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Prospectus of ICMind Institute of Management - IIM.

Prospectus of ICMind Institute of Management - IIM.



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  • CIN: U80904MH2012PTC230045Mine of Infinite Revolution…!!!ICMind Group’s “Enlightening World Minds for Infinite Revolution” ICMind EDUCATION “Beyond Customized Education Intended for Eternal Transformation” ICMind GROUP OF INSTITUTES “Deserve to Discover Management within You” ICMind INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT [IIM]Our Pledge - ICMind Group: “I as a member of ICMind and we are as a team of ICMind Professionals are Proud to be ICMinded and Committed to comply with the requirements and continual improvement in the effectiveness of Quality Management System” - I AM ICMind Professional ICMIND GROUP: Education: Placement: Consulting: Investments: Finance +91-922 36 20200 Page 1 of 81
  • DEANS MESSAGEWe need to understand that sustainable growth can be achieved only by committing ourselves toDear All: Welcome to ICMind – Mine of Infinite Revolution…!!!macro level growth strategies that would encompass the bottom 80% of the population and notjust the top 20%. This conscientious approach would make a growth rate of 12% per capita perannum possible. A growth rate of 12% per capita per annum would imply that India can beatU.S.A. in terms of purchasing power parity within the next 25 to 30 years and becomeeconomically the strongest country in the world. For this, the Government of India needs tosupport the Indian organizations with suitable pro-people & pro-India policies, which wouldhelp Indian organizations in becoming stronger to compete in the world market successfully.In the light of globalization of the Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands, it isimperative for tomorrows leaders to be aware of the above mentioned facts, so that they canface the emerging global challenges of international markets with confidence, while remainingcommitted to remove massive poverty of Indian masses within a generation. While somewealthy nations enjoy the luxury of material of plenty, the fact remains that more than twice thenumber of people killed in the 2nd world war die every year of hunger and curable diseases. Andyet we fail to realize that unrestricted satisfaction of all desires is not conducive to human wellbeing! Nor is it the way to happiness, or for that matter, even maximum pleasure!! When thewealthy nations today talk of being one with the rest of the world, and of concepts of globalvillage, their talks simply border on hypocrisy.The time has come for India to lead the way in showing that this carnage can be stopped with thehelp of determined leadership and long term committed vision. The Indian managers need todevelop a strong vision for their companies, and most importantly, for the people who work forthem, apart from having sense of commitment for the country, great motivational skills andleadership qualities. Future leaders must be aware of this and not remain intellectuallyhandicapped. ICMind strives for these commitments and continuously endeavors to educate itsstudents and clients on these issues with the belief that sooner than later, structured economicindependence can be achieved through a coordinated efforts...! -Dean-DirectorYou may please refer to ICMind philosophy, detailed message from Dean, Director, Management,Trustees, Professors, students and members of ICMind Group.  The Movement - Redefining Revolution Process Globally.  Universal Humanism: The social vision of ICMind.  The Leader in Management Education  The Underlying Philosophy of the Programmes TaughtTo surface as a most trusted world leader in various industries and sectors of our presence VISION & MISSIONspecifically to earn top ranking recognitions from Government, Semi-Government, Non-Government, National and International organizations with remarkable presence around theworld, through networking with reputed public institutions and private enterprises; shall reachout to all segments of society including unreachable, disadvantaged, marginalized sections ofsociety provide seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality in education, need-based customized and flexible programmes, teaching, research, training and extension activities,new era of technology-enabled education and acts as a prime resource centre for requiredinfrastructure & expertise massive human resource required for promoting integrated nationaldevelopment and global understanding. +91-922 36 20200 Page 5 of 81
  • ICMind GROUP – ICMind EDUCATION – ICMind GROUP OF INSTITUTES“Infinite Coup Mind”- “ICMind”ICMind is revolutionary project of management professionals, executives & business class group – “Mine of infinite Revolution”representatives inspired from contribution and standing of Tata Group, Reliance Group, IIM,IIPM, IGNOU, VRI (Vipassyana Research Institute) an NGO and numerous national &international organizations & individuals to cultivate a brand “ICMind” across the sectors,industries, geographical boundaries that may lead to complete transformation in process ofnational economic development and social restructuring through creating and utilizing infinitecoup minds of nation.“ICMind Education”ICMind Education is the most important division of ICMind Group. ICMind Education has been - “Enlightening World Minds for Infinite Revolution”contemplating to explore in various area of education through establishment and operations ofindependent institutions schools, collages, councils, committee, and assembly for the same.Various specialized institutions have been established and under establishment for providingspecialized educational services in respective fields of studies. ICMind Education ICMind Group of Schools ICMind Group of Institutes ICMind Group of Collage “Beyond Customized Education Intended for Eternal Transformation”“ICMind Group of Institutes”ICMind Group of Institute is a vision project of establishment and development of Brand ofInstitutes operating, developing and contributing across sectors, industries and range ofavailable categories. This project involves following categories and institutes: MANAGEMENT CATEGORYICMind Institute of Management – IIMICMind Institute of Project Management (IIPM) “Deserve to Discover Management Within You”ICMind Institute of HRD (IIHRD)ICMind Institute of Marketing Management (IIMM)ICMind Institute of International Business – (IIIB)ICMind Institute of Supply Chain-(IISCM)ICMind Institute of Intellectual Property (IIIP)ICMind Institute of Retail Management (IIRM)ICMind Institute of Financial Management & Capital Markets-(IIFMCM) - (NSE/BSE/MCX)ICMind Institute of Technology-IIT TECHNOLOGY CATEGORYICMind Institute of Civil Engineering-IICE ICMind Institute of Architecture & Design-IIADICMind Institute of Telecommunication-IITC ICMind Institute of Electrical Engineering-IIEEICMind Institute of Mechanical Engineering-IIME ICMind Institute of Computer Science (IICS)ICMind Institute of Medical Science-IIMS MEDICAL CATEGORYICMind Institute of Biotechnology (IIBT)ICMind Institute of Nursing (IIN)ICMind Institute of Pharmacy (IIPh) +91-922 36 20200 Page 6 of 81
  • The ‘ICMind Education’ established by joint efforts of Infinite Coup Mind Education Foundation PROFILE: PREAMBLE: PREFACE: INTRODUCTIONestablished under Maharashtra Government - Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 and highlyexperienced group of management (ICMind Education) professionals holding great, multilevel,multifold, verity-mix of experience over 11 years, including over 06 years of experience intomanagement education.Today, it serves the educational aspirations of countless students’ base in India and abroadcountries through various categorized institutions under the group and its regional centers,learner support centers and proposed overseas centers. The Group of Institutes offers aboutover 977 Programs of certification, Advance certification, Advance Diploma, Diploma, PostGraduation, Master’s and Doctoral programmes etc…You may please refer to website for elaborated Vision & Mission statements, objectives, MISSION AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS STRATEGYstrategies, organization structure, authorized committee, divisions, departments and otherunder consideration projects for converting vision to reality.Recognitions from The Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, Corporate, International organizationsand society as a wholeIncreasing Access — Reaching the Un-reached Strengthening the Faculty and AttractingTalentTotal Quality Management Research and ScholarshipWidening Areas of Study Effective Student SupportExtension Education Electronic Media in EducationInternational Impact of ICMind Building Dynamism in the SystemMobilization of Resources Instruction SystemFlexibility Eligibility Credit System -ManagementFormation for appropriate committee is considered important for smooth functioning of the AUTHORITY / COMMITTEEorganization.Establishment Committee Finance Committee Marketing CommitteeLibrary Committee Work Committee Purchase CommitteeBranch Heads Committee Regional Heads Committee Visiting ConsultantsCounselors & Advisors Corporate Relationship Equivalence / UnityCommittee Management Committee CommitteeGrievance Redressal Student Services & Research Council & ResearchCommittee Relationship Management Council Standing Committee CommitteeAcademic Council & Academic Planning Board ofCouncils Standing Committee Management Trustees Chairman & Vice-Chancellor DIVISIONS: DEPARTMENTSEvaluation and Result Division Library and Resource Division Examination DivisionAdministration Division International Division Computer DivisionAdvertisements, Tenders & Material Production Academic Co-ordinationOther DivisionStudent Registration Eligibility Student / Regional Services Construction and MaintenanceEvolution Division SER-EED Division SSD and RSD DivisionEducational and Web Based Finance & Accounts DivisionSupport Division FAD +91-922 36 20200 Page 7 of 81
  • QUALITY POLICY OBJECTIVES MANAGEMENT CONTROL PROCESS ASSURANCE STRATEGIES TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMSAt ICMind we are of the opinion that it is the second and third party and outsiders whoICMind Quality Philosophy:determines the required quality standards. Securing an ISO Certification and Qualitysufficient, rather actual quality in all aspects and area are most important from establishment,certification as just a certificate to show and indicate the standards (to be) followed is notregular operations, expansion growth, achievement of ultimate mission objectives and ultimatevision goals and even beyond that to remain and maintain the top level position.Total Quality Management is and will remain the highest priority in all areas of operations. ThePrime objective of the institution will be to impart world class physical and mental attributesof education and inculcate in its pupils the sense of responsibility towards attaining coherenceof their thoughts and actions so as to make them fit to learn and practice morality and educetheir inherent leadership qualities towards producing a galaxy of adorned and serenepersonalities relevant to growth and progress of a dynamic society.The ICMind will have to make strenuous efforts to earn & sustain credibility by continuouslyimproving the quality of learning materials, student support services and upgrading thesystem of professional development and assessment of academic and non-academic staff. Thiswill go with encouraging adopting a holistic management strategy.Establishment of quality assurance system with continuous evaluation and monitoring toimpart the best education to create ambience of excellence, recognizing the multiculturaldiversity and commitment to transform and assimilate the excellent in education and valuesystem.At ICMind we are committed to make the institution a hallmark in management education forlearning, practice and knowledge, to raise the quality of education to global standards,keeping up the best standards of corporate governance. We target to achieve this by anfulfilling the needs and expectations of the students, parents, business and industry, andapproach which includes following prime defined variables of the quality policy. +91-922 36 20200 Page 8 of 81
  •  Environment that stimulates academic & value learning for all. Professional Environment: The Institute ensures that its premises, academics and facilities meet the needs of one of the best in the B-school community. Transparency: The Institute will ensure that relevant information is accessible to stakeholders. A quality ethos must be embedded in a culture of openness and transparency. Human Resources: Every effort will be made to recruit and retain the staff required to ensure the delivery of a quality education service and research. Committee Structure: Operating a committee structure that will deal most effectively with maintaining and improving the quality of education provided, which also promotes participative decision making. Standards Setting: Institute generates and collates all necessary data in order to monitor critical quality indicators e.g. entry points, continuous assessment results, examination results, completion rates, learner feedback, extern examiners’ reports, course reports, external periodic reviews and employment feedback. Research: The Institute’s policy document “Research, consultancy, training and services to industry” outlines policy in this area to strengthen on the fundamental issues of applied economics. Establish a research and consultancy organization and increase external research collaboration. The Institute through its Quality Policy sets out to establish a coherent framework for enhancing the quality of education, research and training provided and showing that standards are safeguarded. The Academic Council oversees the monitoring and review of the Quality Aspects and the associated quality assurance procedures. ICMind ensures quality education by meeting and exceeding students’ expectations by providing innovative teaching and learning practices. ICMind is committed towards continuous improvement in the processes adopted in transforming students into competent management and technical professionals. The student can be from any category  Top Management, Senior Management, Middle Management, Junior Management, Other  Client / Customers / Students / Corporate, Government, Semi-Govt., NGOs, Society The quality management must reflect in the form of quality objectives, quality process and ICMind, through high-quality self-learning material and innovative programmes, has procedure, quality services, form establishment to operations to expansion growth established itself as a leading education provider - at par with other national and international institutions of higher learning.Quality policy dissemination and implementation is practiced through various levels of academicDissemination and Implementation:and administrative profiling and responsibility. Various academic positions are formed to bearthe academic administration and ensure the meet set standards and improve continuously.Above all positions and committees working within the functional groups, Academic Council isthe apex body for all such matters, which also make summary and proposal submission to theBoard of Governors. +91-922 36 20200 Page 9 of 81
  • SECTION – II: WHY ICMindICMind is one of the leading Management Institute in the meadow of Multinational - Multi Level -ICMind: The Brand Advantage - OverviewMulti Mode World-Class Highly Customized Education. Over number of years we have beendelivering quality output of well trained & practically experienced professionals to almost allsectors - Industries at various management levels throughout the world.The following points will assist you in understanding why you should opt for ICMind. Recognition PhilosophyVALUE & RECOGNITIONS ASPECTS+ Recognitions Overview International Organizations National Organizations VARIOUS SPLENDIDLY RECOGNIZED GROUPS FOR OPERATIONAL ASPECTS HIGHLY EFFICIENT AND PERFORMANCE ORIENTED MANAGEMENT RECOGNITIONS CERTIFICATES COPYINTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS (DETAILED) IIADL: LONDON-UK: International Association For Distance Learning IACC (Indo-American Chamber Of Commerce) AMA - NEW YORK (American Management Association)NATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS (DETAILED) MCA (Ministry Of Corporate Affairs: Government Of India) ROC (Registrar Of Companies) ISTE: INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION ISTE-Approved Member of AICTE NHRDN (NATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK) BMA (BOMBAY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION: MUMBAI-INDIA) AIMA (BMA-Member of All India Management Association) UGC / DEC / UNIVERSITIES AND INSTITUTES APPROVED BY CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA APPROVED -THROUGH ISU-INDIA. Multi Duration CoursesCOURSE CUSTOMIZED CURRICULUM ASPECTS+ Diploma To Doctorate Level Courses Fully Customized Level Options With Almost All Courses Courses Design / Subjects Covered & Syllabus Inspired From World’s Top Institutions Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Course Inspiration-Worlds Top Institutions Courses of – Various Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Government Approved Organizations Multiple, Unique – Almost Unlimited Specializations Additional Specializations – Almost Unlimited Corporate / Group Customized Unique – Courses Fundamental Single Subjects Specializations Advanced Multi Subjects Truly Specialized Specializations Project / Thesis Placement & Job Oriented Courses Quality Content Syllabus & Study MaterialsSTUDY MATERIAL & SYLLABUS & ASPECTS+ Hard Copy And /Or Soft Copy* / Online* Study Materials/Library E-Library +91-922 36 20200 Page 10 of 81
  •  Why ICMind: Futuristic Flexibility AspectsFUTURISTIC FLEXIBILITY ASPECTS+ Course Duration Flexibilities: Fast Track – Regular - Extended Duration Courses Eligibility Credit System And Special Eligibility Unlimited Customization Of Courses: Number Of Subjects & Syllabus Flexibilities Geographical Flexibilities: No-Limitation / Max-Flexi / World Wide Flexible Studies Study Material Flexibilities: Soft/Hard Copy, Online/Offline & Other Sources Knowledge Sharing Groups: Social Networking And Other Resources Reference Books Flexibilities Education - Web Support Flexibilities Professors Experienced And Qualified Professors Education - Web Support Flexibilities Professors Experienced And Qualified Professors Examination Flexibilities Demographic Flexibility: Designed For All Age Group, Sex Group Fees Payment Options Dedicated Student Service Department-SSD, SREs, SRMsACTIVIST SERVICE ASPECTS+ SSD-Fastest Delivery Of Welcome Kit: Professors - Education Support - Fastest Response To Queries Fastest Processing Of Results, Certificates & Cross Verification No Fake 100% Guaranties – Truly 100% Placement / Job Assistance & Global JobRADICAL FUTURE PLACEMENT ASPECTS+ Opportunities Targeted Companies All Inclusive - Economical Fees Structure & No Hidden CostFEES ADVANTAGE & PAYMENT OPTIONS+ Scholarships & Special Consideration For Concessional Fees Brand Employment / Govt. Employment Benefits Concession For Physically Challenged & Differently-Able Donation Advantage Installments And Education Loans Scholarship Modes of Payment Awards Rewards Performance Rewards Scheme Professional Procedures Performance Rewards Scheme:RESULT CERTIFICATION AWARDS AND REWARDS ASPECTS+ Performance Awards Scheme: ProfessionalismPROFESSIONALIZUMS, FUTURE PLANS, VISION, MISSION, STRATEGY & OTHER ASPECTS+ Future Plans Vision Mission and Strategy +91-922 36 20200 Page 11 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects+Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>Recognition PhilosophyOne category organizations are just focusing on shortcut money making. In education sectorRecognitions Philosophynumerous organizations are still providing out dated poor quality courses, syllabus, andservices… without any genuine recognition certification to their valuable students. Few of themmay even cheat by providing unbelievable 100% placement guarantee, Special unbelievableoffers, back dated certificates, passing guarantee, certificate without examinations… Innocentstudents in greediness or unawareness have to suffer for the gain of such organizations.Second categories organizations are just focusing on certification and reorganizations for education sector numerous organizations are still providing out dated poor quality courses,syllabus, services… to their valuable students. Few of them may have available with greatrecognition (DEC/ AICTE / UGC) form government which is very important as far as Govt. Jobsare concerned in India. But this out dated knowledge certification does not work that great inperforming interviews at MNCs and corporate at high level jobs. Still Students opt for this sort ofcourses for Govt. Recognitions. But suffer on the part of not practical knowledge which is mustfor any sector.Third category organizations are just focusing on quality courses, syllabus, and services.Few of them may not have any such recognition too… still marketing the courses and provide anindependent great service that really helps to the individuals and organizations for improvingknowledge base and even practical implication in business. But this may not work as far as jobsare concerned in MNCs or corporate sectors. As per the latest trend the minimum eligibility forinterview at many companies have became PG / MBA / EMBA etc… Thus student suffer evenafter acquiring great knowledge.Fourth category organizations are just focusing on quality courses, syllabus, and services.Few of them may not have any such recognition too… still marketing the courses and provide anindependent great service that really helps to the individuals and organizations for improvingknowledge base and even practical implication in business. But this may not work as far as jobsare concerned in MNCs or corporate sectors. As per the latest trend the minimum eligibility forinterview at many companies have became PG / MBA / EMBA etc… Thus student suffer evenafter acquiring great knowledge.At ICMind we have understood and analyzed the need of quality education with internationalrecognition. In current business environment certifications and recognition from independentrecognized bodies is of immense importance as compared to traditional certification.As a futuristic organization with great experience we are of the view that becoming justmember of any organization is not going to provide any competitive advantage. But practicallyparticipating in various international organizations and events will make the difference.Also just getting in the organization – certifying body is not sufficient. Best gettingorganization within ourselves is important. Qualities of various organizations – certifyingbody has to be introduced within our self, our people, our members, our organizations, oursociety as a whole.Considering advance futuristic theory ICMind have acquired various quantity recognitions. - Management - +91-922 36 20200 Page 12 of 81
