Social Media and Email Marketing Integrated
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Social Media and Email Marketing Integrated



Email is alive and well, but small businesses can easily extend the reach of their emails by utilizing social media channels.

Email is alive and well, but small businesses can easily extend the reach of their emails by utilizing social media channels.



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Social Media and Email Marketing Integrated Social Media and Email Marketing Integrated Presentation Transcript

  • Integrating Social Media!Into Email Marketing!Jeff Revoy, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, iContact!@JRevoy!@iContact!!
  • Agenda•  iContact Summary•  A look at Email Marketing•  A look at Social Media Marketing•  Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing two (very different) halves of a whole•  Six Strategies for Success•  Workshop
  • Small Business!The view from main street.!
  • foundedAbout iContact 2003   #1 explosive annual sending private SMB emailgrowth 16B+ marketing and social media marketing companyquarterly | yearly   …and countless posts  
  • Since 2003, iContact has served over onemillion small and medium businesses. "As the first iContact user, I am very excited to see how the company has grown from two entrepreneurial students to a global organization with one million users.”! ! - Michele McMahon, owner,! Mountain Brook Cottages. !
  • Making a difference: 3600 volunteer hours (2011)   4-1s 1% Payroll 1% Product 1% Time 1% Equity  
  • Really?!
  • “Reports of my death have beengreatly exaggerated.”! - Email, 2011!
  • Email is alive!…and doing very (very) well.!
  • 30 BillionEmails Sent Per Day.*(2010 worldwide: excluding spam & viruses) Source: Radicati Group - 2011
  • How many times dailydo you check email?Are you doing it right now?!
  • But all we ever hear isSocial, Social, Social!
  • (With endlessly good reasons)
  • … Plus social is now mainstream!!In fact, a large majority of Twitter users (64 percent) fall into the 25 to54 age group, and 20 percent are 55+.!
  • But that doesn’t mean small businessmarketers have it quite figured out just yet.!!Source: iContact - 2011!
  • A simple baseline.!
  • Email.!A steady center.! Mobile   Social   Survey   Email   Events   eCommerce  
  • Social. !An unlimited reach.!
  • Email marketing is the top areaof investment growth amongmarketers and business leaders(65%) for 2011, followed bysocial media marketing (57%).! ! Source: Strongmail - 2010!
  • Emails  will  receive  an  addi7onal  1%  of  views  when  shared  and  increase   the  reach  of  emails  by  24.3%.    26%  of  top  online  retailers  included   “sharing”  in  emails  in  2010,   an7cipa7on  of  50%+  in  2011   ! -­‐  Smith-­‐Harmon  
  • Email and Social Media were made! PowerPoint Title!for eachheading style! This is a other.! This is a subheading style!
  • Jeff:  Do  we  need  a  how  to  get  there  transi7on?    So, how do we get there?!
  • 1.!Content is (still) king. !
  • Email + Social + X = Success.!X = Creative,
Compelling Content.!
  • 2.!Know your audience. !
  • Segment your audiences based on how!they individually prefer communication.  
  • Keepconversationsrelevant
  • 3.!Always be asking. !
  • Each sent email is an opportunity !to expand your social network.!Be shameless (yet tactful).!
  • 4.!Get your timing down. !
  • After serving 1M+ customers over eight years and delivering 16B+messages annually, we can confidently tell you the best time to send your email and social media campaigns is…
  • It Depends.(If there truly was a global “best time” wouldn’t that soon be the worst time?)
  • Tues: 11AMWed: 9PM Know your product.Thurs: 10AM Know your audience. Fri: 6AM Challenge conventional wisdom. Wed: 7PM Continually test and measure.Sat: 6AM Discover your best time.Mon: 8AM
  • 5.!Level the playing field. !
  • Seek creative ways to get out yourself there.!
  • 6.!Reduce, reuse,recycle. !
  • You don’t always need!to burn time on new ideas.!
  • Questions?Jeff Revoy, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, iContact!@JRevoy!@iContact!!
  • Workshop!
  • Each group is assigned one of the 6 steps!!12:50 – 1:05 | !As a group, discuss ways you have or ! ! ! ! ! !could incorporate this step into practice.!1:05 – 1:25 !| !Deliver 2-3 minute Speed Presentation.!!1:25 – 1:30 !| !Vote. Winning team receives $250 ! ! ! ! ! ! !donation to charity of their choice.!
  • 1) Content is (still) king.!2) Know your audience. !3) Always be asking. !4) Get your timing down. !5) Level the playing field. !6) Reduce, reuse, recycle. !