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iCrossing_UK, SES London 2012 - Tom Jones, The leap from Search to Display
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iCrossing_UK, SES London 2012 - Tom Jones, The leap from Search to Display


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Tom Jones, Chief Development Officer at digital marketing agency iCrossing UK, presents on Crossing the Digital Divide: The leap from Search to Display at this year' s SES London

Tom Jones, Chief Development Officer at digital marketing agency iCrossing UK, presents on Crossing the Digital Divide: The leap from Search to Display at this year' s SES London

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. CROSSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: THE LEAP FROM SEARCH TO DISPLAY Tom Jones Chief Development Officer, iCrossing London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 2. From Search to Display…• Why display?• “Same same but Different”• Display... What’s it good for?• How technology has transformed display• Why ‘Search guys’ can be great at display• Pitfalls to avoid• Some first steps to try London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 3. CROSSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: A familiar journey?From Search into display:a path well trodden? London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon 3
  • 4. Triumphant first steps fromsearch into display… London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 5. Getting good andbecoming cocky… London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 6. Uh oh. Vader is going to kill mewhen he see the ROAS on this. London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 7. Display is kind of a big deal…Display advertising accounted for 23% (£0.95B) of the UK’s £4.1B 2010online ad spend (Paid Search’s contributed 57%) IAB Online Ad Spend Study, 2010* *2011 study out in 4 weeks London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 8. It’s growing strongly…12.6% YoY Growth for Paid Search 18.5% YoY Growth for Display IAB Online Ad Spend Study, H1, 2011 London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 9. But what’s driving this growth? New technology & integration Attribution & measurement Google & Facebook London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon 9
  • 10. Paid Search vs. Display… London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon10
  • 11. Most marketing campaigns have 4 key stages… PPC DISPLAYKeywords, campaign structure, LPs Planning Ad network, premium, ad exchangeCPC, network, day parting & targeting Buying RTB or fixed CPM, audience, interest Ad copy development & testing Creative Rich media or standard, size, dynamic OptimisationBidding, analysis, attribution View through, last click, brand uplift London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 12. But we must appreciate some fundamental differences… PPC DISPLAYKeywords are an expression of specific intent Users have not explicitly requested a display ad Active searching for products or services Browsing may not relate to purchase intent Predominantly direct response model Uses extend beyond direct response The defining elements of each should be reflected in measurement & evaluation London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 13. Display can drive efficient direct response… 2011 IPA study showed that GDN Text Ads with contextual targeting had a CPA of 7% lower than search - A discussion of volume was conspicuous by its absence - GDN text ads are a step in the right direction but not ‘proper’ display London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 14. To focus solely on DR is to ignore display’s other benefitsBrand messaging Awareness & consideration Likelihood to purchase Prospecting Life time value Customer segments Set the right performance expectations & right measurement criteria London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 15. One final difference:Complexity of the landscape London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 16. You gotta go there to come back…• Lacks targeted placement Ad exchanges• Labour intensive to scale Demand side• Buys audiences not intent platforms (DSPs)• ‘Expensive’ & opaque pricing Data management• Unsophisticated measurement platforms (DMPs) Traditional problems Technology solutions London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 17. The fundamental advantage of this newtechnology landscape... Ad exchanges Impression-level buying Demand side platforms (DSPs) decisions in ‘real time’ and informed by data Data management platforms (DMPs) London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 18. ‘Real Time Bidding’ is the difference between… Paying a fixed price to address a Offering a value based bid to speak to a whole stadium handful of interesting individuals A shift from buying an audience buying to bidding for individuals London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 19. What is an Ad Exchange?A marketplace for buying and selling display inventory in real time …but less Portobello Road and more Wall Street London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon 19
  • 20. Ad Exchanges: balancing the needs of buyers & sellers Publisher (supply- Advertiser (demand- side) benefits side) benefitsManage & maximise yield Easy access to inventory Reduced trading costs Ability to buy in real timeExpose inventory to more Cost flexibility & control buyers London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 21. What is a demand side platform (DSP)? Ad exchanges Demand side platform Data providers & DMPsA platform which connects multiple sources of inventory & dataand makes real time buying (RTB) decisions on an impression level London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon 21
  • 22. DSPs: benefits for advertisers- Centralised platform delivers inventory at scale- Pricing flexibility & control- Custom audiences & retargeting- Attribution & data provides better insight Increased control and accountability London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 23. Data Management Platforms(DMPs) turn data into audiences London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon 23
  • 24. The DMP: a means to an end, not an end in itself Analytics, CRM, purchase behaviour Audience discovery and segmentation Socio-demographic Unique user profile profile Media targeting & audience extension Past purchase behaviour #LongRead #InterestingAside London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 25. Don’t you dare pigeon-hole me!Data focusTest & learn mentalityTechnology natives London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 26. But…there are some ‘search habits’ to break- Explore new distribution options- Cheapest does not always equal best- And… London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 27. Use your creative licence!Go beyond the 95 character ad text London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 28. Some useful first steps…- Re-evaluate the GDN and remarketing- Define & agree campaign metrics for success- Make sure you are equipped to measure results- Consider a managed/semi-managed DSP London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 29. Image: http://www.flic striatic/ London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon
  • 30. WHAT WAS COVERED: Tom Jones Chief Development Officer,• Why display? iCrossing• Same same but different• Ad Exchanges, DSPs & DMPS• Some pointers and first steps London | 20–24 Feb, 2012 | #seslondon