  • Recognitions OverviewICMind has covered innumerable milestones at different levels of its expansion. What makes usWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>Overview>>an eminent brand is our youthful zest and enthusiasm to continuously reach new benchmarks.ICMind has got the various prestigious Registrations / Accreditation / Association, Certification,Credentials...International OrganizationsWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>Overview>>International Organizations International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) American Management Association (AMA) New York Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) +91-922 36 20200 Page 13 of 81
  • National OrganizationsWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>Overview>>National Organizations Registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC) Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) Indian Society For Technical Education (ISTE) National HRD (NHRD) Bombay Management Association (BMA) Associated with UGC / DEC / Central Govt. of India Approved Universities And Institutes through ISU / UBS +91-922 36 20200 Page 14 of 81
  • International Organizations (Detailed)Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>International Organizations>>International Association for Distance Learning (IADL): London-UKICMind is approved member of IADL (International Association for Distance Learning). TheWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>International Organizations>>IADL-UKInternational Association for Distance Learning promotes quality excellence in open, distanceand online learning education & training worldwide.It provides approval & recognition of open, online, distance learning programmes andcourse providers worldwide. It is an association of open, distance, online course-providersand does not offer its own learning programmes. Members are assessed to ensure that learnersreceive a product which is consistent with the values and policies set by the IADL. It providesa benchmark through which global consumers can gauge the quality of courses offered by ourmembership.IADL approval is a system of review which periodically evaluates the extent to which anInstitution or programme achieves its own objectives and meets the standards determined byIADL. Evaluation addresses operational and curricular issues fundamental to the delivery ofquality education and training via the medium of online, distance or open learning. Admissionto membership of the IADL includes rigorous evaluation of a course-providers administrativeprocedures, methods of course delivery, and its educational and publicity materials.The IADL is non-profit organization with its principal administrative offices in London in theUnited Kingdom.INDO-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (IACC):ICMind director is Prestigious Member of IACC.Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>International Organizations>>IACCAmerican Management Association (AMA) - New York:ICMind director is a proud member of American management Association - New York which isWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>International Organizations>>AMA-New Yorkthe worlds leading membership-based management development organization. AMA offersa full range of business education and management development programs for individualsand organizations, worldwide. +91-922 36 20200 Page 15 of 81
  • National Organizations (Detailed) +Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations+Ministry of corporate Affairs (MCA): Government of IndiaWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>MCA-IndiaRegistered with ROC Registrar of companies & Incorporated under Ministry of corporate affairsGovernment of India with CIN: U80904MH2012PTC230045Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE): [AICTE Approved]Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>ISTE-IndiaICMind director is proud to be an institutional member of ISTE Which is one of the mostprestigious Bodies governing Technical Education and is also one of the AICTE approved Bodyto run various programs including WPLP – Working Professionals Learning program. TheISTE is a national, professional, non-profit society registered under the societies Registration Actof 1860. First started in 1941 as the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions, it wasconverted into "Indian Society for Technical Education” in 1968 with a view to enlarging itsactivities and advancing the cause of technological education.The major objective of the ISTE is to assist and contribute in the production andgraduates needed by the industries and other organizations. Being the only nationaldevelopment of top quality professional engineers / technicians and Managementorganization of educators in the field of engineering, Management and technology, ISTE isinvolved in the various technical committees, boards formed by central government, Ministryof Human resource Development, AICTE/DOTE/DST. State government, are also involvingthe ISTE in many of their important programs and activities relating to technical education.NATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT NETWORK (NHRDN):Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>NHRD-IndiaNHRDN is an association of professionals committed to promoting the HRD movement in thecountry and enhancing the capability of human resource professionals in order to enable themmake an impact-full contribution to enhancing competitiveness and creating value for society.Towards this end, National HRD Network is committed to the development of humanresources through education, training, research and experience sharing. The network ismanaged by HR professionals in an honorary capacity, stemming from their interest incontributing to the HR profession. ICMind director is proud to be prestigious member of NHRDN.Bombay Management Association (BMA): MUMBAI-IndiaWhy ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>BMA-Mumbai-IndiaBMA is associated as Knowledge partner with ICMind. BMA is Indias most premierManagement Association, established in 1954. It is an Independent non-profit making entity,which focuses on providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing managerialeffectiveness in a broad sphere of activities with a common desire to improve the standardsof Business Management in India.BMA organizes conferences and seminars on Tax Planning, Financial Services, InformationTechnology, Human Resource Development, Quality etc. BMA is an association ofInstitutional and Individual Members with the objective to promote and develop soundmanagement principles and practices. BMA tries to achieve its various objectives through +91-922 36 20200 Page 16 of 81
  • various programmes, seminars, lectures etc. in the process of improving the standards ofmanagement profession.UGC / DEC / Central Government of India Approved Universities and Institutes:Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>UBS-IndiaICMind is recognized as associate partner of various recognized universities in India. ICMindprovides “DEC - Distance Education Council” approved Government of India Recognized andaffiliated, UGC approved courses in association with Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) ELLIM University Various well recognized groupsVarious Splendidly Recognized Groups for Operational aspects:Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>Operational OrganizationsICMind is associated with various national as well as international organizations for providingbest possible services in industry. The highly efficient organizations holding authority in eachspecific aspect of operations have been considered for building up the brand of the nation. Foroperational confidentiality the details shall not be listed (Privacy Policy).Highly Efficient and Performance Oriented Management:Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>National Organizations>>Trace record of over 05-07 years in education & over 30 years in various fields ofmanagementAt ICMind management is consisting of professionals holing not only academic educationqualifications but also tremendous practical experience into establishment, survival, growth ofmanagement education institutions. Number of institutions and institutes has developed undersupervision & efforts of the ICMind Management. Management is holding practically experiencedin establishment, survival, growth and development of1. Educational institutions – Management Institutions.2. Financial services - Educational Loans.3. Investment advisory services and Capital market – NSE / BSE / MCX4. Hotel industry services.5. Management Consultancy services.6. Training and development services - Motivational, Career planning…With best services in quality education management is of the view that it must thank entire teamof ICMind, Clients, Alumni, Students, and Prospective students for the great contribution in thebrand standing.Why ICMind: Recognitions Aspects>>Certificates>>Recognitions Certificates CopyOriginal copies of all certifications are available at our head offices for verification. +91-922 36 20200 Page 17 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Courses Aspects+WHY ICMind: COURSE ASPECTS+ICMind is the World’s First Education Institute to offer ultimate customized variety of coursesand programs. Due to high amount of international complexity and ever-changing businessenvironment and industry specific requirement ICMind Professionals have designed highlycustomized variety of courses, Programmes and specialization structure. This has its ownadvantages but increase complexity in selecting the right course, program & SpecializationThus…Please refer to admission section for understanding – “How to Select the Right Course & RightSpecialization(s)?” -ICMind Education Admission DivisionWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Multi Duration CoursesMulti Duration CoursesAt ICMind Education we provide all range of courses in fast track mode as well as in normalregular mode. The option remains with the student to exercise/opt for either option at any pointof time during the course pursuance after completion of minimum course duration. Courses areranging from 1 month to 3 years duration.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Diploma to Doctorate Level CoursesDiploma to Doctorate Level CoursesICMind offers wide range of Management, Technical and almost all other categories of programs.All programmes are generally classified in to further classifications. You may refer to coursesection for further details Doctorate Post Graduation Graduation Under-GraduationBut at ICMind almost all the above levels courses are available with permutation & combinationof three major categories viz. Advanced Professional Executive InternationalPlease refer to the courses section for details of following courses with further customized levelsin almost each such programme.Advanced / International / Professional Executive / (1-2-3-4 Semester) Customized Programs for TOP Level Management/Executives Doctorate / Laureate Master’s Programmes / PG Programmes Professional In Chartered Finance Manager Chartered Certified Accountant BBM / BBA Graduation Diploma Diploma Certification +91-922 36 20200 Page 18 of 81
  • Please refer to admission section for understanding – “How to Select the Right Course & RightSpecialization(s)?” -ICMind Education-Academic DivisionWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Fully Customized Level CoursesFully Customized Level Options with Almost All CoursesEach Individual and each organization having its own SWOT aspects & thus have uniquerequirements. Courses with Static subjects and structure shall never meet the requirementof all or even one at a time, thus experts at ICMind Education have realized to design & havedesigned Ultra-Customized education for each individual & organizations providing numerouselectives to construct a course. We design customized programs that enable organizations to re-examine old processes and challenges with new eyes. We focus on you - and what you need to -ICMind Education-Academic Divisionobtain results with new eyes.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Course Inspiration-Worlds Top InstitutionsCourses Design / Subjects Covered & Syllabus Inspired from World’s Top InstitutionsICMind being in process of achieving industry leadership has designed its own standards as wellas adopted certain standards, policies, procedure, course design, syllabus etc from variousinspirational education organizations. Students may avail the advantage of this internationallydesigned recognized course at nominal affordable fees structure. -ICMind Education-Academic DivisionCourses of – Various Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Government ApprovedWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Course Universities & Other InstitutionsOrganizationsThrough its various association and associates ICMind offers courses of various organizationsincluding DEC/UGC/DEC approved universities. Stock Exchanges, Patent and Copy Right studiesetc… -ICMind Education-Academic DivisionWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Multiple Unique SpecializationsMultiple, Unique – Almost Unlimited SpecializationsAt ICMind Education, we offer almost unlimited specializations; hence we have a course foralmost everyone. You can select almost any specialization. In general fees will remain same foralmost all specializations excluding few peculiar / specific specializations. Subject to approvalfrom education advisory committee of experienced professors, we do offer further uniquespecialized courses (in addition to the list of specializations provided in prospectus) -ICMind Education-Academic DivisionWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Additional SpecializationsAdditional Specializations – Almost UnlimitedInbuilt specialization(s) and additional specialization(s) options:You shall apply for minimum 0-1-2 specializations depend upon the course applied for.(Included in course subject as SPZ-01 / SPZ-01 & SPZ-02); you may also apply for maximumunlimited* additional specializations by forwarding request and application for the same alongwith applicable additional fees for the same. You may select all specialization for one group or +91-922 36 20200 Page 19 of 81
  • from different groups depending on the course selected. Please refer to course section for List ofSpecializations.Please refer to admission section for understanding – “How to Select the Right Course & RightSpecialization(s)?” -ICMind Education-Academic DivisionWhy ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Corporate Group Customized CoursesCorporate / Group Customized Unique – CoursesWe do offer customized courses based on requirement of corporate, companies, professional,social groups and also to individuals with interest to learn something different & innovativeattitude towards learning new horizons. Pre-requisite for acceptance to such request is approvalfrom our advisory committee, your adequate interest, adequate experience in relative subject.Whilst tailoring our programs, in order to meet the precise needs of every organization, we keepin mind your procedures, policies and work culture, ensuring that the training is relevant andcompliant. These programs can be delivered in-house or out house depending upon yourorganization’s requirements.ICMind Education Management Development Program and consulting programs bring itsbusiness management acumen through an experienced faculty that works with you tounderstand your organizational needs and to help realize your goals through synergisticpartnership.An Interactive Process: Customized programs at the ICMind Education begin in the samemanner that they are designed and delivered: with dialogue. We pride ourselves on treating youas real people rather than requests, so we invite you to email us, or call to discuss yourcompanys goals and objectives. After determining whether your needs match our capabilities,we will prepare a program proposal for your company to review.ICMind Education requires a minimum of 20 participants for a customized program. Allparticipants who successfully complete each program will receive a certificate of completionfrom the ICMind. For a more complete understanding of customized education at the ICMind,please contact us.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Single Subjects SpecializationFundamental Single Subjects SpecializationsAlmost all courses are available with minimum one specialization. Specific subjectspecializations are provided with single subject to be studied instead of investing in study of notrelevant, not required subjects.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Advanced Multi Subjects SpecializationAdvanced Multi Subjects Truly Specialized SpecializationsAlmost all courses are available with minimum one to two specialization(s). Study of singlespecific subject as a specialization may not provide adequate information / knowledge / skillsdevelopment techniques / exposure to all tools / variety of case studies & may deemed to be justa subject of basic and fundamental knowledge thus at ICMind Advance Series of Courses aredesigned to offer each Specializations with minimum 02-03 subjects and Maximum 06-07 +91-922 36 20200 Page 20 of 81
