Roles of the President
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Roles of the President






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Roles of the President Roles of the President Presentation Transcript

  • The Roles of the President Notes
    • Roles of the President
      • Chief Executive
        • Power to carry out laws passed by Congress
          • Aided by his Cabinet & about 3 million civilians who work for the federal government
          • Can issue executive orders which have the force of law but do not require Congress’s approval
          • Can appoint judges to the Supreme Court
          • Can grant pardons , issue reprieves , & grant amnesty to a group of people
  • Roles of the President
    • Roles of the President
      • Chief Diplomat
        • Power to direct the foreign policy of the U.S.
          • Negotiates treaties which require Senate approval
          • Issues executive agreements which by-pass the Senate but last only while that president is in office
          • Appoints ambassadors
  • Roles of the President
    • Roles of the President
      • Commander-in-Chief
        • Power to back up foreign policy decisions with force, if necessary
          • Orders American soldiers into battle
            • Congress has formally declared war 5 times
            • Presidents have sent troops into battle more than 150 times since 1789
          • Limited by the War Powers Act of 1973
  • Roles of the President
    • Roles of the President
      • Legislative Leader
        • Power to suggest legislation to Congress
          • Only members of Congress can formally introduce bills
          • Presidents makes speeches, meets with representatives & senators, and appeals to the American people in order to influence legislation
            • Annual State of the Union Address is the most important of these speeches
  • Roles of the President
    • Roles of the President
      • Head of State
        • Power to carry out ceremonial functions for Americans
          • Includes meeting with visiting foreign leaders, giving medals to the country’s heroes, lighting the national Christmas tree, throwing out the first pitch of the baseball season, etc.
  • Roles of the President
    • Roles of the President
      • Economic Leader
        • Responsibility to help the country’s economy prosper
          • Presidents have an important role in planning the federal government’s budget
    • Roles of the President
      • Party Leader
        • Responsibility to lead his political party
          • Make speeches to help fellow party members who are running for office
          • Helps the party raise money