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Social Mobile CRM

  1. 1. SOMO CRM Social Mobile Customer Relationship Management By:
  2. 2. B U S I N E SS A P P L I C AT I O No Streamline your business operations through system integration and automation. Make your presence known to the world while capturing analytics to aid your marketing and sales group in planning their campaigns and strategy. Social SMS Media Marketing Campaign Responses Phone Website Calls Sales Qualification Closure SOMOCRM Supply Customer Front-End Operations Chain Leads + Support Email Personal Behavioral Interaction Data
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENTPlan your campaign through SOMO CRM’s campaign management.Keep track of your budget and monitor the effectiveness by measuringthe captured and closed leads against your target.
  4. 4. LEAD MANAGEMENTLeads can still be created through the traditional lead management in additionto the automated link from your Website and SMS gateway. Either way, leadscaptured can be accessed through SOMO CRM’s Lead Management module.
  5. 5. POTENTIAL MANAGEMENTPotentials are managed through Potential Management module. Key information such asLead/Campaign Source, Amount, Expected Close Date, Sales Stage, etc. are recorded toproperly monitor and determine the appropriate action needed to close the deal.
  6. 6. CONVERSION OF LEAD TO POTENTIALPotential can be created either through direct data entry or by converting an existing Leadto a Potential.
  7. 7. Closing a PotentialPotentials will undergo various “Sales Stages” that represents it’s progress.These “Sales Stages” will help management assess the effectiveness of ourcampaigns. They will also help project incoming sales which will relate intorevenues. Sales Qualified Lead Initial Proposal Short Listed Proposal Clarification Proposal Revision Closed Won Closed Lost You can directly create an Invoice from the Potential you’ve created, click on“Create Invoice” Source: ©2012, Marketo, Inc. -
  8. 8. S O C I A L WA L L C O L L A B O R AT I O NSocial Wall is a FaceBook like interface to ease up collaboration. It isintegrated with the core CRM features such as leads, accounts,potentials, invoices and the likes. A wall entry will be created forvarious CRM entries. From such entry, other users of SOMO CRM cancomment for a threaded discussion.oMain CRM IntegrationoE-Mail AlertoDocument Wall (optional feature – integration with DMS)oOperations Wall (optional feature – customized per organization)
  9. 9. SOCIAL WALLSocial Wall provides an interactive wall for users to exchange their ideas. It can also beused to raise a request and/or collaborate on the plan and strategy across personnel whohave access to the Social Wall.
  10. 10. DOCUMENT WALLDocument Wall is an optional feature within SOMO CRM that is integrated to an ElectronicDocument Management Systems. It provides a venue for sharing documents to otherusers who have access to a common wall.
  11. 11. O P E R AT I O N S WA L LThis is an optional wall to streamline an organizations process by incorporating someworkflow in the creation and processing of transactions.
  12. 12. S M S / E - M A I L I N T E G R AT I O NSOMO CRM have SMS and E-Mail engine that is integrated with thetraditional CRM features to provide an automated link with yourorganization and your customers.o Leads via E-Mail and/or SMSo Customer Service via E-Mail and/or SMSo Marketing via Web Site, SMS or E-Mail Blast (customized per organization)
  13. 13. L E A D V I A S M S I N T E G R AT I O NAutomatically creates lead from an SMS received from a potentialclient. An entry will also be created in the wall and an email alert willbe sent to the group assigned to manage the wall.
  14. 14. L E A D V I A S M S I N T E G R AT I O NEmail response can also be configured within SOMO CRM to acknowledge receipt of aclient inquiry.
  15. 15. L E A D V I A W E B I N T E G R AT I O NAutomatically creates lead from a company website that is integratedto SOMO CRM. An entry will also be created in the wall and an emailalert will be sent to the group assigned to manage the wall.