  • subjects related to / relevant to / belonging to each one specialization instead of study ofjust a single subject as a specialization.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Project & ThesisProject / ThesisAlmost all courses are designed with one or more project research study repot / synopsisand/or thesis. The project study results in practical implication of knowledge earned, skillslearned & The additional certification – Project / Thesis appreciation adds value & increaseacceptability of the course in the relevant industry.Why ICMind: Courses Aspects>>Placement & Job Oriented CoursesPlacement & Job Oriented CoursesAt ICMind Education, we emphasize on practical applicability of the acquired knowledge. Thuswe offer almost all courses with case study approach. The courses offered are based onrequirement of industries. Also our experienced counselors can assist you in deciding thecorrect course and specialized for your bright professional career. Please refer the courses pagefor further details. -ICMind Education-Academic Division +91-922 36 20200 Page 21 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Study Material & Syllabus & Aspects+Why ICMind: Syllabus Aspects>>Quality Content MaterialQuality Content Syllabus & Study MaterialsThe Study Material is one of the major areas of Total Quality Management; the department ofresearch considers all necessary efforts to prepare / select and issue study material intraditional and/or other innovative modes of knowledge transformation with qualities like…  World Class Study  Practical / Applied Knowledge Based  Case Study focused  Comprehensive content  Self Explanatory  Regularly UpdatedAt most care has been taken to see to it that our students (working class professionals & fresher)do not find any difficulties in understanding study material without affecting the quality ofknowledge. The study material is self explanatory & very easy to understand with the help ofcase study & examples approach of the study material.This Quality measures assures that our students are well equipped with latest managementtechniques & gets upgraded knowledge.Why ICMind: Material Aspects>>Material in Various FormsHard Copy and/or Soft Copy* / Online* Study Materials / LibraryIn general study material is issued in Hard copy (Original Books) of renowned Publishers andAuthors having authority of knowledge on respective subject title. Apart from / Instead ofprinted material soft copy Email/CD/VCD/DVD format, Presentations, Online viewable /Readable resources are made available to the student from time to time to be determined byICMind and depending on the course requirement.Why ICMind: Material Aspects>>LibraryLibrary / E-Library:The Institute offers almost unlimited study materials, reference materials for in depth exposureto updates in the subject of interest. This facility may be provided free of cost borrowing forlocally situated students with subject to security deposits & terms of library services. Studentsmay also buy resources at ultra-reasonable cost. Students may also download of refer onlinestudy materials. +91-922 36 20200 Page 22 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Futuristic Flexibility AspectsFuturistic Flexibility Aspects+In current fast moving globalization the flexibility of management style plays an important role.One cannot expect to achieve all objectives with one quality and one standard practice. ThusICMind has considered flexibility in almost all aspect of its functions without affecting standardsand quality of output.Why ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Duration FlexibilityCourse Duration Flexibilities: Fast Track – Regular - Extended Duration CoursesAll courses are available with flexible duration system with minimum fast track duration,maximum duration, extended duration and further extended validity till maximum duration forconveniences of all category and class of students, professionals and students. -ICMind Education – Academic DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Eligibility FlexibilityEligibility Credit System and Special EligibilityBased on research on available data form world bank, maximum students do not / are not ableto complete the higher education, secondary education and even primary education due to oneor other reasons. In such a situation the question of eligibility for professional studies isextremely high. The professionals holding great experience and industry exposure are not ableto achieve the package, designation, profile and what all they do deserve. ICMind plays animportant role by designing unique Flexibilities – Compensatory / Complementary Dual TimeFactor Eligibility Credit System (Qualification + Work Experience). Please refer to course sectionfor eligibility terms. -ICMind Education – Admission DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Course Customization FlexibilityUnlimited Customization of Courses: Number of Subjects & Syllabus FlexibilitiesBased on research on available data form world bank, maximum students do not / are not ableto complete the higher education, secondary education and even primary education due to oneor other reasons. In such a situation the question of eligibility for professional studies isextremely high. The professionals holding great experience and industry exposure are not ableto achieve the package, designation, profile and what all they do deserve. ICMind plays animportant role by designing unique Flexibilities – Compensatory / Complementary Dual TimeFactor Eligibility Credit System (Qualification + Work Experience). -ICMind Education – Admission DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Geographical FlexibilityGeographical Flexibilities: No-Limitation / Max-Flexi / World Wide Flexible StudiesBeing an international World Wide Flexible Studies/ Education [WWFS] service provider ICMindhas student around the world. The Students and Professionals may not have sufficient time toattend the traditional classes/lectures/exams at specified geographic location and due to toughschedule many students of reputed institutions are also not able to attend even exams and resultin discontinuing the course. Thus need of any time, any place education and exams [ATPEE] has +91-922 36 20200 Page 23 of 81
  • increased. ICMind students are provided with multiple flexibility that makes it possible to getenquiry information, secure admission, payment of fees, receive welcome kit including studymaterial, education support, appearing examination, securing certificates and even placementassistance from any place around the world. -ICMind Education-International Admission DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Material FlexibilityStudy Material Flexibilities: Soft/Hard Copy, Online/Offline, Wikipedia and Other SourcesDepending on courses selected, study materials are provided in hard copy and /or soft copy forflexibility in studies. Online library provides and additional resources for study of selected topicsof interest. -ICMind Education-Material & Technology DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Material FlexibilityKnowledge Sharing Groups: Wikipedia and Social Networking and Other ResourcesThe upcoming project of Knowledge sharing Groups, social networking shall provide maximumflexibility in studies and query solving system. This shall result in integration of most productiveminds of variety of students located around the world. -ICMind Education-Material & Technology DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Material FlexibilityReference Books FlexibilitiesThough study material provided by ICMind is comprehensive in nature still one may not findeverything in one book or certain particular topic of study is not sufficient with one book thusmay be required to be studied with the help of reference material. ICMind provides assistance inthe form of library for reference material and even provides study material at specialconcessional rates to its students. Please refer to the terms of reference books for further details. -ICMind Education-Material DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Education Support FlexibilityEducation - Web Support Flexibilities Professors Experienced and Qualified ProfessorsThough research & analysis has been done while designing/selecting study material that is selfexplanatory with the use of easy language, case studies, examples etc without affecting quality ofknowledge content; students may find queries related to understanding few topics. In such casesstudents may utilize our web support services without payment of any extra fees. ICMind makessure to assist students in understanding the concepts and solving queries through trulyeducative web support system.Quality management team makes is mandatory for team of professors of education supportdivision to provide quality response to students queries within specified time duration. In caseof any suggestions and complaints students may communicate to designated studentrelationship managers and necessary actions will be taken to ensure the delighted support tovalued students. -ICMind Education-Education Support Team +91-922 36 20200 Page 24 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Education Support FlexibilityEducation - Web Support Flexibilities Professors Experienced and Qualified ProfessorsICMind Professors / Faculty are selected with rigid selection and interview process that makessure to hire World class professors from different background having huge experience inTeaching along-with Industrial experience. The faculty members are available on the permanentas well as on the visiting basis. Our faculty comes from different backgrounds & are holdingexperienced in various industries as well as in the profession of teaching. Alumni’s of various topinstitutions from around the world are being approached to establish an association withICMind. Panel of faculties for our courses, assist in web support, design question papers andcorrect the answer sheets as well. To ensure clear understanding of all concepts, very strongweb support facility to our students. You shall receive detailed reply on the subject from ourpanel of co-professors. -ICMind Education-Academic/Professors Recruitment TeamWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Examination FlexibilityExamination FlexibilitiesExaminations are conducted worldwide locations through innovative modes of examinationoptions. Also students have facility to appear for examinations almost any time after completionof minimum duration till the maximum duration from any place around the world. For furtherinformation please refer to examination section. -ICMind Education-Examination DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Demographic FlexibilityDemographic Flexibility: Designed For All Age Group, Sex GroupICMind courses are designed for all age group and sex group individuals. There is no maximumage limit. Special facilities and support is provided for encouragement of education amongspecific segment of society. -ICMind Education-Academic & Admission DepartmentWhy ICMind: Flexibility Aspects>>Payment FlexibilityFees Payment optionsAt ICMind Education operates with single account title across various brands, schools, collages,institutes, management training constancy and almost all divisions of the education group. Thismakes easy for our all clients, students, and customers of our all education brands division tomake single title payment for all divisions and need not to provide separate instruments for eachdivisions of group.ICMind contemplating to operate banking services with almost all major banks for convenienceof our clients, students, customers & professors, team members, franchisees across thegeographical location.Fees are accepted in full as well as with limited installments, Loan facility may also be availedfor payment of fees through our associate company ‘Accurate Finance-Bangalore’. An installmentattracts additional charges, while full payments are provided with add-on benefits.Multiple modes of payments are accepted that includes Chq/DD/Online/CC/ECS/Direct Cashdeposits to “ICMind Education”-Bank Account* & other innovative systems. Please efer topayment option under admission section. +91-922 36 20200 Page 25 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Service Aspects+Activist Service Aspects+In current business global environment all industries including product (goods) basedindustries have also turned their focus in servicing aspect to acquire and retain Client &Customer. Our Quality Management system has been designed to ensure best quality educationand overall services to our students, prospective students, clients and other associates.Dedicated Student Service Department-SSD, SREs, SRMsWhy ICMind: Service Aspects>>SSD ServiceStudent service & relationship management is of utmost importance thus ICMind has dedicated:  Student Service Department [SSD] consisting of  Student Relationship Managers [SRMs]  Student Relationship Executives [SREs]SSD-Fastest Delivery of Welcome Kit:Why ICMind: Service Aspects>>SSD ServiceOnce Enrollment done with ICMind, We ensure that the students enrolled is well equipped withdetail information to carry out entire program smoothly. Student shall receive  Fees Receipt Confirmations Email-From accounts department  Documents received Confirmation from Admission Department  Fees Clearance received from accounts department within one day of transaction reflected in ICMind Bank accounts.  Registration Reference Number, Welcome Email / SMS within 1~2 days from the date of receipt of clearance reflected in accounts.  ID card within 15-30 working days from the date of issue of welcome email.  Admission Confirmation letter within 15-30 working days from the date of issue of welcome email.  Study Material (semester-wise) within 15-30 working days from the date of receipt of complete fees clearance & receipt of your entire set of documents.  Web-support services shall be activated after minimum 01 to 03 months from the date of issue of study materialProfessors - Education Support - Fastest Response to Queries:Why ICMind: Service Aspects>>Eduweb ServiceICMind Professors / Faculty are World class. We have professors from different backgroundhaving huge experience in Teaching along-with Industrial experience. You can utilize our websupport services without payment of any extra fees.To ensure clear understanding of all concepts of management, we do provide with very strongweb support facility to our students. You shall receive detailed reply on the subject from ourpanel of co-professors.We have faculty on the permanent as well as on the visiting basis. Our faculty comes fromdifferent background – who are holding experienced in various industries as well as in theprofession of teaching. We are associating with professors & Alumni’s of many top level B-schools / Institutes. We have a team of World-class faculty associated with us. We have commonpanel of faculties for our courses, who provides web support, set the question papers andcorrect the answer sheets as well. -Education Support / Web Support Dept +91-922 36 20200 Page 26 of 81
  • Fastest Processing of Results, Certificates & Cross VerificationWhy ICMind: Service Aspects>>Result & Verification ServiceWith huge amount of enrollments generally for many reputed organizations, it is a really timeconsuming factor to evaluate papers and issue of certificates. At ICMind though we have hugeenrollments every year still we are able to meet the expectations of students to evaluate andissue certificates within the industry benchmark time frame. This has been possible due toefficient working from dedicated team of professors. Results get declared within not more than02 months from the date of receipt of answer papers. Certificates are issued only aftersuccessfully completion of entire course. ICMind Education-Exam Evaluation Department +91-922 36 20200 Page 27 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Placement Aspects+Radical Future Placement Aspects+No Fake 100% Guaranties – Truly 100% Placement / Job Assistance & Global Job OpportunitiesWhy ICMind: Placement Aspects>>100% Assured AssistancePlacement - achievement of desired profile, designation, package, and job satisfaction is mostimportant reason for investing amount of funds, time and efforts in education thus our mainfocus is placing right person at right time to right place. We have been able to achieve this withour world class syllabus, education support and most importantly all possible efforts are madeby our placement team.Unlike any other general institutes ICMind does not offer any sort of placement guarantee, whatall we offer is serious inputs to achieve this task as our prime responsibility. As a matter ofconfidential to industry we may not be able to share our associates and process – the secrets toour placement success.Placement assistance strives to access almost all operating across various sectors, locations,profiles, packages to suit the requirement and profile of our alumni ICMind Education-Placement DepartmentTargeted CompaniesWhy ICMind: Placement Aspects>>Targeted CompaniesICMind targeted exclusive list of companies are openly available as fortune companies,companies listed over National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, New York stockExchange, European Stock Exchanges and almost all companies listed in any or multiple stockexchanges around the world.Apart from public limited companies our focus is also on Pvt. Ltd Companies, National andInternational professional organizations. +91-922 36 20200 Page 28 of 81
  • Fees Advantage & Payment Options+Why ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects+All Inclusive - Economical Fees Structure & No Hidden CostWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Fess StructureICMind do not charge separate registration fees, program fees, study material, examination,certification fees etc…Almost all fees are indicated for each courses are in full for entire courseand no hidden charges, taxes are applicable except specifically specified for example one timeexamination is included in fees but re-examination charges are charged separately, The full feesstands valid till the date of maximum duration of the course. For charges after maximumduration may refer course section or terms and conditions at our web site.Scholarships & Special Consideration for Concessional FeesWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Scholarships & ConcessionsBeing associated with Social organization and having its own social objectives ICMind from timet time offers various schemes to general public and/or specific group(s) and/or individual(s) forthe development of education in the society.Brand Employment / Govt. Employment BenefitsWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Scholarships & Concessions>>Brand EmploymentAs a process of achieving social objectives and business branding activity, ICMind associatescompanies for special consideration and advantages to the employees of associated / brandcompanies. That Includes Listed Public Limited companies Private Limited Companies  Government Organizations  Concession for Physically Challenged & Differently-AbleWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Scholarships & Concessions>>DisabledAs a process of achieving social objectives, ICMind provides excellent opportunities to physicallychallenged students, members etc… -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts DeptDonation AdvantageWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Scholarships & Concessions>>DonationICMind promotes donation to virus NGO’s that sounds to be contributing value addition tosociety through various measures and activities of them. That Includes Vipassyana Research Institute ICMind Foundation  -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts Dept Installments and Education LoansWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Edu-Loans & EMISingle time complete / full fees payment may be difficult for specific segment of society. For suchneedy persons the ICMind has designed special installment schemes. And Loan schemes. Pleaserefer to the Admission and payment section. -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts Dept +91-922 36 20200 Page 29 of 81
  • ScholarshipWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Scholarships & Concessions>>ScholarshipsFrom time to time ICMind has introduced various schemes for highly education oriented andtalented brains of the nation and students. This is to promote talent of scholars. -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts DeptModes of PaymentWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>Modes of PaymentAt ICMind fees various options of modes of payment have been provided to for convenience ofstudents. Please refer to Admission-Payment section for details. -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts Dept +91-922 36 20200 Page 30 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Awards Rewards:Why ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>PRSWhy ICMind: Performance Rewards Scheme:Various schemes have been introduced and are being introduced from time to time as a measurefor the improvement and encouragement to students to perform best in their studies, exams,result, placement interviews and practical employment. -ICMind Education Finance & Accounts DeptWhy ICMind: Fees & Payment Aspects>>PASWhy ICMind: Performance Awards Scheme:The following awards are presently available: please refer to details, terms and conditions onwebsite. Best All Rounder - Award for Excellence The ICMind Trophy for Commitment Director’s Trophy for the Most Co-operative Student Trophy for Best Attendance Record Trophy for Best Academic Record Most Outstanding Student in Marketing Most Outstanding Student in IT Most Outstanding Student in Finance Most Outstanding Student in PM & HRD Most Creative Student of the Year Best Class Representative Award Gentleman Student of the Year Lady Student of the Year +91-922 36 20200 Page 31 of 81
