where your audience are online. Do you know? Don’t just build & hope, go to the places where your target audience arePlan use of tools – have a strategy, meet people where they are Video of event?, Blog of experiences? Do ‘as well as’ what you doChoose tool to match audience and implement Look at what other centres have done, what works elsewhere?Sustain the conversation and say thank you Encourage people to return, keep content new, links from websites Social Media Decision and Planning Guide
  16. 16. Your social networking plan1, Social network use similar to use of phone or newsletters2, Digital space is now the place where people communicate, seek, read, share, purchase & network. Cant ignore any more3, Have Purpose – WHAT, Audience – WHO, Aims – WHERE4, Have Champion/s who can steer, update & reply, allocate time Step 2 – Pick one goal to pursue5, Get full organisation buy-in to social media usage guidelines6, Be clear, honest and credible. Build Trust. What you say is traceable & will be on the web for ever, so if youd not want it in the local paper (or your mother to hear!) dont put it on the web7, Social media tools are part of your overall resources but with added dimension they enable of social actions & conversations8, Main website is your hub with many linked social media spokes9, Your social media presence is active the moment it goes live. Be prepared!
  17. 17. Personal Social Media CheckWho is the audience?When Im going for my next job interview would I want my potential employer to see this?What impression do I give of myself and my organisation?Would anyone find my message offensive or discriminatory?Is what I am saying defamatory?Does it bring my organisation into From - Diocese of Ripon and Leeds disrepute?
  18. 18. Find the best social network for the jobCreate a buzz and link all networks back to your main websiteIts said We dont know what we dont know!• Choose the way to capture audience. – Audio → Images → Video – See Audioboo, Flickr, Pinterest, Bambuser, Youtube• Choose the context to engage with audience. – Blog → Facebook → Twitter• Choose a useful (FREE) tool/s to help streamline work – Finding out → Letting people know → Running events – See Survey Monkey, MailChimp, Eventbrite
  19. 19. Finding the right tool for the task From Flickr – Claire Sutton and justinbaeder
  20. 20. Social Media Explained donuts• "Im eating a #doughnut"
  21. 21. TwitterThink of it as being at a big party500 million accounts (140 million active) approx 34 million registered in UK9.66 million Olympic opening ceremony mentions, more than all all at BeijingFastest way to communicate news and create viral campaignsSee content of tweet, not the tweeter40% of tweets from a mobileHootsuite & Tweetdeck help you manageFollow Orgs @archwaywardens, @retreatsuk, @churchtimes, @whirlowgrangeand people @watfordgap, @pamjweb, @jeffwitts, @drbattytowers, @drbexl
  22. 22. Like the transientconversation at a partyFlagging not Bragging -use for researchAsk questionsSignpost to resourcesStart conversations# (Hashtag), RT (Retweet)Dive in, follow & talk!Great for sharing and learning from a network of PeersAccepted channel to Councillors, Businesses, News to get opinion & inform local newsSee the Content of the Tweet not the Tweeter & follow Words not People
  23. 23. Facebook130 average number of friends64% of active UK internet users visit Facebook33.2 million active accounts in UK25.8 million views in March 2012Profiles, Pages and Groups, its where many people search first – so be thereOver 1 billion accounts worldwide, half of the active internet population30% check status as soon as they wake up25% of users have no privacy or security ll-Movement/121540627829 setting enabled
  24. 24. It’s the place where many, many people already network and share Create a Group for an invited network of Supporters Set up an open Page for people to Like & see updates Check Privacy settings and frequent changes Link to Twitter & Blog Busts Just Have a page - For Dog’sJustice Trust - Use it share pictures - Use it to direct back to main site
  25. 25. You Tube23% of traffic originates fromFacebook3.7 billion videos viewed duringJanuary 20122nd most popular search engine25% of audience is aged 15 – 24We are all Content Creators & GoodNews Reporters
  26. 26. Anyone can be a content creatorSocial Media = Finding Upload and edit videoscontent uploaded by others in your own channel.. keep looking Show Organisation is Genuine & has Personality Increases Reach. If campaigning can be a bold call to action Keep content Fresh Accessible Easy-Youtube
  27. 27. Pinterest200,000 UK accountsMost followed brands are Topman (52k), ASOS (14k), Topshop (8k)Home Decor is most popular categoryMost popular age is 25-34Pin boards and share collections of pictures (Repinning)Check copyright of pictures you upload and pin as you would a website7.9 million visits in Sept 2012 (786% growth over 12 months)
