David Hughes iCrossing UK Performance Insight Search Term Research
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David Hughes iCrossing UK Performance Insight Search Term Research

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SES presentation by David Hughes who heads up the Performance Insight team at iCrossing in the UK. Presentation focuses on search term research

SES presentation by David Hughes who heads up the Performance Insight team at iCrossing in the UK. Presentation focuses on search term research

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  • 1. Search Term Research David Hughes Head of Analytics Email: david.hughes@icrossing.co.uk Blog: http://connect.icrossing.co.uk
  • 2. 0 Who am I? David Hughes, Head of Analytics Lead a team responsible for measuring user behaviour on the web. Work across the whole portfolio of iCrossing clients including Coca Cola, Toyota, HBOS and Orange UK UK A digital marketing agency with search and social at its core 120 12 We blend SEO, paid search, social media, content, display Staff FTSE 100 clients advertising, user experience, web development, and analytics & insight to build connected online marketing Global strategies Global 580 13 We create connected brands Staff Offices
  • 3. 0 I will be mostly talking about… Selecting Search Terms based on value Search Term research = Customer Research
  • 4. Search Term Selection
  • 5. 1 When we choose Terms on volume only… We’re acting like there is no competition!
  • 6. 1 What’s usually the desired outcome? Or maybe: Unique visitors Time on Site Pages viewed Monetised clicks Quotes Engagement Etc etc
  • 7. 1 We need to build Models
  • 8. 1 For this model we need… …Search volumes
  • 9. 1 For this model we need… Heat Map showing click through rates An understanding of where users click (And not just using 2006 AOL data)
  • 10. 1 For this model we need… Natural Search Ranking Report Where we are now (In natural search = rankings)
  • 11. 1 For this model we need… Competition 1 Technical 2 Restrictions 3 Available optimisation tactics 4 5 Timeframes 6 7 A realistic forecast of where we can get to…
  • 12. 1 For this model we need… Conversion Basket Value Rate by by Product keyword Costs
  • 13. 1 Finally… Profit Margins (by product) • Often difficult to get • But half blind without
  • 14. 1 Can put a £value onto each keyword Search Volume Forecast Rank Click Thru Rate Expected Clicks = Conversion Rate Basket Value Profit Margin
  • 15. 1 What does this mean for…Natural Search? New Profit = Canxoptimise the c – cp) (@fR) ∑ (sV * CTR cR * pR * pM) – keywords that Where: sV = search volume will deliver the CTR = click though rate fR = forecast rank cR = conversion rate most additional pR = product revenue pM = profit margin C = cost profit Cp = current profit
  • 16. 1 Case studies 4 clients - change in incremental profit vs. picking KWs on search volume 312% 97% 57% 54%
  • 17. 1 What does this mean for…Paid Search? Improves Profits • Much of paid search management is achieving the right balance between cost and benefit; i.e. how can I make the most profit? • At any one time there will be optimum bids on individual keywords and Benefit Optimal Spend therefore an optimum spend • This kind of analysis helps you find that sweet spot Cost
  • 18. Customer ReSEARCH
  • 19. “Link by link, click by click, search is building possibly the most lasting, ponderous, and significant cultural artifact in the history of humankind: the Database of Intentions.” John Battelle Author of “The Search: How Google And Its Rivals Rewrote The Rules Of Business And Transformed Our Culture” “If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language..” David Ogilvy Founder of Ogilvy and Mather
  • 20. 2 how people search is how they think
  • 21. 2 shoes sizes search reflects life Actual Search Volume a Women’s b Men’s
  • 22. 2 Revealing customers wants and needs Discovering pinch points on the customer journey for BAA
  • 23. 2 Judging demand Finding out what music people like…in Brazil For a Global Fortune 500 company
  • 24. 2 Understanding the cultural landscape Demand from within Germany for non-German media (e.g. Turkish Ringtones)
  • 25. 2 Discovering Regional differences Variations in how different nationalities describe bathroom items
  • 26. Thank you. Contact: David Hughes ICrossing UK– Brighton +44 1273 828 151 work David.Hughes@icrossing.co.uk