  • Why ICMind: Professional ProceduresWhy ICMind: ProfessionalismHigh amount of professionalism is developed and followed in each and every aspects ofmanagement of all activities. This is reflected in the form of professionalism in allcommunications and activities:Counseling, Privacy Policy, disclaimer, Terms and conditionsPre-Enrollment Stage:Admission procedures, Payment & Receipt systemEnrollment Stage:Welcome kit, delivery of material, Education web-Support, ExaminationPost Enrollment Stage:Result and certification, Awards & RewardsPlacements AssistanceAlumni Stage:Continuing Relationship management SystemICMind Professionals knows practicing and teaching concepts & practical implementation ofWhy ICMind>>Future Plans Vision Mission and StrategyICMind vision, Mission & strategy makes definite infinite transformation in lives of all who maycome in contact with ICMind. The Mind Power The Secret The NLP The Magic of Thinking Big So on…. +91-922 36 20200 Page 32 of 81
  • SECTION – III: DEFINING STUDENT CATEGORY CODES AND SYSTEMThis section has been designed to explain range of categorizations of Students based on:Geographical Location, Demographic Structure, Qualification, Work ExperienceStudent Location / Country Economy Based – Student Category (World Bank)Being an Institution with of presence of servicing around the world, we follow World Banksources to determine Students Category – Location Economy Based that is much more logicalwhen compared to prevailing industry standards. Student category will be defined on the base ofcitizenship country of the student. Present proof of citizenship is must for availing benefit of thepreferred country fees structure. CODE Currency Indian Resident Residing and working in India INR Student Category – Location based (World Bank)SCC-LWBE- Applicable For Fees Indian Resident Temporary out of India / NRI USD$ IR01 Residents of Low-Income Economies USD$ NR01 Residents of Lower-Middle-Income Economies USD$ LI01 Residents of Upper-Middle-Income Economies USD$ LM01 Residents of High-Income Economies USD$ UM01 Other Income Economies (LM01 fees shall be applicable USD$ HI01 for countries Not Specified in List) OI01Source: refer to admission section for detailed list of countries.Qualifications Based – Student CategoryWe provide various customized programs for students holding minimum qualification asbelow 10th, SSC (Xth) to students holding Graduation, Post Graduation, Professional studies,Master’s, Ph.D and above multiple qualifications. For all courses minimum qualification ismandatory depending on course requirement. The Code for Qualification is QYY where ‘Y’stands for number of years. Each one complete year is Qualification is considered as one Q-Year.We provide various customized programs for students holding Zero Work Experience [W00]Work Experience Based – Student Categoryto professionals holding tremendous work experience. For any course of executive series andadvance executive series minimum 01 year to 10 years of experience is mandatory dependingon course requirement. The Code for experience is WYY where ‘Y’ stands for number of years.Each one complete year of experience is considered as one W-Year.We provide various customized programs for students belonging to all age group and both sexDemographics Based – Student Categorygroups. Specific courses are designed for male dominated industries as well as femaledominated profiles. Also almost all courses are open for enrollment by male/female applicantsof any age group from below 18 years till above 65 years. The Code for Sex and age group is‘MYY’ or ‘FYY’ where M stands for ‘Male, F stands for ‘Female’ and ‘YY’ stands for age in numberof completed years. +91-922 36 20200 Page 33 of 81
  • Organization Based – Student Category Students from Public Limited - Listed Companies. (at the time of enrollment)Working / Employed Personals: Listed on International Stock Exchanges Listed on Indian stock Exchanges NSE / BSE Student from PSU/ Government Companies / Organizations Central Government State Government Semi-Government Students from Private Limited – Companies. Students from Registered Public Trust / NGOs. Holding valid certifications under Section 12A and Section 80(G) Without above certification Business Personals Registered with professional Bodies Professionals Not registered with professional BodiesNot Working / Not-Employed Personals:Retired ProfessionalsHome MakersStudents +91-922 36 20200 Page 34 of 81
  • SECTION – IV: IIM-COURSE SECTIONA Distance Learning MBA Makes You Marketable. One of the main rules of the job search isWHY MANAGEMENT STUDIES / WHY DISTANCE LEARNING MBAthat you must be able to market yourself. Employers need to see what puts you a cut above therest of the job-seekers who are vying for the same position. They want to know what makes youviable and unique. If you want to know what makes you invaluable to an employer, you mayconsider getting a distance learning MBA.It is always good to know a little bit about everything. However, it can be much moreadvantageous to know a great deal about one thing – your discipline. A distance learning MBAhelps you to become an expert in your line of work. It makes you more valuable to businesses.You can stay ahead in the corporate world by earning a distance learning MBA through learningnew business procedures and methods.The knowledge you acquire through an online master’s program can be applied to decisionsthat need to be made on your job and in everyday life. You will become equipped with tools thatlead to better corporate strategies, decision-making, and policies. When you use these toolson the job, you will impact your entire work environment with your knowledge. The advancement opportunities are tremendous for those with advanced degrees like adistance learning MBA. Investing in your career could lead to raises and promotions. Withyour expertise, you will be eligible to climb higher up the corporate ladder. Most managers,top executives, and CEO’s have reached those positions because they have attainedsophisticated degrees in their line of work. They steadily rose from an entry-level employee.Each subsequent step led to higher and higher ranks within the company until they finallyreached the height of their careers.Yet, moving up the corporate ladder is not your only option when moving ahead in theworkforce. Many people become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. Theknowledge that you gain from pursuing a master’s degree is focused and in-depth. Many peopletake this knowledge and start their own careers from the ground up. This gives them thefreedom to do something they love and work for themselves at their own pace.An enormous benefit of earning a distance learning MBA is that you can tailor the curriculumto fit your specific needs. You can choose which courses you want to take so that you canenhance your educational experience. You select courses that apply specifically to yourcurrent occupation or a profession that you would like in the future. The program allows youa flexibility that you otherwise might not obtain from a traditional college curriculum.The courses are taught by professors who have similar experience in your field. Many of theseinstructors have already published books that have received exceptional reviews. These booksare based on their own success stories in the corporate world. The techniques and strategiesthey teach have been proven to work and have lead to new business theories andorganizational change.Impress your prospective employers with a distance learning MBA. It will put you on the cuttingWhy Distance Learning?edge of the business market and a step ahead of the competition. The Courses are availablethrough Distance mode to suit the needs of working professionals. This can save time andmoney in paying for classroom based trainings that can compromise time at work and at home.This is a very convenient option for those who have demanding schedules and daily deadlines tofinish. Distance courses are also affordable with best quality when compared to those trainingsprovided by other institutes, schools and universities. +91-922 36 20200 Page 35 of 81
  • All courses are available with multiple customized options & versions. The Programme/CourseICMIND MANAGEMENT COURSES & CERTIFICATION ASPECTS & TERMINOLOGY:Title is function of factors like number of semesters, specialization structure - number ofsubjects under one specialization, syllabus focus-national/international, qualification &experience of candidates applying for the course. CLASSIFICATION OF MANAGEMENT PROGRAMMES Post Under Professional Graduation Graduation Graduation Advance International Professional Executive Programme Advance Professional Executive Programme Executive Programme Programme Program PreFix/ Sufix Classification Base Qualification Work-Experience Semesters Syllabus (Dual) (0-1/5/10) (1/2/3/4/5/6) (International) +91-922 36 20200 Page 36 of 81
  • SEMESTER(S): Course Structure Based Modified Programme Titles: Minimum numbers of semester(s) programmes are designed for candidates who may not1-SEM (SINGLE Semester) / 2SEM / 3SEM / 4SEM / 5SEM / 6SEM have sufficient time / interest / requirement to study number of subjects or wish to appear all exams with minimum number of seating(s). Maximum numbers of semester(s) programmes are designed to ensure extra ordinary syllabus coverage of almost all important subjects along-with limited subjects load for each exam settings. The semester wise result classification, number of subjects also adds extra value and acceptability of the programme.Almost all major programs are available with option to select International syllabus. AlmostINTERNATIONAL: Syllabus Based Modified Programme Titles75% of course subjects are focused on study of various management functions with prospectiveof international business. This is importantly suitable & advisable option for students,professionals, and business personnel etc who are willing to enjoy command over fundamentals& functions in international business.Almost all courses are available with specialization(s). Even courses are available as study ofADVANCE: Syllabus Based Modified Programme Titlesonly specialization subjects. In further classification programmes with multiple titles coverageunder one specialization is considered and certified as advance program. This is to ensure highdegree of knowledge, skills development through deep coverage of subjects related to & relevantto the specialization.The certificate will indicate “Dual” as prefix only if student has selected dual code of the courseDUAL: Qualification Based Modified Programme Titles& submitted qualification certificate(s) for course as per eligibility criteria for the course. Thismay also provide duration and/or fees advantage in general.The certificate will indicate “Executive” as pre fix only if student has selected executive code ofEXECUTIVE: Work Experience Based Modified Programme Titlesthe course & submitted experience certificate(s) for number of years specified as workexperience eligibility criteria for the course. This may also provide duration and/or feesadvantage in general.The certificate will indicate “Professional” as pre fix only if student has selected ProfessionalPROFESSIONAL: Work Experience Based Modified Programme Titlescode of the course & submitted experience certificate(s) for number of years specified as workexperience eligibility criteria for the course or minimum 05 years whichever is higher. This mayalso provide duration and/or fees advantage in general.Prefix options to List of Programmes Coding System & P-Category Sysem Prefix Code Represents P-Code Represents A Advance DR Doctorate I International PG Post Graduation P Professional G Graduation E or X Executive P Professional D Dual UG Under Graduation +91-922 36 20200 Page 37 of 81
  • LIST OF FUNDAMENTAL COURSES & PROGRAMMES CODES: FIM Fellow In Management Doctorate Programmes DMS Doctorate In Management Studies PDM Professional Doctorate In Management PLM Professional Laureate In Management PGPMX Post-Graduate Programme In Management of Executives PGP Programmes PGP-*SPZ* Post-Graduate Programme In *Specialization* MBA Master’s Programme In Business Administration Master’s Programme MBM Master’s Programme In Business Management MMS Master’s Programme In Management Studies MS-*SPZ* Master’s Programme In Studies of *Specialization* PGDBM Post Graduate Diploma Programme In Business Management PGD Programmes PGDBA Post Graduate Diploma Programme In Business Administration PGDBM Post Graduate Diploma Programme In Management StudiesPGDS-*SPZ* Post Graduate Diploma Programme In Studies of *Specialization* BBM Bachelor’s Programme in Business Management Bachelor’s Programmes BBA Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration BMS Bachelor’s Programme in Business Studies BS-*SPZ* Bachelor’s Programme In Studies of *Specialization* PBM Professional In Business Management Professional Programmes PBA Professional In Business Administration PBS Professional In Business Studies PM-*SPZ* Professional In *Specialization* CFM Chartered Finance Manager CCA Chartered Certified Accountant GDBM Graduate Diploma Programme In Business Management Graduate Diploma In Management GDBA Graduate Diploma Programme In Business Administration GDMS Graduate Diploma In Management Studies GDS-*SPZ* Graduate Diploma In Studies of *Specialization* ADBM Advance Diploma In Business Management Advance Diploma ADBA Advance Diploma In Business Administration ADBS Advance Diploma In Business Studies AD-*SPZ* Advance Diploma in *Specialization* DBM Diploma In Business management Diploma DBA Diploma In Business Administration D-*SPZ* Diploma In Specialization AC*SPZ* Advance Certification in *Specialization* Advance Certification / Certification C*SPZ* Certification in *Specialization*+91-922 36 20200 Page 38 of 81
  • (Multiple Permutations & Combinations) CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME TITLE PREFIX SUFFIX CODING SYSTEM AIPE Advanced International Professional Executive PREFIX AIP Advanced International Professional AIE Advanced International Executive AI Advanced International A Advance IPE International Professional Executive IP International Professional IE International Executive I International PE Professional Executive E Executive D Dual (As suffix to all above prefix) 06S 06 Semesters SUFFIX 04S 04 SemestersICMind follows an eligibility credit system that is based on the combination of two time factorEligibility Credit Systemcomponents viz. ‘Q’ i.e. duration involved in studying education (years) and ‘W’ i.e. time factor involved in working / employment / business / profession (years) E=Q*+W* One Eligibility credit ‘E’ is equivalent to 1 (one) education year inclusive of all learning activities or 1 (one) Working Experience year. Different programmes have different credit requirements. Students may be considered eligible under special eligibility terms.Unless specifically specified, all courses will be valid till maximum 05 (five) years from the dateCourse Duration Systemof enrollment, subject to payment of applicable additional examination fees, course durationextension fees. For further details please refer to the terms and conditions available on web site. D-Code Course D-Min-Mix-Ext-Exp Duration Student May appear for Examination Minimum MIN After completion of minimum duration (Months) Type (Fast track) Up-to maximum duration without any additional MAX Maximum charges Up-to this duration subject to additional exam charges EXT Extended and without any additional duration extension charge Up-to this duration subject to additional exam charge EXP Expiry and additional duration extension charge. (Ref. to exam terms) +91-922 36 20200 Page 39 of 81
  • Programmes Structure & Options Coding System Code Represents Code Represents *D* Default *O* Optional Programme Options SC Subject Code SC*O* Subject Optional *E1* Elective Subject 1 *Ch* Chargeable – Fees Applicable SC*OE1* Select from one subject from Electives against Optional Subject N/A Not Applicable * Terms & Conditions Applicable Course / Programme Structure SM Semester SU Subject PT Part YR Year PSR Project Study Report THS Thesis SPZ Specialization *SP* Programme In ‘Specialization’Fundamental Subjects / Options Coding System CODE SUBJECT TITLE GM General Management BC Business Communication PBC Professional Business Communication CB Consumer Behavior OB Organization Behavior HRM Human Resource Management MM Marketing Management FM Financial Management IB International Business I-HRM International Human Resource Management I-MM International Marketing Management I-FM International Financial Management I-BE International Business Environments BETH Business Ethics QTech Quantitative Techniques SMBP Strategic Management & Business Policy MEco Managerial Economics Entship Entrepreneurship I-TrdNInvt International Trade & Investments ICCG Intercultural Communication in Global PNOM Production & Operations Management MIS Management Information Systems CLow Corporate Law BLaw Business Law RchMthd Research Methodology BRM Business Research Methods IM:CSB International Management: Culture, Strategy &Behaviors IECO International Economics ICIG Intercultural Communication in Global I-RelShip International Relationship G-EntShip Global Entrepreneurship ITfM Information Technology For Management +91-922 36 20200 Page 40 of 81
  • SECTION – IV: EXCLUSIVE DETAILS OF INDIVIDUAL COURSESDOCTORATE LEVEL COURSES: FMS/DMS/PDM/PLMCOURSES>>DOCTORATEAs the global information economy evolves, organizations are becoming increasingly complex,Introduction: Why get a Professional doctorate in Management:and innovative organizational models and practices have become crucial to successfullyaddressing this complexity. Consequently, leadership in this environment requires higher,more sophisticated levels of knowledge and skills. The Doctorate program is designed toserve this need by providing doctoral-level education to professional practitioners in businessand management.In todays global business world, having experience as your only knowledge base just wont cutit. While an MBA or business administration degree can offer extensive training, they arebecoming more and more common. Earning a Doctorate in Management Studies (DMS) canhelp you get ahead of the competition. Customized Doctorate Level Programs Offered At ICMind Advanced / International / Professional / Executive FMS Fellowship In Management Studies SN Code Course Title DMS Doctorate in Management Studies 01 PDM Professional Doctorate in Management 02 PLM Professional Laureate in Management 03 04Doctorate Courses: Features: Mission & Objectives:1. Unlike other doctorate courses, Doctorate provides an opportunity to experience detailed specialized study of selected major subjects of management in depth. Syllabus covers details of each subject as a specialization.2. It aims to develop individuals into distinguished consultants and managers in the field of management. The mission of the program is to provide in-depth knowledge and proficiency to students so that they can become distinguished, pioneering and innovative teachers, trainers, consultants and researchers in the field of management.3. This course aims to provide you with advanced critical, analytical and argumentative skills, to deliver personal fulfillment, professional development and career enhancement, and to encourage reflective practice.4. The Institute seeks to ensure that Doctorate students are among the best equipped to meet the needs of high quality management education in the country.5. With Globalization and influx of MNCs and Corporate the need for top class managerial positions are increasing day by day which require highly qualified professionals.6. Developing new approach methods and techniques for decision processes, that answer to the present and the future needs of the organizations.7. Adapting existing methods and techniques of Management and Industrial Engineering to solve new problems in new organizational environments.8. Making comparative studies of methods or techniques of Management and Industrial Engineering, which allow measuring their impact in the organizations. +91-922 36 20200 Page 41 of 81