  28. 28. Image Sharing Visual record of events organised in Interest boards or Groups Access to reusable images that are easy to put on websiteVisually show people what you are doing & enable them to Repin and share it andFlickr search for Llangasty and
  29. 29. WordpressWordpress enables you to easily create Blogs which are on line diaries or full websitesOver 55 million active Wordpress blogsSimplest way to get a full websiteDont worry its not finished – some of the best blogs build as conversations
  30. 30. flavours - .com & .orgOpen platform for community led content &story developmentQuick & easy to set up and develop a blog orfull websiteGet feedback from visitors and startconversationsMultiple users / permissions with access Commoncraft Video - explaining BlogsOther spaces - Tumblr & Posterous
  31. 31. DoodleFree and no account neededEasy meeting schedulingNo more round robin emailsTies in with Google Calendar
  32. 32. Easy meeting scheduling and choice selectionWhat it is- removes round robin emails- everyone can see latest view- Reply Yes, No and If Need be- unlimited dates & participants (can set own cap)- share URL with potential attendees or closed list- share poll on Facebook & Twitter- create free account to manage options & polls- hide responses so only creator sees- responders can leave comments about choices
  33. 33. EventbriteHandles all the tedious tasks of planning & administration of event bookingsFree if event is freeTicket wallet & Check-in Android & iphone appsIntegration with Mailchimp & SurveyMonkey
  34. 34. Running Events EventbriteWhat it is- online event management- free if event is free- booking, maps, tickets incl- attendee books online- send email reminders- link with Mailchimp- badges & check in lists
  35. 35. Survey Monkey10 questions in free versionVery versatile on-line survey tool, free for small surveysFind out views from people visiting about their stay100 responses allowed on a free planDownload resultsTime saving tools that leave you more space to focus on real work
  36. 36. Finding Out Survey What it is - online survey website - drag and drop questions - simple tick-box or grids - event evaluations - multi-users
  37. 37. Mailchimp12,000 emails in free versionTemplate driven e-mail based news bulletinHandles bounces automaticallyCheck statistics and click rateBuild subscriber lists from external sources including sign-up forms
  38. 38. Letting People Know MailChimp www.mailchimp.comWhat it is- mailing list management- e-bulletin design- engagement stats- segmented subscribers- emails sent smoothly – avoids spam- handles bounced email automatically
  39. 39. Google+5 billion “+1”s66% of users are male2.5 million visitors in March 2012500 million potential accounts only 135 million actively posting625,000 new users per dayStudents are the most popular users of the site
  40. 40. Frequency & repliesType News travel ReplyPrint 7 days 2 weeksEmail 7 hours 2 daysBlog/Fbook 7 minutes 2 hoursTwitter 7 seconds 2 mins Every Day Tweet, re-tweet, check Google Alerts, Time (30 mins) check RSS reader & reply to comments Planning Once a Week Write blog post, check analytics, monitor (45 mins) groups & find new people to follow (time is usually the only cost in social media) About Monthly Add video to YouTube, share a resource (60 mins) on-line, create podcast & build profile
  41. 41. Measuring Success- Check how many times links are clicked if using Listen whats said about your organisation using Topsy- Monitor Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Wordpress visits- Measure Tweetreach, SocialBro, Twentyfeet, Visualize Infographics on Visual.y,, My Social StrandBUT …. real success is not just about the numbers- Tell stories of real people and real changes- Find out how people heard about you- Build relationships & success by joining in conversations- Social media presence an reflection of your organisation- Engage press, funders, authorities with pictures and videoSay Thank You!
  42. 42. Social media is online media that starts conversations, encouragespeople to pass it on to others, and finds ways to travel on its own. Idealware -
  43. 43. People First What next?Know your Message and AudienceLook at what you do – where does it fit?Start slow, pick one network, experimentMost sites cost nothing .. except time!Attend (or run!) a surgeryYour Action is Live as soon as you Follow, Link, Comment, Pin prepared!Not about numbers, small good quality networks can be better & keep content Fresh http://www.grovo.comShare & Say Thank You
  44. 44. Social media – Reflections and ActionsHow could your centre use or make more of social media?What gaps do you or your centre have in knowledge?Has your centre a social media policy or Twitter guidelines?How could your visitors, network and community members be supported more effectively using social media?What One Thing are you going to do this month (or today?)Have you any UnAnswered Questions?
  45. 45. Websites covered? Any Questions?Unanswered Questions?Things youd like to be able to do?Anything else …. (Technology related!)One to One sessions (now or separately) Thank You - Paul Webster @watfordgap -