5 social media stories from the last 3 months

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5 social media stories from the last 3 months

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Explore levels of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram penetration across 6 Middle East countries. ...

Explore levels of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram penetration across 6 Middle East countries.

Higher levels of brand interaction online during Ramadan.

What is the regions most preferred "social log-in" network?

Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population.

Finally, find out how much trust youth have in social media as a source of news.

The stories previewed in the Infographic previously appeared in our Middle East Digital Digest:


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  • 1. MENA SOCIAL MEDIA DIGEST TOP 5 STORIES FROM Q2, 2014 SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE AMONGST NATIONALS TUNISIA LEBANON KSA EGYPT TUUNAISEIA QATAR 98% 95% 94% 90% 85% 36% KSA UAE QATAR EGYPT TTUUNNIISSIIAA LEBANON 80% 69% 37% 37% 34% 32% TUUNAISEIA QATAR KSA LEBANON EGYPT TUNISIA INSTAGRAM IS THE MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICE AMONG QATARIS 3429% 46% 33% 29% 439%% 2% Source: Northwestern University in Qatar and Doha Film Institute: http://bit.ly/1l3RNl4 INTERACTION WITH BRANDS ON FACEBOOK DURING RAMADAN The network has started to share its digital ad platform ‘Facebook Audience Network’ (FAN) and is looking to increase involvement from brands in time for Ramadan. 68% in Saudi Arabia 50% 49% in UAE in Egypt Source:The National: http://bit.ly/1ipWAAG 78% IS MOST PREFERRED “SOCIAL LOG-IN” NETWORK IN MENA REGION Source: Tfour.me: http://bit.ly/1hDc9H5 4% 3% OTHER 6% SAUDI ARABIA STILL HAS THE LARGEST TWITTER POPULATION COMPARED TO R EST OF MENA 10% 9% 4% 17% 40% Source: The 6th Arab Social Media Report: http://bit.ly/1lr6QKL 9% 20% TRUST IN SOCIAL MEDIA AS A NEWS SOURCE GROWING FAST FOR MENA YOUTH 2010 2011 2012 49% 9% 18% 3% 2% 2014 43% 39% 14% 2% 1% 52% 26% 2013 4% 3% 60% 19% 1% 1% Television Social Media Newspapers Radio Shows Magazines 40% 22% 9% 1% 0% Kuwait UAE Lebanon Egypt Saudi Arabia Remaining of Arab countries Designed by Source: Arab Youth Study: http://bit.ly/1lgPQH6 For more Middle East digital trends visit: www.slideshare.net/ictQATAR commverse.net