  • 9. The course facilitates major personal developmental and enables you to contribute to cutting edge thinking both in your profession and in your own organization.10.The award significantly enhances your career portfolio and opportunity for career advancement.11.Research undertaken on the course often leads to key strategic planning and decision making within participants’ organizations.12.The program aims at providing professional credibility as well as provides a sound basis for dealing with clients’ communication and business issues.13.The Institute seeks to ensure that DMS students are among the best equipped to meet the needs of high quality management education in the country.14.With Globalization and influx of MNCs and Corporate the need for top class managerial positions are increasing day by day which require highly qualified professionals.15.This course aims to provide you with advanced critical, analytical and argumentative skills, to deliver personal fulfillment, professional development and career enhancement, and to encourage reflective practice.16.Developing new approach methods and techniques for decision processes, that answer to the present and the future needs of the organizations.Doctorate seeks candidates of the highest caliber with strong academic background,Candidates Quality:professional experience, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make a majorcommitment to attain scholarly status. To all such aspiring candidates, ICMind offers anexceptional opportunity through Distance Learning and Examination consisting of writtenpapers and project work. Programme introduces students to major functional and generalmanagement areas and develops in them a thorough understanding of the concepts and theoriesunderlying management practices.The Doctorate programme offered by ICMind Education provides learners with a professionalInfinite Coup Mind - The Guide in your way to real wisdom:program, a means of exploring their personal readiness to become leaders in managementprofessions.Professionals gain a mastery over business administration literature and demonstrate theircompetence by applying this knowledge to current business environmentsThe Professional Doctorate in management program offered by ICMind Education is designedfor senior managers and consultants to enhance their personal and professional practice.The course provides a vehicle for senior managers and consultants to refine and extend theirmanagerial expertise and skills and to make a significant contribution to the developmentof both professional practice as well as new knowledge in the field of management.PDM provides learners with a professional program, a means of exploring their personalreadiness to become leaders in management professions.Professionals gain a master of business administration literature and demonstrate theircompetence by applying this knowledge to current business environmentsThe ICMind professional doctorate in Management: +91-922 36 20200 Page 42 of 81
  • DOCTORATE COURSES: (DMS/PDM/PLM)ICMind Courses>>Doctorate Level>>Doctorate PREFIX-ADVANCE/PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE DOCTORATE COURSES P/E : DMS / PDM / PLM-SS A/P/E : DMS / PDM / PLM-SS A/P/E : DMS / PDM / PLM-6S IIM- V01 V02 V03 IIM- V01 V02 V03 V01 V02 V03 V04 FDE D061218 E18Q15W00 FDE D061218 E18Q15W00 D122436-60 E18Q15W00 RI 40,500 44,500 48,500 RI 49,900 53,900 55,900 67,900 78,900 89,900 99,900 NR 1,620 1,780 1,940 NR 1,996 2,156 2,236 2,716 3,156 3,596 3,996 LI 2,025 2,225 2,425 LI 2,495 2,695 2,795 3,395 3,945 4,495 4,995 LM 2,430 2,670 2,910 LM 2,994 3,234 3,354 4,074 4,734 5,394 5,994 UM 2,835 3,115 3,395 UI 3,493 3,773 3,913 4,753 5,523 6,293 6,993 HI 3,240 3,560 3,880 HI 3,992 4,312 4,472 5,432 6,312 7,192 7,992 1 GM HRM E-01 1 GM HRM E-01 E-01 E-01 E-01 E-01 PART 01 OF 01 PART 01 OF 01 Part:1 Basic - Fundamental 2 PBC MM E-02 2 PBC MM E-02 E-02 E-02 E-02 E-02 3 CB FM*O* E-03 3 CB FM*O* E-03 E-03 E-03 E-03 E-03 4 OB IB E-04 4 OB IB E-04 E-04 E-04 E-04 5 HRM PNOM E-05 5 HRM PNOM E-05 N/A N/A E-05 E- E-05 N/A 6 MM BPSM E-06 6 MM BPSM E-06 N/A N/A N/A 06*OCh* 7 FM-*O* CORPL E-07 7 FM-*O* CORPL E-07 8 IB MECO E-08 8 IB MECO E-08 E-04 E-05 E-06 E-07 Part:2 Core Level-1: Subjects 9 ENTSHIP MIS E-09 9 ENTSHIP MIS E-09 E-05 E-06 E-07 E-08 10 BETH RCHMTH E-10 10 BETH RCHMTH E-10 E-06 E-07 E-08 E-09 SPECIALIZATION - 01 OF 01 SPECIALIZATION - 01 OF 01 N/A E-08 E-09 E-10 11 Paper: A*O* 11 Paper: A N/A N/A E-10 E-11 E- 12 Thesis/Project/Reserch/Report 12 Paper: B N/A N/A N/A 12*OCh* 13 Paper: C 14 Paper: D E-07 E-09 E-11 E-13 Part:3 Core Level-2: Subjects 15 Project/Thesis/Reserch E-08 E-10 E-12 E-14 E-09 E-11 E-13 E-15 N/A E-12 E-14 E-16 N/A N/A E-15 E- E-17 N/A N/A N/A 18*Och* E-10 E-13 E-16 E-19 Part:4 Core Level-3: Subjects E-11 E-14 E-17 E-20 E-12 E-15 E-18 E-21 N/A E-16 E-19 E-22 N/A E-20 E-23 N/A N/A E- N/A N/A N/A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Part:5 Specialization 01: Thesis N/A Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C N/A Paper: D Paper: D Paper: D N/A N/A Paper: E Paper: E N/A N/A N/A Paper: F Research Methodology Part:6 Research & Thesis Thesis Project Report with Research +91-922 36 20200 Page 43 of 81
  • INTERNATIONAL DOCTORATE COURSES: (IDMS/IPDM/IPLM)ICMind Courses>>Doctorate Level>>International Doctorate PREFIX: ADVANCE/PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL DOCTORATE I : DMS / PDM / PLM -SS AI : DMS / PDM / PLM -SS AI : DMS / PDM / PLM -6S IIM- V01 V02 IIM- V01 V02 V01 V02 V03 V04 FDE D061218 E18Q15W00 FDE D091827 E18Q15W00 D122436-60 E18Q15W00 RI 46,000 49,000 RI 55,000 59,000 64,000 74,000 84,000 94,000 NR 1,840 1,960 NR 2,200 2,360 2,560 2,960 3,360 3,760 LI 2,300 2,450 LI 2,750 2,950 3,200 3,700 4,200 4,700 LM 2,760 2,940 LM 3,300 3,540 3,840 4,440 5,040 5,640 UM 3,220 3,430 UM 3,850 4,130 4,480 5,180 5,880 6,580 HI 3,680 3,920 HI 4,400 4,720 5,120 5,920 6,720 7,520 1 IM:CSB E-01 1 IM:CSB E-01 E-01 E-01 E-01 E-01 PART 01 OF 01 PART 01 OF 01 Part:1 Basic - Fundamental 2 ICIG E-02 2 ICIG E-02 E-02 E-02 E-02 E-02 3 IBE E-03 3 IBE E-03 E-03 E-03 E-03 E-03 4 IB E-04 4 IB E-04 E-04 E-04 E-04 5 IHRM E-05 5 IHRM E-05 N/A N/A E-05 E- E-05 N/A 6 IMM E-06 6 IMM E-06 N/A N/A N/A 06*OCh* 7 IFM*O-IENT* E-07 7 IFM*O-IENT* E-07 8 IECO E-08 8 IECO E-08 E-04 E-05 E-06 E-07 Part:2 Core Level-1: Subjects 9 ITI E-09 9 ITI E-09 E-05 E-06 E-07 E-08 10 BRM E-10 10 BRM E-10 E-06 E-07 E-08 E-09 SPECIALIZATION - 01 OF 01 SPECIALIZATION - 01 OF 01 N/A E-08 E-09 E-10 11 Paper: A*O* 11 Paper: A N/A N/A E-10 E-11 E- 12 Thesis /Reserch 12 Paper: B N/A N/A N/A 12*OCh* 13 Paper: C 14 Paper: D E-07 E-09 E-11 E-13 Part:3 Core Level-2: Subjects 15 Thesis /Reserch E-08 E-10 E-12 E-14 E-09 E-11 E-13 E-15 N/A E-12 E-14 E-16 N/A N/A E-15 E- E-17 N/A N/A N/A 18*OCh* E-10 E-13 E-16 E-19 Part:4 Core Level-3: Subjects E-11 E-14 E-17 E-20 E-12 E-15 E-18 E-21 N/A E-16 E-19 E-22 N/A E-20 E-23 N/A N/A E-24 N/A N/A N/A N/A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Part:5 Specialization 01: Thesis Related Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C N/A Paper: D Paper: D Paper: D N/A N/A Paper: E Paper: E N/A N/A N/A Paper: F Research Methodology Part:6 Research & Thesis Thesis Project Report with Research +91-922 36 20200 Page 44 of 81
  • MASTER’S PROGRAMME IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: (MBA - 4SEM) / MMS / MBMICMind Courses>>Master’ & PG Courses>>MBA4Sem PREFIX OPTIONS: ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE MSTERS PROGRAMME - 4 SEMESTERS Masters Program In Business Administration {MBA4S} Advance MBA4S D122436 E15Q13W00 D122436 E15Q13W00 IIM- V01 V02 V03 V04 V05 IIM- V01 V02 V03 V04 RI 36,000 40,000 45,000 51,000 57,000 RI 42,000 45,000 52,000 58,000 NR 1,440 1,600 1,800 2,040 2,280 NR 1,680 1,800 2,080 2,320 LI 1,800 2,000 2,250 2,550 2,850 LI 2,100 2,250 2,600 2,900 LM 2,160 2,400 2,700 3,060 3,420 LM 2,520 2,700 3,120 3,480 UM 2,520 2,800 3,150 3,570 3,990 UM 2,940 3,150 3,640 4,060 HI 2,880 3,200 3,600 4,080 4,560 HI 3,360 3,600 4,160 4,640 1 GM GM GM GM E-01 1 GM HRM HRM E-01 SEMISTER -01 OF 04 SEMISTER -01 OF 04 2 BC BC BC BC E-02 2 BC MM MM E-02 3 CB CB CB CB E-03 3 CB FM*OE1* FM*OE1* E-03 4 N/A OB OB OB E-04 4 OB IB IB E-04 5 N/A N/A BETH BETH E-5*O* 5 N/A PNOM PNOM E-5*O* 6 N/A N/A N/A LSHIP E-6*O* 6 N/A N/A ITFM E-6*O* 7 OB HRM HRM HRM E-07 7 HRM SMBP SMBP E-07 SEMISTER -02 OF 04 SEMISTER -02 OF 04 8 HRM MM MM MM E-08 8 MM MECO MECO E-08 9 MM FM*OE1* FM*OE1* FM*OE1* E-09 9 FM*OE1* BLAW BLAW E-09 10 N/A IB IB IB E-10 10 IB ENTSHIP ENTSHIP E-10 11 N/A N/A PNOM PNOM E-11*O* 11 N/A MIS MIS E-11*O* QTECH*OE1 12 N/A N/A N/A ITFM E-12*O* 12 N/A N/A E-12*O* * 13 SMBP SMBP SMBP SMBP E-13 SEMISTER -03 OF 04 SEMISTER -03 OF 04 14 MECO MECO MECO MECO E-14 13 Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Specialization: 01 15 ENTSHIP ENTSHIP ENTSHIP ENTSHIP E-15 14 Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B 16 N/A BLAW BLAW BLAW E-16 15 N/A Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C 17 N/A N/A MIS MIS E-17*O* 16 N/A N/A Paper: D Paper: D QTECH*OE 18 N/A N/A N/A E-18*O* 17 1* Project Study Report*O*Spz-1 SEMISTER -04 OF 04 SEMISTER -04 OF 04 19 Elective Paper: A 18 Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Paper: A Specialization: 01 Specialization: 02 20 Project Study Report*O*Spz-01 19 Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B Paper: B N/A Paper: C Paper: C Paper: C 21 Elective Paper: A 21 N/A N/A Paper: D Paper: D Specialization: 02 20 22 Project Study Report*O*Spz-02 22 Project Study Report*O*Spz-02 +91-922 36 20200 Page 45 of 81
  • INTERNATIONAL MBA (IIM-IMBA-2S/3S/4S-V) / MMS / MBMICMind Courses>>Master’ & PG Courses>>I-MBA PREFIX OPTIONS: ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL MBA: 2/3/4 SEMESTERS I-MBA-2S A-IMBA-2S AI-MBA-3S A-IMBA4S D061218 E15Q13W00 D061218 E15Q13W00 D091827 E15Q13W00 D122436 E15Q13W00 IIM- V01 V02 IIM- V01 V02 IIM- V01 V01 IIM- V01 V02 RI 31,000 32,000 RI 35,000 36,500 RI 40,000 42,700 RI 48,900 52,800 NR 1,240 1,280 NR 1,400 1,460 NR 1,600 1,708 NR 1,956 2,112 LI 1,550 1,600 LI 1,750 1,825 LI 2,000 2,135 LI 2,445 2,640 LM 1,860 1,920 LM 2,100 2,190 LM 2,400 2,562 LM 2,934 3,168 UM 2,170 2,240 UM 2,450 2,555 UM 2,800 2,989 UM 3,423 3,696 HI 2,480 2,560 HI 2,800 2,920 HI 3,200 3,416 HI 3,912 4,224 1 IB E-01 1 IB E-01 1 IB E-01 1 IB E-01 SEMISTER -01 OF 02 SEMISTER -01 OF 02 SEMISTER -01 OF 03 SEMISTER -01 OF 04 2 ICIG E-02 2 ICIG E-02 2 ICIG E-02 2 ICIG E-02 3 IM:CSB E-03 3 IM:CSB E-03 3 IM:CSB E-03 3 IM:CSB E-03 4 IECO E-04 4 IECO E-04 4 IBE E-04 4 IBE E-04 5 IHRM E-05 5 IHRM-01 E-05 6 IMM E-06 5 IHRM E-05 5 IHRM E-05 SEMISTER -02 OF 02 SEMISTER -02 OF 03 SEMISTER -02 OF 04 6 IMM-01 E-06 7 IFM*OE1* E-07 6 IMM E-06 6 IMM E-06 7 IFM*OE1* E-07 7 IFM*OE1* E-07 7 IFM*OE1* E-07 SPECIALIZATION-01 OF 01 SPECIALIZATION-01 OF 01 8 IECO E-08 8 IECO E-08 SEMISTER -02 OF 02 8 Paper: A 8 Paper: A 9 Project*O*Spz-1 Paper: B SPECIALIZATION-01 OF 01 9 G-ENTSHIP E-09 SEMISTER -03 OF 03 SEMISTER -03 OF 04 Paper: C 9 Paper: A 10 ITI E-10 9 11 Project *O*Spz-1 10 Paper: B 11 IRELSHIP E-11 10 11 Paper: C 12 BRM BRM 12 Paper: D 13 Project*O*Spz-1 SEMISTER -04 OF 04 N/A 12 Paper: A Specialization: O1 Paper: B N/A 14 Paper: C 13 N/A Paper: D*O* 16 Paper: E*OCh* 15 Paper: F*OCh* 18 Project Report*O* 17 +91-922 36 20200 Page 46 of 81
  • EXECUTIVE MBA: (IIM-EMBA2S-V) & INTERNATIONAL-EMBA: (IIM-I-EMBA2S-V)ICMind Courses>>Master’ & PG Courses>>IEMBA2S/EMBA2S PREFIX OPTIONS: ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL /PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE MASTERS PROGRAMMES - 2 SEMESTERS IIM- EMBA - 2S Advance EMBA - 2S Internatonal EMBA - Advance International DE D061218 - E16Q15W01 D061218 - E16Q15W01 D061218 - D091827 - E16Q15W01 FEES V01 V02 V03 V01 V02 V03 V01 V02 V01 V03 1,200 1,240 1,280 1,320 1,360 1,400 1,320 1,360 1,480 1,560 RI 30,000 31,000 32,000 33,000 34,000 35,000 33,000 34,000 37,000 39,000 1,500 1,550 1,600 1,650 1,700 1,750 1,650 1,700 1,850 1,950 NR 1,800 1,860 1,920 1,980 2,040 2,100 1,980 2,040 2,220 2,340 LI 2,100 2,170 2,240 2,310 2,380 2,450 2,310 2,380 2,590 2,730 LM 2,400 2,480 2,560 2,640 2,720 2,800 2,640 2,720 2,960 3,120 UM HI 1 GM HRM E-01 GM HRM E-01 IB E-01 IBE E-01 SEMESTER: 01 OF 02 SEMESTER: 01 OF 02 SEMESTER: 01 OF 02 SEMESTER: 01 OF 02 2 BC MM E-02 BC MM E-02 ICIG E-02 ICIG E-02 3 CB FM*OE1* E-03 CB FM-01*OE1* E-03 IM:CSB E-03 IM:CSB E-03 4 OB IB E-04 OB IB E-04 IBE E-04 IECO E-04 HRM SMBP E-05 IHRM E-05 5 HRM SMBP E-05 MM MECO E-06 IHRM E-05 IMM E-06 SEMESTERS: 02 OF 02 SEMESTERS: 02 OF 02 6 MM MECO E-06 IB ITFM E-07 IMM E-06 IFM*OE1* E-07 7 IB ITFM E-07 FM*OE1* BETH E-08 IFM*OE1* E-07 G-ENTSHIP E-08 8 FM*OE1* BETH E-08 IECO E-08 BRM SEMESTER: 02 OF 02 SEMESTERS: 02 OF 02 9 (Elective Paper: A) Paper: A (Elective Paper: A) Specialization: 01 Specialization: 01 Specialization: 01 10 Paper: B Paper: A Specialization: 01 11 Paper: C Paper: B Project Study Report*O* Project Report*O* 12 Paper: D*OCh* Paper: C 13 Paper: E*OCh* Paper: D*O* N/A N/A 14 Paper: F*OCh* Paper: E*OCh* 15 Paper: F*OCh* 16 N/A Project Study Report*O* Project Report*O*SUB-CODE EMBA SUB-CODE IEMBAGM General management IB International BusinessBC Business Communication IBE International Business EnvironmentsCB Consumer Behavior ICIG Intercultural Communication in Global International Management: Culture,OB Organization Behavior IM:CSB Strategy and BehaviorsHRM Human Resource Management IECO International Economics International Human ResourceMM Marketing Management IHRM ManagementIB International Business IMM International Marketing ManagementFM Finance Management IFM International Financial Management Strategic Management & BusinessSMBP G-ENTSHIP Global & Entrepreneurial Management PolicyMECO Managerial Economics *O* OptionalITFM IT For Management E ElectiveBETH Business Ethics *OE1* Optional or Elective +91-922 36 20200 Page 47 of 81
  • MASTER’S – SINGLE SEMESTER: IIM-I-MBA1S-V & MBA1S-VICMind Courses>>Master’ & PG Courses>>Master’s-1S (DUAL/PROFESSIONAL/EXECUTIVE/INTERNATIONAL)The Master’s Programme in Business Administration-Single Semester is specifically designed forapplicant who had already successfully completed Master’s or PG program in Management.Applicant other then master’s holders may also apply for the course subject to eligibility criteria.It is advisable to opt for MBA 4 SEM, I-MBA, EMBA, I-EMBA courses compared to single semprogrammes.This programme serves as Dual masters for students already completed masters. MASTERS PROGRAMMES - SINGLE SEMESTER NON-X D051015-E17Q17W00 D051015-E17Q17W00 D051015 - E17Q17W00 MBA-SS A-MBA-SS I-MBA-SS AIMBA-SS EXECUTIVE D040812-E18Q17W01 D040812-E18Q17W01 D040812 - E18Q17W01 FEES V01 V02 V03 V01 V02 V03 V04 V01 V02 FEES V03 V04 800 860 900 960 860 900 1,150 860 900 1,150 1,150 RI 20,000 21,000 22,000 24,000 25,000 26,000 27,000 21,500 22,500 RI 26,500 27,500 1,020 1,070 1,130 1,020 1,070 1,130 1,440 1,070 1,130 1,440 1,440 NR NR 1,220 1,290 1,350 1,220 1,290 1,350 1,720 1,290 1,350 1,720 1,720 LI LI 1,420 1,500 1,580 1,420 1,500 1,580 2,010 1,500 1,580 2,010 2,010 LM LM 1,600 1,710 1,800 1,920 1,710 1,800 2,300 1,710 1,800 2,300 2,300 UM UM HI HI 1 GM HRM E-01 GM HRM E-01 IB E-01 1 E-01 SEMESTER: 01 OF 01 SEMESTER: 01 OF 01 SEMESTER: 01 OF SEMESTER: 01 OF 01 2 BC MM E-02 BC MM E-02 A IHRM E-02 2 E-02 A Spz: 01 Spz: 01 3 CB IB E-03 CB IB E-03 B IMM E-03 3 E-03 B 4 OB FM*OE1* E-04 OB FM*OE1* E-04 C IFM*OE1* E-04 4 E-04 C D D 5 Elective Paper: A Paper: A E Elective Paper: A 5 Paper: A E Specialization: 01 Specialization: 01 Specialization: 01 SPZ: 01 6 Paper: B F*O* 6 Paper: B F*O* 7 Paper: C G*O* 7 Paper: C G*O* N/A Project Study Report*O* Project*O* 8 8 Project Report*O* N/A Project Study Report*O* +91-922 36 20200 Page 48 of 81
  • ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE GRADUATION COURSES (BBM/BBA/BMS/BS*SPZ*)COURSES>>Graduation Courses>>Three years Graduation Programme in Management aims in preparing a thorough breed ofexecutives with in-depth knowledge and Industry Exposure and Strategic ManagementOrientation. The candidates will be ready to take up responsibilities in any business (domesticand/or global) to ensure growth and success in the business they are assigned to. This coursehas been designed for those undergraduates who strive for success in their life. This course isdesigned in 3 different parts as the student who is an undergraduate can make him-self aware ofthe management function and practices. This is similar to the normal graduation process, but itcan also be done on fast track basis. To critically appraise a range of relevant theoretical business management concepts. To critically appreciate the significance of recent theoretical developments in business and their strategic implications. Theoretical & Practical knowledge on business and inter-disciplinary areas of management. Learn and apply the essentials of critical business processes like Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, IT, Product Design, Business Ethics, HR and Operations in this context. Programme Options: Advance / International / Professional / Executive Programme Code & Title (BBM/BBA/BMS/BS*SPZ*) BBM Bachelor In Business Management P-Code Programme Title BBA Bachelor In Business Administration BMS Bachelor In Management Studies BS*SPZ* Bachelor In *Specialization* I-BBM International Bachelor In Business Management P-Code Programme Title I-BBA International Bachelor In Business Administration I-BMS International Bachelor In Management Studies I-BS*SPZ* International Bachelor In *Specialization* +91-922 36 20200 Page 49 of 81
  • PREFIX: ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE BBM / BBA / BMS / GDMCOURSES>>Graduation Courses>>BBM GRADUATION PROGRAMMES BBM/BBA/BMS/GDM P/E/PE A AE IIM- V01 V02 V01 V02 V01 V02 V01 V02 E D D0122436 D0091827 D0122436 D0091827 E12Q12W00 E12Q10W02 E12Q12W00 E12Q10W02 IR 27000 28000 27500 28500 29500 35500 30000 36000 NR 1080 1120 1100 1140 1180 1420 1200 1440 LI 1350 1400 1375 1425 1475 1775 1500 1800 LM 1620 1680 1650 1710 1770 2130 1800 2160 UM 1890 1960 1925 1995 2065 2485 2100 2520 HI 2160 2240 2200 2280 2360 2840 2400 2880 1 GM E-01 GM E-01 GM E-01 GM E-01 PART: 01 PART-01 PART-01 PART-01 2 BC E-02 BC E-02 BC E-02 BC E-02 3 CB E-03 CB E-03 CB E-03 CB E-03 4 OC E-04 OC E-04 OC E-04 OB E-04 5 N/A E-05*OCh* N/A E-05*OCh* BETH E-05 IB E-05 6 N/A E-06*Och* N/A E-06*Och* N/A E-06 N/A E-06 7 HRM E-07 HRM E-07 HRM E-07 HRM E-07 PART:02 PART-02 PART-02 PART-02 8 MM E-08 MM E-08 MM E-08 MM E-08 9 FM*OE1* E-09 FM*OE1* E-09 FM*OE1* E-09 MNGECO E-09 10 IB E-10 IB E-10 IB E-10 BPSM E-10 11 N/A E-11*OCh* N/A E-11*OCh* ENTSHIP E-11 Elective-05 E-11 12 N/A E-12*Och* N/A E-12*Och* N/A E-12 N/A E-12 13 PNOM E-013 PNOM E-013 A A A A PART: 03 PART-03 PART-03 SPZ: 01 PART-03 SPZ: 01 14 BETH E-014 BETH E-014 B B B B 15 ENTSHIP E-015 ENTSHIP E-015 C C C C 16 SPZ-01 E-16*OCh* SPZ-01 E-16*OCh* N/A D N/A D 17 N/A E-17*Och* N/A E-17*Och* N/A E*Och* N/A E*Och* 18 N/A SPZ-01 N/A SPZ-01 N/A F*Och* N/A F*Och* 19 Project*O* Project*O* Project*O* Project*O* +91-922 36 20200 Page 50 of 81
  • PREFIX: ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE INTERNATIONAL: I-BBM / I-BBA / I-BMS / I-GDMCOURSES>>Graduation Courses>>I-BBM INTERNATIONAL I-BBM/BBA/BMS/GDM IE AI AIE IIM- V01 V02 V01 V02 V01 V02 V01 V02 E D D0122436 D0091827 D0122436 D0091827 E12Q12W00 E12Q10W02 E12Q12W00 E12Q10W02 IR 28000 29000 28500 29500 31500 36500 32000 37000 NR 1120 1160 1140 1180 1260 1460 1280 1480 LI 1400 1450 1425 1475 1575 1825 1600 1850 LM 1680 1740 1710 1770 1890 2190 1920 2220 UM 1960 2030 1995 2065 2205 2555 2240 2590 HI 2240 2320 2280 2360 2520 2920 2560 2960 1 IB E-01 IB E-01 IB E-01 IB E-01 PART-01 PART-01 PART-01 PART-01 2 IM:CSB E-02 IM:CSB E-02 IM:CSB E-02 IM:CSB E-02 3 ICIG E-03 ICIG E-03 ICIG E-03 ICIG E-03 4 IRelShip E-04 IRelShip E-04 IRelShip E-04 IRelShip E-04 5 N/A E-05*OCh* N/A E-05*OCh* IBE E-05 IBE E-05 6 N/A E-06*Och* N/A E-06*Och* N/A E-06 N/A E-06 7 IBE E-07 IBE E-07 IHRM E-07 IHRM E-07 PART-02 PART-02 PART-02 PART-02 8 IHRM E-08 IHRM E-08 IMM E-08 IMM E-08 9 IMM E-09 IMM E-09 IFM*OE1* E-09 IFM*OE1* E-09 10 IFM*OE1* E-10 IFM*OE1* E-10 IECO E-10 IECO E-10 11 N/A E-11*OCh* N/A E-11*OCh* GEntShip E-11 GEntShip E-11 12 N/A E-12*Och* N/A E-12*Och* N/A E-12 N/A E-12 13 IECO-01 E-013 IECO-01 E-013 A A A A PART-03 PART-03 PART-03 SPZ: 01 PART-03 SPZ: 01 14 GEntShip E-014 GEntShip E-014 B B B B 15 ITInvt E-015 ITInvt E-015 C C C C 16 SPZ-01 E-16*OCh* SPZ-01 E-16*OCh* N/A D N/A D 17 N/A E-17*Och* N/A E-17*Och* N/A E*Och* N/A E*Och* 18 N/A SPZ-01 N/A SPZ-01 N/A F*Och* N/A F*Och* 19 Project*O* Project*O* Project*O* Project*O* +91-922 36 20200 Page 51 of 81
  • ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL / EXECUTIVE PROFESSIONAL COURSESCOURSES>>Professional Courses>>This programme has been designed with a view to provide specialized knowledge in one singlefocused area of specialization through study of all subjects related to one group of specializationonly. This may be comparable to study of only specialization part of Master’s program.The Professional Courses in Management sets out clear guidelines for effective management byhelping participants develop their own management style, manage information andcommunication, plan and manage resources and recruitment. The principles of Businessmanagement, Finance, Supervisory Management, Business Development, Project Managementand other key management skill areas are explored.The professional course in management identifies the roles and responsibilities of managementand provides a comprehensive framework for future development, Superior technical skills tohelp you advance your career faster. This program helps in bringing analytic expertise to fieldsas diverse as strategic planning, market analysis, compliance, change management and the useof information technology.Features: Single Semester / Single Seating Avoiding Maximum Possible General Subjects Minimum 05 to Maximum 09 subjects Almost all subjects related to one group of specialization onlyWhy should one take this course? To acquire spacious knowledge in one specialized field or subjects To boost career in the respective specialized area.Who will benefit from this course? Anyone who does not wish/require to invest resources (time, efforts, finance) in study of all subjects of Master’s but just wish/require to focus on subject of specialization of interest. Students, Working Professionals, Business Personnel, Professors, Teachers Anyone who is interested to acquire knowledge in any specific specialization.Eligibility Pre-requisites & Course Duration P-CODE PROGRAMME TITLE P*SPZ* Professional In… EP*SPZ* Executive Professional In… AP*SPZ* Advance Professional In… AEP*SPZ* Advance Executive Professional In… INTERNATIONAL IP*SPZ* International Professional In… IEP*SPZ* International Executive Professional In… IP*SPZ* Advance International Professional In… IEP*SPZ* Advance International Executive Professional In… +91-922 36 20200 Page 52 of 81
  • Course Structure Outline: Professional In Specialization* PROFESSIONAL IN *SPZ* IIM- P EP AP APE IP IEP AIP AIPE D D09182736 D06121836 D09182736 D06121836 D09182736 D06121836 D09182736 D06121836 V V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 E E15Q13W00 E16Q13W01 E15Q13W00 E16Q13W01 E15Q13W00 E16Q13W01 E15Q13W00 E16Q13W01 860 940 1,020 1,100 880 960 1,040 1,120 IR 21,500 23,500 25,500 27,500 22,000 24,000 26,000 28,000 1,075 1,175 1,275 1,375 1,100 1,200 1,300 1,400 NR 1,290 1,410 1,530 1,650 1,320 1,440 1,560 1,680 LI 1,505 1,645 1,785 1,925 1,540 1,680 1,820 1,960 LM 1,720 1,880 2,040 2,200 1,760 1,920 2,080 2,240 UM HI A A A A A A A A PART-01: SPECIALIZATION-01 : (PAPER: A To I) B B B B B B B B 1 C C C C C C C C 2 D D D D D D D D 3 E*O* E E E E*O* E E E 4 F*OCh* F*O* F F F*OCh* F*O* F F 5 N/A G*OCh* G*O* G N/A G*OCh* G*O* G 6 N/A N/A H*OCh* H*O* N/A N/A H*OCh* H*O* 7 N/A N/A N/A I*OCh* N/A N/A N/A I*OCh* 8 9 10 Project Report *O* Project Report *O*Professional in Banking and Insurance Professional in Project ManagementCOURSES>>Professional Courses>> Professional In SpzProfessional in Financial Management Professional in Marketing ManagementProfessional in Tax consultancy Professional in Human Resources ManagementSo on & so forth... refer to Exclusive list of specialization subjects. +91-922 36 20200 Page 53 of 81
  • Professional In Project ManagementPrivate companies and government organizations involved in running large projects, ormany smaller projects at the same time already recognize the benefits of formal projectmanagement but as the amount of experience and knowledge gleaned from such tasks hasincreased so project management have become more complex & as it has become more complexso the tools and methodologies have had to evolve to keep pace.Professional in Project Management helps software development, manufacturing,engineering, and construction projects to plan, schedule and control all of the tasks andactivities required. More and more they are also being used by services and solutionscompanies in order to add discipline and control to their projects.Consequently, managing projects is now a fundamental part of many businesses and the roleof project manager is now a professionally recognized one, which involves not only planning,scheduling and controlling activities but also expertise in the management of risk, change andquality. The skills required to successfully complete projects are very much in demand in thecompetitive business environment and include not only a technical ability to efficiently managetasks but also people management skills and good business awareness. Professional inProject Management qualification can be a real advantage for the students to upgrade the skillsThis educational program is designed for Professionals working in banks, Investment Houses,Professional In Banking & InsuranceInvestment Banks, Cooperative Insurance, Private Equity Professionals, Professionals incommercial banks and insurance companies, and those seeking a fundamental understanding ofnature and forms of Banking and Insurance.At the end of the program, participants will: Acquire knowledge about the development of banking and insurance. Understand the role of capital markets and financial regulations. Summary of rules for deposits and investment accounts in banking Understand the importance of using treasury and trade products and services. Increase awareness of subscriptions Takaful and Re-Takaful.Professional In Financial ManagementProfessional Financial management is very important or significant because it is related to fundsof company. Professional Financial management guides to finance manager to make optimumposition of funds. With study of financial management, we can protect our business fromprecarious mismanagement of money. In Professional financial management, we deeply studyour balance sheet and all sensitive facts should be watched which can endanger our businessinto loss.You may try search on Google "who are getting high salary in the world" and it is quite startlingfor all of us that financial managers whose duty is to use the funds of company effectively, aregetting more salary .This fact obviously reveals the significance of Professional financialmanagement. All above things may be possible only after study Professional financialmanagement. +91-922 36 20200 Page 54 of 81
  • Professional In Human Resource ManagementThe importance and complexity of managing human resources has grown over the years, as havethe opportunities for employment in this exciting area of management. Recognizing thesechanges, Professional Human Resource Management has designed to assist individuals andorganizations in improving the value they contribute to their business success from aProfessional Human Resource Management (PHRM) perspective, Designed for the entry-levelperson who works in this field. The Professional Human Resource Management Certificateprogram provides the knowledge you need to develop effective practices for an ever-changing,complex workplace.Professional In Marketing ManagementMarketing management is an essential part of any business. This division in the company is alsoin charge of handling the company’s marketing events and activities to effectively advertise theproducts and services of the company. Without this, products won’t be introduced in the market.In fact, products won’t survive a week in stores if proper marketing and promotion is notobserved.That is why it is crucial for marketers and managers to go through extensive trainings inmarketing to be familiar with latest trends and best practices. In this way, the marketing teamcan effectively execute plans and objectives that will surely improve the company’s products andservices.Professional In Tax Consulting ManagementJust what does it take to be a tax professional? Certainly, knowledge of tax rules and principlessufficient to meet compliance demands are essential. At a more advanced level, theunderstanding of the tax law and experience necessary to engage in effective tax planning arealso required. Such expertise--to a greater or lesser degree--is indisputably essential in the taxfield. The foregoing exhortation suggests that, although professional training and experience arenecessary to achieving competency in a chosen profession, they alone are insufficient.Most tax professionals would agree. Traits of a more general nature--many products of a liberaleducation--may also be considered significant. Good judgment, creativity, and the ability to workwith people (variously called interpersonal or interactive skills), along with numerous otherqualifications, would be on most tax professionals lists of desirable traits. How are such traits tobe acquired? Where are they to be found? If the days of formal schooling be many years in thepast, is it too late to acquire and nurture them? +91-922 36 20200 Page 55 of 81
  • PREFIX OPTIONS: ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE CHARTERED COURSES (CFM/CCA)COURSES>>Chartered Courses>>This course is designed to give appropriate knowledge to a student to become a financeCHARTERED FINANCE MANAGER: CFMmanager. This will provide an edge to the students’ career in finance. This will provide thestudent good knowledge about all the terms and loop holes in a finance scheme.The constantly developing industrial scenario has created a demand for experts in the field offinance. The ever-changing scenario also means new ways and means for managing financialportfolios. This has created a niche that can be filled by a person specially trained to handlefinancial matters with all its ramifications. In order to fulfill this need, a programme called theChartered Financial Manager has been brought into being by the ICMind. The qualification of aCFM is not merely an additional qualification; it is a specialization that gives a person a distinctadvantage over others in the field.Course Objectives: To improve the ability to develop a framework for financial analysis and to rationally evaluate alternatives for purposes of decision-making. To deepen insights into practical applications of financial analysis in a dynamic investment environment. To encourage aspiring financial analysts equip themselves with the latest tools and techniques. To develop contemporary body of knowledge and skill-set and make them available for those seeking rewarding careers in the investment industry era of globalization.CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT: (CCA)At a time when organizations are increasingly focused on the bottom line, professionals withaccounting qualifications are very much in demand. Not only in accounting firms, but at all levelsof business and government, Chartered Accountants are valued for their commercial acumenand analytical thinking in diverse fields.This course is designed for the professionals who want to get certified for their charteredaccountants practice. This certificate will enhance their career progression pace as anaccountant. Non CA can also opt for this. This certificate will enhance their career progressionpace as an accountant. This course and certification aspects may be similar but not same as ICAI.Course Objectives: Superior technical skills to help you advance your career faster. This program helps in bringing analytic expertise to fields as diverse as strategic planning, market analysis, compliance, change management and the use of information technology. +91-922 36 20200 Page 56 of 81
  • CHARTERED FINANCE MANAGER: CFM & CCA CODE SUBJECT TITLE: CCA FA Financial Accounting IIM- CFM CCA CA Cost Accounting D D06121836 D06121836 MA&FA Management Accounting and Financial Analysis E E16Q15W00 E16Q15W00 ITLAWP Income Tax : Law and Practice FEES V01 V02 V03 V01 V02 920 1,000 1,160 800 920 ADT Auditing RI 23000 25,000 29,000 20,000 23,000 1,150 1,250 1,450 1,000 1,150 CODE SUBJECT TITLE: CFM-V01 NR 1,380 1,500 1,740 1,200 1,380 C&MA/c Cost and Management Accountancy LI 1,610 1,750 2,030 1,400 1,610 FA/C Financial Accountancy LM 1,840 2,000 2,320 1,600 1,840 CLAW Corporate Law UM IFM International Finance Management HI 1 C&MA/c IFSYS E-01 FA E-01 To&Mgr Takeover and Merger SEMESTER: 01 OF 01 SEM-01 0f 01 2 FA/C FM E-02 CA E-02 Cfin Corporate Finance 3 CLAW CorpFin E-03 MA&FA E-03 FinInste Financial Institute 4 IFM MgrNAq E-04 IT-LAWP E-04 Invt Investments 5 To&Mgr IANPM E-05 ADT E-05 CODE SUBJECT TITLE: CFM-V02 6 Cfin FMktNInst E-06 N/A E-06*O* IFSYS Indian Financial System 7 FinInste FinRskM E-07 N/A E-07*OCh* FM Financial Management-Cases 8 Invt QtyFinRpt E-08 N/A E-08*OCh* CorpFin Cases in Corporate Finance-Cases 9 N/A IFinM*OCh* E-09 N/A E-09*OCh* MgrNAq Mergers & Acquisition: Text & Cases IANPM Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management FMktNInst Financial Markets and Institutions Project Report*O* Project Study *O* FinRskM Financial Risk Management QtyFinRpt Quality Financial Reporting IFinM*OCh* International Financial Management-Text & Cases +91-922 36 20200 Page 57 of 81
  • ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL / EXECUTIVE / GRADUATE / DIPLOMA COURSES & CERTIFICATION COURSESCOURSES>>Diploma Courses>>Diploma courses & Certification courses are specifically designed for under graduates &graduates interested to acquire additional qualification certification, knowledge, skills and alsoto get eligibility for further studies at ICMind. Courses are further classified as: Basic/Fundamental Focused on Subjects with Specialization & Specialization or Advance Advance Specialization Specialization SubjectsThis programme has been designed with a view to provide fundamental knowledge in fewBasic/Fundamental Subjects with Specialization or Advance Specializationsubjects with or without one single Specialization.This programme has been designed with a view to provide knowledge in focused on fewFocused on Specialization & Advance Specialization Subjectssubjects relevant to one single Specialization. This may be comparable to study of onlyspecialization part of Master’s program or professional programme in specialization.The courses classifications may be further explained with image given below: Diploma In Diploma In Business Specialization Management (D*SPZ*) (DBM) Certification Certification In Business In Management Specialization (CBM) (C*SPZ*) +91-922 36 20200 Page 58 of 81
  • THE PROGRAMMES TITLE WITH PREFIXPREFIX / PG / G / ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE / INTERNATIONAL / DUALGraduate Diploma In Business Management Graduate Diploma in *Spz*Advance Diploma In Business Management Advance Diploma In *Spz*Professional Diploma In Business Management Professional Diploma *Spz*Executive Diploma In Business Management Executive Diploma *Spz*Diploma In Business Management Diploma In *Spz*Graduate Certification In Business Management Graduate Certification in *Spz*Advance Certification In Business Management Advance Certification In *Spz*Professional Certification In Business Management Professional Certification *Spz*Executive Certification In Business Management Executive Certification *Spz* Certification In Business Management Certification In *Spz* Select one subject as specialization from any one group of specialization. Refer to List of Specialization. INTERNATIONAL / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE GRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSESCOURSES>>Diploma Courses>>Graduate DiplomaThe course is same as specified under the section of Graduation courses – BBM/BBA/BMS.For under graduates:Please refer to graduation course section for details.Any Diploma courses may be may be awarded with “Graduate” as the prefix to the programmeFor Graduates:only for applicants who have submitted graduation certifications proof under management orother specific category. The additions fees are also be applicable. +91-922 36 20200 Page 59 of 81
  • PREFIX POTIONS: ADVANCE / INTERNATIONAL / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE / GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - (DBM)This programme has been designed with a view to provide knowledge of basic fundamentalsubjects of management and one specialization subject. This may be comparable to study of onlyspecialization part of Master’s program.Features: Single Semester / Single Seating Total 06 subjects (including 1-Optional, 1-Specialization & 1-Project) Four (4) basic fundamental general subjects One (1) subject related Specialization One (1) project reportWhy should one take this course? To acquire knowledge of basic / fundamental subjects of management and one specialization subject of interest.Who will benefit from this course? Anyone who wish/require to study of all subjects of Master’s but just wish/require to focus on subject of specialization of interest. Students, Working Professionals, Business Personnel, Professors, Teachers Anyone who is interested to acquire knowledge in any specific specialization. DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (DBM) IIM- DBM E-DBM A-DBM AE-DBM I-DBM IE-DBM AI-DBM AIE-DBM D040812 D030609 D061218 D051015 D040812 D030609 D061218 D051015 V V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 V01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 D E 380 400 480 500 400 420 500 520 IR 9500 10000 12000 12500 10000 10500 12500 13000 475 500 600 625 500 525 625 650 NR 570 600 720 750 600 630 750 780 LI 665 700 840 875 700 735 875 910 LM 760 800 960 1000 800 840 1000 1040 UM HI P GM HRM HRM I-EssMgt I-EssMgt I-HRM I-HRM PART-01 BC BC MM MM IRelShip IRelShip I-MM I-MM 1 CB CB IB IB IB IB IB IB 2 SPZ-01 SPZ-02 SPZ-01 SPZ-02 SPZ-01 SPZ-02 SPZ-01 SPZ-02 3 A A A A N/A N/A 4 B B B B 5 6 Project Study Report*O* Refer to List of Specialization. +91-922 36 20200 Page 60 of 81
  • PREFIX / PG / G / ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE / INTERNATIONAL / DUAL DIPLOMA IN *SPECIALIZATION*COURSES>>Diploma Courses>>Din*Spz* DIPLOMA IN *SPZ* COURSES D040812 D030609 D061218 D051015 D040812 D030609 D061218 D051015 IIM- D-IN-V01 ED-IN-V01 AD-IN-V01 AED-IN-V01 ID-IN-V01 IED-IN-V01 AID-IN-V01 AIED-IN-V01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E12Q10W01 D E 360 400 540 540 380 420 580 580 IR 9000 10000 13500 13500 9500 10500 14500 14500 450 500 675 675 475 525 725 725 NR 540 600 810 810 570 630 870 870 LI 630 700 945 945 665 735 1015 1015 LM 720 800 1080 1080 760 840 1160 1160 UM HI PART-01 GM-01 GM-01 A A IB-01 IB-01 A A Subjcts SPZ-01 Subjcts SPZ-01 BC-01 CB-01 B B IBC-01 ICB-01 B B 1 Spz-01 OB-01 C C Spz-01 IOB-01 C C 2 N/A Spz-1 D D N/A N/A D D 3 4 Project Study Report*O* Select one subject as specialization from any one group of specialization. Refer to List of Specialization. INTERNATIONAL / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE / GRADUATE / ADVANCE DIPLOMA COURSESCOURSES>>Diploma Courses>>Advance DiplomaThis programme has been designed with a view to provide specialized knowledge in one singlefocused area of specialization through study of all subjects related to one group of specializationonly. This may be comparable to study of only specialization part of Master’s programme. Thebasic difference between professional in specialization and advance diploma is number ofsubject covered are reduced to maximum 04 subjects.Features: Single Semester / Single Seating Almost Zero General Subjects Maximum 3-4 subjects Almost all subjects related to one group of specialization onlyWhy should one take this course? To acquire spacious knowledge in one specialized field or subjects To boost career in the respective specialized area Get an eligibility for further studies at ICMindWho will benefit from this course? Anyone who does not wish/require to invest resources (time, efforts, finance) in study of all subjects of Master’s but just wish/require to focus on subject of specialization of interest. Students, Working Professionals, Business Personnel, Professors, Teachers Anyone who is interested to acquire knowledge in any specific specialization. +91-922 36 20200 Page 61 of 81
