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Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
Pact vufo presentation eng final
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Pact vufo presentation eng final


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Supporting Organizational Capacity Development for Enhanced Efficacy & Sustainability
    Pact Vietnam’s Approach
  • 2. Background
    Derived from global best practice, Pact’s worldwide mandate & our local experience:
    • Recognition that technical competency and overall organizational health are inextricable
    • 3. A development hypothesis that promoting organizational viability& efficacy will lead to more sustainable VNGOs that are better able to manage the national response independent of donor trends / funds
    • 4. Increasing awareness that health sector VNGOs and CBOs have potential to provide inroads into civil society development in Vietnam writ large
  • Organizational Capacity Building Strategy
    Launched in 2008
    Shift to a more systematic approach to capacity building that recognizes technical capacity development cannot be addressed in isolation from other foundational organizational capacities
    Pact Vietnam Programmatic Approach
  • 5. Our Approach
    Coordinated partnership approach (HPI, VSO, Care, SNV / LCDF, etc)
    Peer- connected
    Look globally, adapt locally
    Guiding Principles
  • 6. Our Approach
    Key Features
  • 7. Pact’s Globally Recognized Organizational Capacity Assessment Methodology (OCA)
    Process overview:
    • Participatory tool design
    • 8. Guided self-assessment
    • 9. Results debrief & action planning
    • 10. Drafting of organizational strengthening plan (OSP)
    • 11. Pact support for implementation and monitoring of OSP
    • 12. Re-OCA every 2+ years
    Capacity framework (tool) developed by our partners:
    Strategy & Planning
    Leadership & Management
    Material & Financial Management
    Organizational Structure & HR Management
    Professional Skills
    Program Management
    Communications & External Relations
  • 13. Cross-Partner Priorities Identified through FY 09 OCA Process
  • 14. How will we know we are succeeding?
    Quarterly monitoring & updating of Organizational Strengthening Plans (OSPs)
    Self-reported change in organizational capacity
    • through re-OCA & Most Significant Change techniques
    Uptake of best practice capacity building methods by peer organizations & subgrantees
    Learning events with partners to capture successes
    Cataloguing of local service provider performance data
  • 15. Challenges / Reflections
    Retrofitting an existing program
    Short grant cycle & programmatic confines
    Mandate & risk aversion
    Training fatigue
    Balancing customization with reach
    Training individuals in high turn over environment
    Hard to capture what is truly in demand
    • Challenge of being both a capacity builder & donor focused on compliance
    • 16. Potentially supply-driven and lacking cohesion
    • 17. Understanding the organization’s motivations & incentives to buy in
    • 18. Relatively resource-rich environment
    Getting beyond those ‘first in line’
    Confusing market information regarding service providers
    Recruiting qualified capacity builders on staff
    Working assumption that building the capacity of CSOs at the organizational level extrapolates to building civil society capacity writ large
  • 19. The Way Forward
    Global Fund
    • offers new operational paradigm and the resources to fund it
    • 20. forging new and stronger partnerships
    • 21. allows expansion of existing CB activities
    Aligning our resources to match our priorities
    Focus on sustainability / partnership with the Resource Alliance, looking beyond donor grants
    Local Capacity Development Initiative (LCDF)
    Fellows program for mid-level and talented staff*
    Lunch & Learn series*
    * Concepts under exploration / development