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Tech Top 10s: Innovations in e commerce

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In the 13th edition of the Tech Top 10s, explore 10 innovations in the realm of e-Commerce from all over the globe, as well as the Middle East of course. …

In the 13th edition of the Tech Top 10s, explore 10 innovations in the realm of e-Commerce from all over the globe, as well as the Middle East of course.

Explore how you can shop through social media services such as Instagram and Twitter, by tapping on "likes" and #tagging or leaving "comments".

Also take a look at how one website connects Moroccan artisans with shopper worldwide.

You've probably come across PayPal, but have you ever heard of Arab PayPal? You will after reading this.

And finally, have you ever seen a Bitcoin ATM?

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  • 1. 10 innovations in… Issue 13, August 2014
  • 2. e-Commerce in the Middle East MENA is among the fastest growing e-Commerce regions worldwide, with an estimated 45% year on year growth. The largest e-Commerce markets in MENA are: KSA $520m Qatar $375m Kuwait $280m Visa ME: http://bit.ly/1iOGwoP Digital Portal: http://bit.ly/1eZTTnE As this market grows here are 10 innovations from the region – and around the world – which caught our eye.
  • 3. 1.Shopping through social media When you ‘like’ an image on Vogue’s Instagram page you can buy the items in the image, or products with a similar “look”. Click on the pictures to learn more Tech Crunch: http://tcrn.ch/QQr8Re and Daily Mail: http://dailym.ai/1kbHlNY
  • 4. 2. #tag to buy Companies like Amazon use “Hashtag Shopping” Customers can type “#AmazonCart” whilst using Twitter and then confirm their order via email. Marketing Magazine: http://bit.ly/1g4Xy13
  • 5. 3. Pinterest-like apps ‘Keep’ and ‘Fancy’ are apps which combine social media elements (sharing, ‘liking’, ‘commenting’) with shopping. Tech Crunch: http://bit.ly/1pOCbab Mashable: http://on.mash.to/1myEIoq Images: http://bit.ly/1kBRHGa and http://bit.ly/1kJwl4R
  • 6. 4. Buy sheep on Instagram You probably already knew you can order clothes, shoes and even food on Instagram… …But did you know you can also order sheep? Storify: http://bit.ly/Vw75dh
  • 7. 5. Linking artisans to Etsy + eBay Anou is a mobile website allowing Moroccan artisans with low tech-skills to sell items directly to online buyers around the globe. Anou: http://bit.ly/1pr4wF6 Wamda: http://bit.ly/1yMhfn8
  • 8. 6. The “Arab PayPals” CashU has +500K users. PayFort yielded $800M in transactions during 1 year. Arabian business: http://bit.ly/1o3rVvi Images: http://bit.ly/1oUXVDR and https://www.cashu.com/ They aim to reduce regional concerns about the safety of online transactions.
  • 9. 7.Want it in that a color? There’s an app for that! Take a picture of any color you like using your phone… … And the ‘Look 4 Color’ app links you to products in 20 different online stores carrying your chosen shade. Google Play: http://bit.ly/1uhila2
  • 10. 8. Creative use of QR codes Mashable: http://on.mash.to/1ouHb2z Ad Madness: http://bit.ly/1ouI6jI A magazine ad from Viking Footwear uses QR codes to showcase different shoe styles in 3D. Click the video to see how it works
  • 11. 9. Bitcoin ATM Bitcoin (introduced in 2009) is perhaps the world’s best known virtual currency. It is now accepted by many online retailers and also available from ATMs worldwide: CNN Money: http://cnnmon.ie/1bIhAkb Map: http://bit.ly/Yk6iOt Image: http://bit.ly/Vvtdoj
  • 12. 10. Online only groceries in UAE & Qatar SuperMart & Fresh Qatar deliver items to home-shoppers across the UAE and Qatar. They don’t have offline stores. Storify: http://bit.ly/1kLksC9
  • 13. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. Contact Us: rassed@ict.gov.qa Twitter: @ictqatar Spotted an innovation we missed? Visit our SlideShare channel for our quarterly Digital Digests and previous issues of our monthly Tech Top 10: http://www.slideshare.net/ictQATAR/