  • PREFIX / PG / G / ADVANCE / PROFESSIONAL / EXECUTIVE / INTERNATIONAL / DUAL CERTIFICATION IN *SPECIALIZATION*COURSES>>Diploma Courses>>Din*Spz*The certification programmes are focused on only subject of specialization. And study is limitedto maximum one to two subjects relevant to specialization. D010203 D010203 D020406 D020406 D010203 D010203 D020406 D020406 IIM- C-IN-V01 EC-IN-V01 AC-IN-V01 AEC-IN-V01 IC-IN-V01 IEC-IN-V01 AIC-IN-V01 AIEC-IN-V01 E E10Q10W00 E10Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E10Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E10Q10W01 E10Q10W00 E10Q10W01 D 158 158 270 270 180 180 292 292 IR 3,950 3,950 6,750 6,750 4,500 4,500 7,300 7,300 198 198 338 338 225 225 365 365 NR 237 237 405 405 270 270 438 438 LI 277 277 473 473 315 315 511 511 LM 316 316 540 540 360 360 584 584 UM HI PART-01 Paper A Paper A Paper A Paper A Paper A Paper A Paper A Paper A SPACIALIZATION: 01 N/A N/A Paper B Paper B N/A N/A Paper B Paper B 1 2 Select one subject as specialization from any one group of specialization. Refer to List of Specialization. +91-922 36 20200 Page 62 of 81
  • LIST OF SPECIALIZATIONS & SUBJECTS Advertising Management Hotel Management Advertising/Media/Communication Hotel/Tours & Travels Communication Management Hospitality Management Information Management Travel & Tourism Management Mass Communication Transport Management Media Management Aviation Portfolio Management Public Relationship Management Telecom Management Materials Management Purchase / Logistics Supply Chain Management Logistics Management Architecture Management Architecture Construction Management Interior Management Software Project Management Software / Hardware SAP Consultancy Management Software Management Banking Management Information Technology Banking/Finance/Accounts Foreign Exchange Management E-Business System Asset Management Cyber Law Management Mutual Fund Management Hardware Management Finance Management E-commerce Management Investment Analysis Management Networking Management Risk & Insurance Management DBMS Taxation Management International Finance Management Takeover & Acquisition Management Fashion Management Textiles Corporate and Finance Management Textile Management Equity Research Management Audit Management Cost and Management Accounting Human Resource Management HR Personnel Management Public Administration BPO Management Corporate Law BPO / Call Center Customer Relationship Management Corporate Training Customer Care Management Labour Law Call Center Management Rural Management Exclusive Marketing Management Environment Management Marketing International Marketing Family Business Management Marketing Research School Management Strategic Marketing Shipping Management Sales Management Safety Management+91-922 36 20200 Page 63 of 81
  • Export Management Event Management International Trade Packaging Management Foreign Trade Entrepreneur Management Industrial Marketing Agriculture Management Retail Management Strategic Management Business Marketing Energy Management Risk Management Intellectual Property Rights Pharmacology Management Petroleum Management Pharmaceuticals / Biotech / Health Care Bio-Technology Management Library Management Hospital Administration Health Care Management Pathology Lab Management Operations Management Industries / Production Clinical Pharmacology Industrial Management Clinical Research Production Management Hospital Management Project Management Total Quality Management Plant Operations General Management Inventory General Business Administration The available list of specializations is not limited to the above specified list. At ICMind we have design over 977 detailed subject papers for specializations as per the profile & requirement of students. The exclusive list has not been published as a confidential matter & to avoid confusion while selecting right specialization. Our counselors may provide relevant details based on your profile.+91-922 36 20200 Page 64 of 81
  • SECTION – VI: STUDENTS SECTION PART: 1 PRIOR TO ADMISSION / ENROLLMENTProspective student can avail free career consulting services from our expert career advisors.FREE CAREER COUNSILING / ADVISORY SERVICES:The Advisors shall assist you in deciding right course / programme & specialization suitable andbeneficial for bright future. Student is not necessarily get enrolled at IIM-ICMind institute ofManagement; the best options are suggested for right career. PART: 2 POST ADMISSION / POST ENROLLMENT PROCEDURE Upon receipt of filled application form, documents, payment instructions / instrumentWelcome Kit following procedures are followed. Intimation of receipt of documents through call / E-mail / letter from Admission department Original Fees Receipt / Scan Copy of receipt* and receipt confirmation email from accounts department. Once the payment is clearance is received from bank / branch, following inputs shall be issued for smooth functioning of your course. E-Mail stating confirmation of fees clearance received Admission Confirmation E-mail/Letter Welcome E-mail Welcome Letter/E-Mail ID CardHard copy and/or soft copy (to be determined by ICMind) study material (semester wise) will be providedStudy Materials and Web Support/ issued / couriered to you with Minimum 07 to Maximum 30 working day from the date ofclearance of gross fees amount. Activation of access to ICMind’s E-library*Web Support / Study Support Activation of Web Support / Online Lectures* / login ID-Password* and/or education support contact email id(s) For any queries or doubts related to study of subjects covered under the course; where student may submit queries through email to our team of professors with their student web support identification number [WSID] Please refer to FAQs / Website for any further queries.On demand Examination shall be conducted as per the terms of examination. Please refer toExaminationexamination section.Result shall be declared after each semester examinations & issued after completion of entireResult, Awards & Rewardscourse. Please refer to Result section.Placement assistance shall be provided to successful candidates after completion of the entirePlacementcourse. Please refer to Placement section.ICMind memberships may be provided to successful candidates after completion of the entireICMind Membershipcourse, subjects to terms of membership at the time receipt of application of membership. +91-922 36 20200 Page 65 of 81
  • At ICMind, exams are conducted with great flexibilities in terms of modes (Place) of examination,PART: 3 EXAMINATIONDuration, schedule (Date, Time) of examinations. XP-01*D* Postal / Case Study Focused / Application based / From Home X-Code Modes Examination (Options)  XC-01 Centre Based Examinations / Traditional / Theoretical  XE-01 E-Mail* / Scan Copy of Hand Written Answer-sheets Online* / Multiple Choice with Negative Marking ICT* / Audio-Visual-Communication Technology XO-01 XT-01 02 Days Per Subject (Subject to Minimum 10 Days Per Sem) X-Code Exam Duration Free 01 Grace Day per subject XP-01*D*  XC-01 180 Minutes  XE-01 02 Days Per Subject (Subject to Minimum 10 Days Per Sem) 120 Minutes Variable Process / Non-Compensatory to other options XO-01 XT-01 Project 05 Days XP-01-Postal Project/Thesis Days Mode of Exam Thesis 30 Days XP=01-PostalExam Schedule (Dates & Months)Flexible examinations are conducted in four exam months at interval of every 10 days ineach exam months Exam Exam Starting Exam Application Exam Application January 1st / 11th / 21st 1st October 31st October Months Dates Start Date Last Date April 1st / 11th / 21st 1st January 31st January July 1st / 11th / 21st 1st April 30th April October 1st / 11th / 21st 1st October 31st JulyProcedure Examination applying: Apply for Exam: To apply for examinations student should forward duly filled & signed exam application form (download from website) to; before Minimum 60 days from particular exam session. (Refer exam Schedule). Examination can be applied for entire semester and not for each subject separately. Student must specify the mode of examination viz. Postal or Classroom at the time of enrollment at ICMind. The default mode of examination is Email-Postal. The student should o indicate the preference for  XC-01-Centre Based / Traditional / Theoretical Examinations option at the time of admission in application form. In case of Classroom examination, date time and place of examination shall be determined by ICMind. The students will not be allowed to refer any material at the time of examinations. o o Case study based question paper is applicable for home or email option. Acceptance: Upon receipt of exam application form duly filled and signed; the form will be considered for process of approval from accounts and other respective departments. On receipt of confirmation from all respective departments, examination schedule confirmation shall be mailed to the student. +91-922 36 20200 Page 66 of 81
  • Cancellation: Once the approval is granted the examinations shall not be cancelled. Exam cancellation before approval shall be charged Rs.250/- per subjects. And post approval the cancellation charges shall increase to Rs.500/- per subjects, post issue of examination question papers (on the 1st day of examination) the charges shall increase to Rs.750/- per subject. Non submission of answer papers shall be deemed to cancelation of examination & shall attract penalty of Rs.1000/- per subject. The charges for students other then Indian student Residing and working in India shall be charged in US$ and increased as per the schedule of charges (Please ask for list of charges & penalty). Rejection of Exam application: Exam Application form will not be accepted or shall not be processed or no reply may be given to applicant at any circumstances In case of: Exam application form is not filled properly or incomplete. Delay in submission of exam application i.e. submitted after last date of application for the session o (Refer the examination schedule table). o Exam Application not directly submitted from registered email id to NOC – Clearance is not received from accounts department for 100% fees amount, at the time of o receipt of application. o Minimum duration has not elapsed at the time of application. Maximum duration has elapsed at the time of application & applicable fees & charges has been o paid for course extension. o E-Hall Ticket: shall be issued to students applying for centre based examination. In case of postal examination email hall ticket may be issued to registered email id. Receipt of Question papers & Instructions on Examination Day: student shall receive examination papers via email between 00:01Am to 10:00Am. On receiving question papers you shall have to intimate confirmation reply email to exam department. In case of non receipt of email exam papers by 10:30Am students shall contact exam department. In case of postal examinations 1 st date of examination shall be considered for exam day’s calculation irrespective of actual date of receipt of courier. In such case courier may be issued 01-02 days in advance. Attending the Question Paper: Upon receipt of exam papers student must read & understand instructions - terms of examination, how to attend questions and guidelines for presentation. Read understand analyze case / questions and provide answers with logical reasoning and supporting case or examples (if any) in support f the answers. Answers must by written in own hand writing. Submission of answer papers: The answer sheets and question papers must be submitted to exam department via speed post / courier within stipulated time (counted as 02 days for each subjects); making late submission shall be liable for penalty of Rs.200/- per day delay charge for a maximum period of 10 days. The examination shall stand cancelled if the answers are not received by exam dept by end of 10th extra day’s time. Subsequently, shall have to apply for re-examination. Re-examination for cancelled / deemed cancelled- delayed submitted answer papers: Student must apply for re-examination for continuing the course by paying applicable exam cancellation/delay submission charges (Rs.250-Rs.1000 per subject paper) plus additional re- examination charges of Rs.500/- per paper. This charges are not to make profit our of re-examination but to make the students perform the exams seriously & scenically.The Project must be prepared on the any aspects of subject of specialization(s). Student have toProjects & Thesis Optionsspecify The “Project Title” / “Thesis Title” at the time of application of exam request for thesemester with specialization subject(s). Project must be prepared in soft and hard printed copyformat. +91-922 36 20200 Page 67 of 81
  • Minimum Duration: Maximum Duration: Extended Duration: Expired DurationMinimum DurationThe student shall apply for examination after completion of minimum duration of the course tillSingle semester programmes:the maximum duration of the course without payment of any extra exam fees.In case of multiple semesters’ programmes, the minimum duration for the 1 st semesterMultiple Semester Programmes:examination shall be determined by dividing minimum duration by number of semesters in theprogrammes subject to minimum 06 months or minimum duration whichever is lower.The student must apply for examination session before expiry of exam application session forMaximum Durationthe exam on or before the completion of maximum duration of the course.Student shall be eligible for examination till the expiry of maximum duration of the course. InExtended Durationcase of maximum duration has lapsed, student may be allowed to appear the examination bypaying additional fees of 10% of original gross fees plus exam fees of Rs.500*/- Per exam paper.The course extension fees shall be valid till extended duration applicable for the course. Theextension charges are not be applicable in case of student has already completed all examinationbut not cleared (KT) examinations for 25% of number of total subjects covered in the course.In case of extended duration has elapsed, student may be allowed to appear the examination byAfter Extended Durationpaying exam fees of Rs.500*/- Per exam paper plus additional duration extension fees (15% oforiginal gross fees) valid for 06 months, (20% of original gross fees) valid for 09 months, (25%of original gross fees) valid for 12-months, and incremented by additional 05% (of original feesamount) for each three months up to expiry duration of the course.GRADING SYSTEM & CLASS DECLARATION Percentage & 95% Distinction Top Excellent Letter Grade Class Qualitative Level Above 90% Distinction Very Excellent AAA+ 85% Distinction Excellent AAA 80% Distinction Very Best AA+ 75% Distinction Best AA 70% First Class Very Good AA- 65% First Class Good A+ 60% First Class Above Average A 55% Second Class Average A- 50% Second Class Average B+ 45% Pass Class Satisfactory B 40% Pass Class Satisfactory C+ Below 40% Fail Unsatisfactory C D +91-922 36 20200 Page 68 of 81
  • PART:4 RESULT & CERTIFICATION-EXAMINATIONAfter receiving your answer papers, your results shall be declared in 45 working days subjectISSUE OF CERTIFICATEto result months falling within 45 working days. You will be informed about each semesterresults by e-mail. You may request for the printed form of Performa Mark-Sheet. You shallreceive your certificates after declaration of all the semester results i.e. the printed certificate &mark-sheets will be issued only after completion of the entire course & not at eachsemester.Results are declared within 30-45 working days from the date of receipt of the hand writtenCERTIFICATE VERIFICATIONanswer papers along with copy of the question papers. The results are declared in the form ofemail. The Mark-sheets & certificates are issued only after completion of the entire course. Forcross verification of the certificate one can mail the request to along-withdetails of reference number & name of the student. Online verification system shall be availablein near term.As part of our student support services, ICMind Education provides an education verificationservice which assures our students that their Certificates will receive international recognition.It has been recorded that in INDIA, 40% of all employers require job applicants to verify theirWhat is our Education Verification Service?educational documents with letters from the admission department of the institute where thosedocuments were issued. When ICMind student or candidate requires such verification, ourmanagement sends the required educational documents to his/her employer through PostalMail, FAX, or E-mail.Any Program completed from ICMind Education contains a copy of an educational verificationEducation Verification Service by ICMind Educationletter. Upon your request, these letters can be sent directly to your employer for a nominal fee.You may order as many educational verification letters as you want through our order form. +91-922 36 20200 Page 69 of 81
  • SECTION: VII POST COURSE COMPLITION-ALUMINI SECTIONPlacement is the key motion in any B-School, which adds culture and values to the Institute.PLACEMENT, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIESICMind Education placement brochure keenly designed according to the foreseen site of thecorporate world.India is changing. With rapid consumerism and rising urban per capita income, the dividebetween the rural and urban India has widened. It is perhaps at this critical juncture that thestudents of Management course would prove to be the bond-uniting the divide. It is precisely thereason which has attracted large numbers of recruiters to the ICMind Education Placement cell.ICMind Education is extremely proud of the commitment and dedication exemplified by thestudents. Their concern for the corporate world and industry experience has been highlyappreciated across India and beyond. This coupled with world class facility, excellentinfrastructure and continually upgrade and relevant course content, ensures that our studentsare best suited for undertaking challenging assignments and accomplishing them successfully.At ICMind Education, the mission is not only to deliver the course effectively but also to shapeour students into management professionals readily deployable in the industry. On successfulcompletion of the program, the Institute helps the students in meeting their career aspirations.The Institute has a dedicated placement cell, which is in constant touch with the industry andessentially keeps the students informed about the requirements and developments in differentindustry sectors regarding the career opportunities available. With the current placementseason ending on a high note, the future of students at ICMind Education is looking increasinglybright. You may please refer to list of our targeted companies and companies where we have ourstudents available at website.For detailed procedures of placement assistance you may communicate to our placement cell list of targeted companies includes almost all the top listed companies worldwide. You mayList of Companiesrefer to the list available on website.ICMind MembershipAfter successful course completion Student may apply for ICMind Membership to avail futureproject advantages on training, placement, financing, workshops etc… +91-922 36 20200 Page 70 of 81
