Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing: 6 Steps to Success
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Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing: 6 Steps to Success






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  • A core part of iContact ’s identity is our commitment to doing well by doing good. We are a certified B Corp and adhere to our principal of 4-1s.

Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing: 6 Steps to Success Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing: 6 Steps to Success Presentation Transcript

  • Email Marketing & !Social Media Marketing!! 6 Steps to Success! ! ! ! ! ! iStrategy: San Francisco 1/31/2012!Geoff Alexander, Director Product Marketing, iContact!@iContact!Facebook/iContact!
  • Agenda•  iContact Summary•  Snapshot: Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing•  Six Strategies for Success  
  • Founded About iContact 2003   1M explosive annual sending totalgrowth 16B+ usersquarterly | yearly   …and countless posts    
  • We’ve Evolved. Email. Social. All in one.
  • Making a difference: 3600 volunteer hours (2011)   4-1s 1% Payroll 1% Product 1% Time 1% Equity  
  • Small Business!The view from main street.!
  • Really?!
  • Reports of my death have beengreatly exaggerated. ! - Email, 2012!
  • Email is alive!…and doing very (very) well.!
  • 30 BillionEmails Sent Per Day.*(2010 worldwide: excluding spam & viruses) Source: Radicati Group - 2011
  • How many times dailydo you check email?Are you doing it right now?!
  • But all we ever hear isSocial, Social, Social!
  • (With endlessly good reasons)
  • But that doesnʼt mean small business marketers have it quite figured out just yet.! G)7+5/"(41+5"H<5//4*.40" 6578")9"F34" A*0:-4"<)?",)"14,4-3+*4"BCDE=5/:4"6578")9"8*)?/41.4"5@):,"0)7+5/"341+5" ;<4-4"5-4",))"35*>",))/0" ;<4"/45-*+*."7:-=4" 6578")9"-40):-740"()*+,)-+*.",))/0"1)*2,"344,"5//"*4410" !" #!" $!" %!" &!" !!" #!" $!" %!" &!" #!!"!Source: iContact - 2011!
  •       The  right  clients  can  find  my  business.  I  can  find  them  and  devote  myself  to  them  so  we   all  benefit.             I  don’t  enjoy  the   conversa<ons.    It’s  a   chore..not  a  pleasure.    
  • FACEBOOK feelsthe love: !{ 75% }! Haters hate on GROUPON! { 70% }! (Financial Services: 80%)!
  • LINKED IN is likeable: ! { 63% }! (Professional Services: 82%)!Tepid on TWITTER!{ 54% | 46% }! Love Hate!
  • Learn More!!
  • A simple baseline.!
  • Email.!A steady center.! Mobile   Social   Survey   Email   Events   eCommerce  
  • Social. !An unlimited reach.!
  • Email marketing is the top areaof investment growth amongmarketers and business leaders(65%) followed by social mediamarketing (57%).! ! Source: Strongmail - 2011!
  • Email and Social Media were made!for each other.!
  • 6 Steps for Success!
  • 1.!Content is (still) King. !
  • Email + Social + X = Success.!!X = Compelling,Relevant Content.!
  • Relevance may not be pleasant. !
  • 2.!Know your audience.!
  • Tailor your messages based on how!they individually respond to communication.  
  • Deal?   Safe.   Easy!   Fun.  
  • 3.!Always be listening. !
  • Each sent email is an opportunity !to expand your social network.!Be shameless (yet tactful).!
  • 4.!Time it well. !
  • After serving 1M+ customers over eight years and delivering 16B+messages annually, we can confidently" tell you the best time to send your email and social media campaigns is…
  • It Depends.(If there truly was a global best time wouldn t that soon be the worst time?)
  • Tues: 11AMWed: 9PM Know your product.Thurs: 10AM" Know your audience. Fri: 6AM Challenge conventional wisdom. Wed: 7PM Continually test and measure.Sat: 6AM Discover your best time.Mon: 8AM
  • 5.!Level the playing field. !
  • Seek creative ways to get out yourself there.!
  • 6.!Reduce, Reuse,Recycle. !
  • You donʼt always need!to burn time on new ideas.!
  • Thank you :)Geoff Alexander, Director Product Marketing, iContact!@icontact!Facebook/iContact!