Informed Cities Forum 2011 Michael Damm Aalborg Commitments
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Informed Cities Forum 2011 Michael Damm Aalborg Commitments






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Informed Cities Forum 2011 Michael Damm Aalborg Commitments Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sustainability is about more than reducing Climate Change !! Schematic overview illustrating the size of the human impacts being able to overturn the global ecosystem. – and the current status Katherine Richardson et al. 2009 NatureBorgmesterens Forvaltning
  • 2. Sustainability is about more than reducing Climate Change !! Sustainability is about more than reducing Climate Change !! The Ecological Footprint The global biological capacitySince the late 1980–es the Ecological footprint, being the land need to produce the amount of goods consumed, has excided the global biological capacity.Borgmesterens Forvaltning
  • 3. The mayor challenges are interlinked , EEA 2005 CO2 emissions and Loss of biodiversity Air Quality Water Quality Affects Climate change How CO2 emissions and Climate change X High Medium Medium Loss of biodiversity Medium X Low Medium Air Quality Medium Medium X High Water Quality Low High Low XBorgmesterens Forvaltning
  • 4. The Aalborg commitments 1. Constitutes a concrete guide on the 10 most important actions (commitments) to undertake/develop , if the City wants to become Sustainable 2. Offers an opportunity to join a movement of more than 700 cities 3. Offers an opportunity to commit the local/regional government to Identify the most important challenges of sustainability Drawn up an action plan together with the citizens with concrete goals to promote local sustainable development 4.Borgmesterens Forvaltning Ask for concrete and rapid actions.
  • 5. The Aalborg commitment s – a movement promoting local sustainable actionsBorgmesterens Forvaltning
  • 6. For Local governments thatBorgmesterens Forvaltning mean business !!
  • 7. The Aalborg commitment s – a movement promoting local sustainable actions The City Council of Aalborg is cofounder of the Campaign “ European Sustainable Cities andTowns campaign” The City Council is committed to obtain a sustainable local development The strategy for obtaining sustainability is based on “The Aalborg commitments” The strategy is therefore a holistic approach where all sectors are invited to contribute to the fulfilment of Local Goals for sustainabilityBorgmesterens Forvaltning City of Aalborg, Denmark
  • 8. The Aalborg Commitments Key steps in AalborgSustainable Governance All sectors are involved in the setting of goals and actions in the City councils plan for Sustainable develop.Local management towards A sustainability plan is approved every 4. year. Local goals and actions are implemented. All plans are given a sustainability Score. A department for Sustainability has beensustainability createdNatural common goods Energy reductions, Alternative energy production, clean drinking water, protection of biodiversity and reduction of consumption of non renewable are persuade in all plans, permits, and own activities (the companies and departments of the Council)Responsible consumption Green procurement is implemented Collaboration with the local companies is initiated, Network for Sustainable Businessand lifestyle choices Development (NSBD) and Green shopsPlanning and design The sustainability goals are integrated in the City development PlanBetter mobility, less traffic Green traffic zones, Green buses and a continues expansion of the Bicycle lanes. A focus on creating a dense City.Local action for Health A healthy lifestyle is promoted strongly in schools and kindergardens and all city plans will be given a Health scoreVibrant and sustainable local Collaboration with the local companies is initiated NSBD, Network for Sustainable farms (NSF) and Green shops, A business developmenteconomy office, Public Quality management targeted the support of the local businessSocial equity and justice A strong political will to preserve and expand the welfareBorgmesterens globalLocal to Forvaltning A Climate protection and prevention plan will be approved this year. Local CO2 reduction goals more ambitious than the EU goals. Sustainable procurement is initiated
  • 9. The Aalborg commitment s – a movement promoting local sustainable actions Services from the Campaign partners Conferences on sustainability where all the Aalborg commitments cities can meet and develop new solutions to common challenges The next steps we investigate : A stronger corporation with ICLEI A new “Sustainability Google services ”Borgmesterens Forvaltning