  • SECTION VIII: ADMISSIONHow to Select the Right Course & Right Specialization: Please refer to the list of courses and specializations given under course section. Select few courses, specialization of your area of interest Check Eligibility parameters: academic qualification, and work experience Check course duration you would be comfortable with Compare fees of selected courses Discuss with our experienced career counselors to understand and decide the right course, specializations that can benefit you. Our experienced counselors would be delighted to assist you in deciding the right course(s) and right specialization(s). Think-Rethink & analyze your requirement of course-specialization. Intimate your confirmed selected course-specialization to the admission department institute within not more than 30 days from the date of enrollment.Admission ProcedureAt ICMind, we follow easy, systematic, standard professional admission procedure that itselfensure level of proficiency of the organization.Following documents are required for Admission @ ICMind Education. You can submit yourapplication for admission along with necessary documents to the institute through post/mail orby visiting: In person at: Regional offices / Branch offices / Admission Collection centre / Study Centers. Postal Admission: through forwarding all documents and admission forms by courier / speed-post to our regional / Branch office location convenient for you. Online / E-Mail: submitting online admission enrollment application form, printing, signing and mailing the scan copy of all required documents bearing signature of applicant along- with form to and intimation to respective admission counselor. Admission Collecting Executives: You can call us to collect your admission documents from your office / residence or any such location convenient for both the parties. Due to high number of documents collection request this facility is subject to schedule & location available for executivePlease make sure to intimate the counselor / admission department; details of post / courierNote: Intimation before and after dispatching Courier / Post / Online Form / E-mail:docket number / e-mail immediately upon sending the courier / mail / online form. The detailsare important for tracking out the documents to enable us to serve you fastest and to provideyou the best services. All rights reserved by-ICMind Education - Admission Department +91-922 36 20200 Page 71 of 81
  • Checklist of Documents RequiredFollowing documents (self attested 2 copies each) are required for admission to ICMind. Applicable Admission Enrollment Application form duly filled (BLOCK LETTERS) and signed by student and sponsors (if any) Passport size color photograph (3-original) Citizenship Proof Address Proof: Permanent or Correspondence address proof (PAN Card / Income-tax Card / Election Card / Ration Card / Driving License / Electricity bill / Water Bill / Gas Connection Bill / Latter form Employer (if accommodation provided by employer) / or otherwise any such document as may be accepted by ICMind education. Photo ID Proof: issued by government / semi government authority or otherwise any such document as may be accepted by ICMind. PAN Card (Mandatory for Indian citizen)* Educational Qualification Proof: mark sheets / certificate of examination as per requirement of course eligibility Work Experience Proof: experience certificate, appreciation letter, Appointment letter, offer letter as per the course eligibility requirement or otherwise any such document as may be accepted by ICMind Updated / Latest Resume: Printed copy of CV shall be enclosed along-with other admission documents and soft copy to be forwarded to Instrument of fees payment or copy of payment made confirmation: shall be enclosed / mailed along with admission documents. Self declaration letter for not submitting / delay in submitting any of the documents (if any documents are not available at the time of admission). Please download the format of self declaration for admission documents stating “I Mr./Ms. First Name Middle Name Last Name hereby confirm to submit all the required pending documents by dd/mm/yyyy date……”. Other documents as may be required depending from case to case as may be required by ICMind like Self declaration for Qualification, Work experience, Placement Assistance form, Study Material form, Special eligibility application form, PRS Registration Form, etc… Payment: Please make sure to intimate the counselor / admission department; details of Note: Intimation before and after dispatching Courier / Post / Online Form / E-mail / post / courier docket number / e-mail immediately upon sending the courier /mail/online form. The details are important for tracking out the documents to enable us to serve you fastest and to provide you the best services. Please refer to contact us section for address, contact numbers & emailed details. All rights reserved by-ICMind Education - Admission Department +91-922 36 20200 Page 72 of 81
  • Payment OptionsThe Fees shall be paid in full at the time of admission.Fees can be paid in any of the following modes of payment. Financial Instruments payment instruction shall be enclosed along with admission documents Cheque Demand Draft Pay Order ECS Form along with cancelled Cheque Instrument/Chq/Cash Directly Deposit to ICMind Education’s bank A/c: copy of deposit slip shall be enclosed of scan copy of same can be sent through mail On-line transfer to ICMind Education’s Bank A/c: Screenshot / transaction reference number, transferring bank a/c details shall be mailed to and (in any case User ID, Password or any such confidential information shall NOT be provided even if demanded by any executive claiming to be ICMind’s representative. ICMind shall not be liable for any loss in any form due to such reasons or otherwise) Credit-Cards / Debit cards swiping at nearest ICMind offices EMI facility of Credit card with reputed banks / financial organizations. PayPal: Online payment by using credit card through PayPal account. For further details you can visit The User ID of PayPal Account is: Cash payment of fees is accepted at ICMind Education’s Head office and specifically authorized cash collecting offices / banks only. (In any case, Cash payment shall NOT be made to any unauthorized person even if demanded by any executive claiming to be ICMind’s representative. ICMind shall not be liable for any loss in any form due to such reasons or otherwise)Cheque / DD / PO / other instruments must be issued in favor of: "ICMind Education” payableNote:at Mumbai / the branch at which the admission documents are forwarded.Bank Account Details: AXIS BANK LTD. A/C Title: “ICMind Education” Branch MH Mumbai Borivali (West)- ****** ****** A/c No. IFSC Code State City Branch All rights reserved by-ICMind Education – Accounts & Finance Department +91-922 36 20200 Page 73 of 81
  • Please read and understand all important notes, disclaimer, terms & conditions applicableDisclaimer: Important Notes: Terms & Conditions:before enrollment. The exclusive list of the disclaimer, terms & conditions is available onwebsite. ICMind reserves right to admission / enrollment & may reject any such application without presenting or producing any reason for rejection. Fees once paid are not refundable and / non transferable under any circumstances. In case of payment Cheque / Instrument / Instruction gets dishonored / bounced, the student is liable to pay Rs.1000/- per such instrument / instruction, towards payment dishonored charges, irrespective of reason(s) of dishonor(s) to for continuing the course. Any delay in payment of installments or dishonor charges shall attract interest @2% p.m. or part thereof. Fees are subject to revision at anytime, without prior notice at sole discretion of ICMind Education. Course & Specialization once selected, shall not be to changed or transferred / exchanged under any circumstances. Students may be allowed to change the course only on the day of admission till working hours. Course up-gradation may be allowed on sole discretion of ICMind. Payment receipts are acknowledged subject to realization. Declaration / submission of false / fake qualification certifications / other documents by the candidate will disqualify his/her admission to the institute including appropriate penal action. ICMind reserves right to cancel the admission & forfeit the fees received thereon. The receipt shall be valid only with mail confirmation from In case of non receipt of email confirmation please contact accounts department ICMind Head Office. Course and Fees are valid up to the maximum duration of course from the date of enrollment. Extended duration shall be charged for continuing the course. All disputes, if any, shall be resolved by mutual discussion or approaching ICMind Ombudsman. In extreme cases all legal action shall be subject to Bharuch-Gujarat Jurisdiction only. ICMind reserves the right to change in city / state of jurisdictions at any time without prior intimation. All rights reserved by ICMind Education. - ICMind Education - Legal Department +91-922 36 20200 Page 74 of 81
  • World Bank – Categorization of Country / EconomiesAfghanistan Gambia, The Myanmar LI01: Low-Income Economies ($1,005 or less) 35 CountriesBangladesh Guinea NepalBenin Guinea-Bisau NigerBurkina Faso Haiti RwandaBurundi Kenya Sierra LeoneCambodia Korea, Dem Rep. SomaliaCentral African Republic Kyrgyz Republic TajikistanChad Liberia TanzaniaComoros Madagascar TogoCongo, Dem. Rep Malawi UgandaEritrea Mali ZimbabweEthiopia Mozambique End of ‘LI01’ ListAngola India São Tomé and Principe LM01: Lower-Middle-Income Economies ($1,006 to $3,975) 56 CountriesArmenia Iraq SenegalBelize KiribatiBhutan Kosovo Sri Lanka Solomon IslandsBolivia SudanCameroon Lesotho Swaziland Lao PDRCape Verde Marshall Islands Syrian Arab RepublicCongo, Rep. Timor-LesteCôte dIvoire Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Tonga MauritaniaDjibouti Moldova TurkmenistanEgypt, Arab Rep. Mongolia TuvaluEl Salvador Morocco Ukraine Nicaragua UzbekistanGeorgia Nigeria VanuatuFiji Pakistan VietnamGuatemala Papua New Guinea West Bank and GazaGhanaGuyana Paraguay Yemen, Rep.Honduras PhilippinesIndonesia Samoa Zambia End of ‘LM01’ ListAlbania Namibia UM01: Upper-Middle-Income Economies ($3,976 to $12,275) 54 CountriesAlgeria Gabon Palau EcuadorAmerican Samoa Grenada PanamaAntigua and Barbuda Iran, Islamic Rep. PeruArgentina Jamaica RomaniaAzerbaijan Jordan Russian Federation +91-922 36 20200 Page 75 of 81
  • Belarus Kazakhstan SerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina SeychellesBotswana Lebanon South Africa LatviaBrazil Libya St. Kitts and NevisBulgaria Lithuania St. LuciaChile Macedonia, FYR St. Vincent and the Grenadines Malaysia SurinameColombiaChinaCosta Rica Mauritius Maldives ThailandCuba Mayotte Turkey TunisiaDominica Mexico UruguayDominican Republic Montenegro Venezuela, RB End of ‘UM01’ ListAndorra Germany Norway HI01: High-income economies ($12,276 or more) 70 CountriesAruba Gibraltar OmanAustralia Greece PolandAustria Greenland PortugalBahamas, The Guam Puerto RicoBahrain Hong Kong SAR, China QatarBarbados Hungary San MarinoBelgium Iceland Saudi ArabiaBermuda Ireland SingaporeBrunei Darussalam Isle of ManCanada Israel Slovak Republic Sint MaartenCayman Islands Italy SloveniaChannel Islands Japan SpainCroatia Korea, Rep. Kuwait Sweden St. MartinCyprus Liechtenstein SwitzerlandCuraçaoCzech Republic Luxembourg Trinidad and TobagoDenmark Macao SAR, China Turks and Caicos IslandsEstonia Malta United Arab EmiratesEquatorial Guinea Monaco United KingdomFaeroe Islands Netherlands United StatesFinland New Caledonia Virgin Islands (U.S.)France New ZealandFrench Polynesia Northern Mariana Islands End of ‘HI01’ ListSource: +91-922 36 20200 Page 76 of 81
  • Form No.:______________________________________ Common Enrollment Application Form: ICMind Education’s – ICMind Group of Institutes Institute Name DetailsICMind Institute of Management-IIM*D*_______________________________________________________________ Part – I: Personal Details: *Stick Your Latest, PassportFirst Name*M*: __________________________________________________________________ Size, ColorMiddle Name: _________________________________________________________________ Photograph *Signature acrossLast Name*M*: ___________________________________________________________________ the Photo & Form *Do not staple.Sex: Male Female Marital Status: Married UnmarriedDate of Birth*M* (DD/MMMM/YYYY): ____/________/________ Age (Years: Months): ___________________________PAN (*M* for IIFCM) OR Income Tax Registration No.:_____________________________________________________Nationality*M*: ___________________________ Proof of Nationality*M*: _____________________________________Father’s Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________Husband’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________Mother’s Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________(Must be same as indicated in your qualification eligibility documents; same name will appear on your certificate to be issued)Name as per Certificate*M*: _____________________________________________________________________________Academic Details: (Starting with highest Qualification & Latest Qualification) Passing Specialization Qualification Board/University Grade/Class Year/Month (if any)Work Experience: (Starting with recent experience) (YY:MM) (MMMM/YY) (MMMM/YY) Company Duration From Till City/state Designation Remark Name +91-922 36 20200 Page 77 of 81
  • Communication Details: Postal Address / Email/ Fax / Mobile / Telephone (Select one  whichever is applicable & preferable for communication)Permanent Address: (PA):#Plot No/ Flat No / Room No / Door No.:____________________________________ Floor: _________________Building Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________Landmark: (Near/Opp./Behind/Below/Above/other) ____________________________________________Road: ____________________________________________ Locality / Area: _______________________________________City: ______________________________________________ District: _______________________________________________State: _____________________________________________ Country: ______________________________________________Office Address: (OA)Office Name/Company Name: _________________________________________________________________________Division/Department: ___________________________________________________________________________________Designation: ______________________________________________________________________________________________#Plot No/ Flat No / Room No / Door No.:____________________________________ Floor: _________________Office-Building Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________Landmark: (Near/Opp./Behind/Below/Above/other) ____________________________________________Road: ____________________________________________ Locality / Area: _______________________________________City: ______________________________________________ District: _______________________________________________State: _____________________________________________ Country: ______________________________________________Temporary Address: (TA)#Plot / Flat No / Ro Nom No / Door No.:____________________________________ Floor: _________________Office-Building Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________Landmark: (Near/Opp./Behind/Below/Above/other) ____________________________________________Road: ____________________________________________ Locality / Area: _______________________________________City: ______________________________________________ District: _______________________________________________State: _____________________________________________ Country: ______________________________________________ Contact Numbers & FAX Number DetailsMobile-01: ______________________________________________________________________________________________Mobile-02: ______________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone: (Home)(ISD-STD-NO): ____________________________________________________________________________Telephone (Office) (ISD-STD-NO): ___________________________________________________ Ext: ___________________Fax (ISD-STD-NO): ___________________________________________________________________ Ext: ___________________ E-MAIL IDPersonal 01:Personal 02: ____________________________________________________________________________________________Official: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ +91-922 36 20200 Page 78 of 81
  • COURSE / PROGRAMME DETAILSPROGRAMME NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________________P-CODE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________SPECIALIZATION-01: ____________________________________________________________________________________SPECIALIZATION-02: ____________________________________________________________________________________ EXAMINATION OPTION (SELECT ONE )DURATION D-CODE: ______________________________ ELIGIBILITY E-CODE: ____________________________ XP-01*D* Postal / Case Study Focused / Application based / From Home X-Code Examination Options  XC-01 Centre Based Examinations / Traditional / Theoretical  XE-01 E-Mail* / Scan Copy of Hand Written Answer-sheets Online* / Multiple Choice with Negative Marking ICT* / Audio-Visual-Communication Technology XO-01 XT-01 FEES & PAYMENT DETAILSBRANCH NAME: _______________________________________________ B-CODE: ________________________________COUNSELOR NAME: __________________________________________ C-CODE: _________________________________ ECS DD PO CHEQUES ONLINE TRANSFER DIRECT CASH DEPOSITGROSS FEES: US$/INR: ___________________________________________________________________________________ DEBIT-CARD-SWAPPING CREDIT-CARD SWAPPING PAYPAL OTHER Receipt Instrument Bank Instrument SN Receipt No. Bank Name Amount Remark Date Date Branch No. 01 02 03REMARK: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Refer To Friends / Colleagues / Relatives Name Contact No. Email Id RemarkThe Application Form along with checklist documents should be sent to the Institute through Courier / Speed Post. Cash Payment is accepted only at Head OfficeDeclarations / Discloser / Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / Documents Checklist:only. Cheque/DD/Instruments should be in Favor of “ICMIND EDUCATION” payable at Mumbai. Cheques are acknowledged subject to realization. Fees oncepaid are non-refundable / non-transferable under any circumstances. The receipt shall be valid only with email confirmation from accounts department(; Incase of non receipt of email confirmation please contact accounts department ICMind Head Office Mumbai. Course and Fees are validonly up-to the maximum duration of course from the date of enrollment. Dispute if any shall be resolved by mutual discussion and legal proceedings shall be subjectto Mumbai and/or Bharuch-Gujarat Jurisdiction to be determined by ICMind Education Only. Refer exclusive list of detailed Declarations / Discloser / Terms &Conditions / Privacy Policy / Documents Checklist / Payment terms etc on the website & /or available at offices. ICMind reserves the right toreject the admission application without producing any reason to do so. All rights reserved by ICMind EducationI declare that I have read & understood the course aspects, norms, Discloser, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions of ICMind Education available onDeclaration by Applicant:website and/or available at office also I assure to abide by the same. I am fully aware that if I am found violating any conditions then my admissionmay be cancelled and I will be entirely responsible for it. I have followed the instructions for application:Date: ____________________ Place: _____________________________ Signature: ________________________________ +91-922 36 20200 Page 79 of 81
  • SECTION – IX: CONTACT US CORPORATE REGISTERED OFFICE:A-5, ICMind Group -, ICMind Education – Institutes - IIM,MAHARASHTRA - MUMBAIBorivali (W), Mumbai – 400092, Maharashtra, 20200 REGIONAL OFFICESANDHRA PRADESHNO: 7-65, Plot No: 307A & 307B, 2nd Floor, Haripriya Complex,HYDERABAD- HABSIGUDAHabsiguda X-Roads, Hyderabad-500007, Andhra Pradesh, 464 20200GUJARAT2ND Floor, Building No. 04, Falshruti Nagar, Near Bus Depot, Station Road, Bharuch-390001, Indiabharuch@icmind.comBHARUCH – BUS DEPOT+91-92 464 10100 SOCIAL NETWORKING - ICMind Face-book Tweeter Link-in Google+SECTION-XI: VOTE OF THANKSWe are especially thankful to all our past, present and prospective students for investing theirvaluable time and resources with us & for contributing to the success of ICMind Education. Wealso appreciate Support and Contribution by Central Govt., State Govt., Semi-Govt., NGOs,International Organizations & all who may have contributed directly or indirectly to the successof ICMind Group.We are really thankful to all our hardworking, determined, dedicated, disciplined, enthusiastic,talented… professionals - worldwide students, our associate partners, corporate world, ICMindteam members - managers, trainers, professors, authors, HR and placement team, recruiters,counselors, administrators, student relationship managers, student service team and all thosewho have contributed directly or indirectly to the success of ICMind.HELP US TO SAVE LIFE…!!! SAVE TREES, SAVE ENVIRONMENT, SAVE EARTH…!!!DOWNLOAD & SAVE SOFT COPY FOR YOUR FUTURE REFERENCE PRINT THIS ONLY IF IT’S OBLIGATION.BUY YOUR COPY ONLY IF REQUIRED BY PAYING BROACHER COST: RS.500/- +91-922 36 20200 Page 81 of 81