"Informed Cities Forum 2010: opening" by Stefan Kuhn, ICLEI


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For more information about the Informed Cities initiative visit http://informed-cities.iclei-europe.org or join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/InformedCities

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"Informed Cities Forum 2010: opening" by Stefan Kuhn, ICLEI

  1. 1. Informed Cities Forum14-16 April 2010Newcastle upon Tyne
  2. 2. governance and management tools Local [Sust.Research Policy City] Maker
  3. 3. research-based tools[Tool to cure headaches] [Tool to cure unsustainable cities]
  4. 4. research-based tools[Tool to cure headaches] [Tool to cure unsustainable cities][Developed by researchers] [Developed by researchers]
  5. 5. research-based tools[Tool to cure headaches] [Tool to cure unsustainable cities][Developed by researchers] [Developed by researchers][Supported by EU funding] [Supported by EU funding]
  6. 6. research-based tools[Used by millions [Hardly known of people] by local policy makers]
  7. 7. linkages Health Test Approval Insurance [FreeResearch Patient head] Marketing Doctor [Money]
  8. 8. linkages Test LocalResearch Policy Maker
  9. 9. do research results need approval by national / EU standards? Test ? LocalResearch Policy Maker
  10. 10. would such approval result in financial support for the applicant? Test Approval? ? LocalResearch Policy Maker
  11. 11. are research results marketed properly? Test Approval? Money? LocalResearch Policy Maker ?
  12. 12. who is the doctor? do consultants know about research results? Test Approval? Money? LocalResearch Policy Maker Marketing? ?
  13. 13. what is the interest of local policy makers? Test Approval? Money?Research Local Policy Maker ? [Sust. City] Marketing? Consultant?
  14. 14. what is the interest of researchers? Test Approval? Money? Local [Sust.Research Policy City?] Maker Marketing? Consultant? ? [Publication promotion]
  15. 15. ...and many other questions! -?- -?- -?-Research Policy [-?-] -?- -?- [-?-]
  16. 16. objectives[ PRIMUS ]3 year FP7 Coordination Actionenhance the connectivity between research andpolicy-making in sustainable developmentfocus on tools for urban management andgovernance
  17. 17. elementsEvents to analyse the brokerage process and tolearn from each other in personal meetingsExplorative Application of 2 selected tools with~100 local governmentsEuropean Report on urban sustainability based onthe data gathered through the explorative application
  18. 18. eventsInformed Cities Forum2 larger conferences for 100-150 participants fromLocGov and Research- April 2010 and September 2011 -Informed Cities European Roundtable3 meetings of national institutions dealing with localsustainability- April 2010 - January 2011 - September 2011 -Informed Cities Implementation Workshops12 national workshops supporting cities participatingin the explorative application- between June 2010 and June 2011
  19. 19. explorative applicationLocal Evaluation 21internet-based questionnaire on local sustainabilityprocesses with stakeholder involvement andautomatic individual reportUrban Ecosystem Europeexcel-based set of 25 sustainability indicatorsdeveloped in line with the EU Urban ThematicStrategy and Aalborg Commitments and many otherestablished systems
  20. 20. european reportcombining data about the governance andmanagement of local sustainability processes withdata about the state of sustainability of a citydoes better local governance lead to better localsustainability?analysis and findings on the brokerage processbetween research (tools) and policy-making(application)regional specifics and comparisonneeded: large number of participants in explorativeapplication and good spread across Europe
  21. 21. informed cities forum programmeSmall group sessions:Get to know research-based toolsExplore case examplesDiscuss separately and togetherPlenaries:Key note speechesFeedback from group discussionsLive votesMeals and breaks:Get to know and better understand each other...
  22. 22. Welcome!