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Il cjis forum presentation

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Jane WisemanSenior Director Justice & Public Safety Solutions(former Assistant Secretary for Public Safety, Commonwealth of Massachusettsand Assistant to the Director for Strategic Planning National Institute of Justice, US Dept of Justice)
  2. 2. Statement of Confidentiality & DisclaimersOracle is pleased to present you with the attached presentation for the software, hardware, and/orservices referenced therein. The attached presentation and its contents (collectively, "Presentation") arethe confidential and proprietary information of Oracle. The Presentation may be used by You solely forevaluation of a business relationship between Oracle and You. The Presentation may not be reproduced,published, disseminated, or otherwise disclosed without Oracles written consent.The Presentation may include selected third party data, information, research and/or reference materials(collectively, "Third Party Information"). Oracle does not warrant the accuracy of the Third PartyInformation, which is provided "as-is." The inclusion of the Third Party Information does not constitute anendorsement of Oracles products or services by any third party.Further, this Presentation is not a commitment to deliver any future material, code, or functionality. Thedevelopment, release, and timing of any features or functionality described in this Presentation remains atthe sole discretion of Oracle.The Presentation cannot account for all risks and other factors that may affect results or performance, orfor changes in your business practices or operating procedures that may be required to realize results orperformance, that are projected or implied in the Presentation.The Presentation, and any discussion or negotiation of The Presentation between Oracle and You, is forinformational purposes only and is not an offer by, commitment from, or contract with Oracle to provideany software or services. The Presentation is subject to change at Oracles sole discretion.
  3. 3. Financial Services Driving eGov Innovation> Driving a process from a mobile image - Bank Deposits expanding to other services - Tracking progress and status - Strengthening brand loyalty> Shifting to eGov Services - From potholes to permits - Tracking progress and status - Strengthening citizen/voter loyalty> Lowering Operation Costs - Form/Data entry eliminated - ‘Service tracking’ shifted to citizen - Information retrieval and ‘mining’ now possible
  4. 4. How will this drive JPS innovations?> eCourts - eFiling will eventually expand to mobile operating systems (security?) - eDocket Management some day – already numerous iPhone apps - Increase productivity of the courts AND citizens – reduce dead time and errors> ePolicing - Citizen Watch evidence submission – accelerate the ‘beat’! - Move ‘uniforms’ off the ‘desk’ and into the community - Drive police/citizen collaboration and loyalty> Improve citizen services in the face of reduced budgets - Reduce/eliminate ‘paper’ submission and retrieval (save a tree) - Redirect staff to more productive tasks (conserve FTE’s) - Improve ‘case’ resolution success; find, apprehend, and prosecute more effectively e.g eCharge process underway at Minnesota, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  5. 5. myLA   2Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  6. 6. City of Los Angeles - ‘The Unified Constituent’ 4Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  7. 7. 5Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  8. 8. Mobile Application   App with Alerts & Notification Add Photo Add Photo 6Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  9. 9. Mobile Application   Add Location Request List Detailed Request List 7Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  10. 10. Mobile Application   Mobile  ApplicaNon   Add Comments Request Tracking 8Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  11. 11. Pothole Requests by Council District - July 2012   9Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  12. 12. Performance by Department – July 2012   10Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  13. 13. Service Requests by Type – from 1/1/12 to 7/31/12   Completed Overdue 11Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  14. 14. Other  Features   •  Reports •  By Departments •  By Service Request type •  By Council Districts •  By Location (heat map for the city) •  Aging Reports (performance over time) •  By Source of Request (from Mobile, Call Center, Web) •  Alerts & Notification •  Updates (email, alerts on mobile) •  Department level notifications •  SLA alertsCopyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary. 12
  15. 15. List of LA Departments in Phase1 & Phase2   •  City Administrative Office System •  City Attorney Office •  Los Angeles Convention Center •  City Ethics Commission •  Los Angeles Fire Department •  Community Development Department •  Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority •  Community Redevelopment Agency •  Los Angeles Housing Department •  Department of Aging •  Los Angeles Police Department •  Department of City Planning •  Los Angeles Public Library •  Department of Cultural Affairs •  Los Angeles World Airports •  Department of General Services •  Los Angeles Zoo •  Department of Neighborhood Empowerment •  Office of Finance •  Department of Water & Power •  Office of the City Clerk •  Department of Disability •  Office of the Mayor •  El Pueblo De Los Angeles Historical •  Office of the Treasurer Monument •  Personnel Department •  Emergency Management Department •  PW/Board of Public Works •  Employee Relationship Board •  PW/Bureau of Contract Administration •  Fire & Police Pensions •  PW/Bureau of Engineering •  Harbor Department •  Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles •  Human Services Department •  Information Technology Agency •  Los Angeles City Employees Retirement *All of the city departments’ services will be included in the Knowledge Base which will be accessible via mobile, web or 311 call center operators. For inquires that are not answered by the knowledge base or do not need to be escalated by call-transfer, a common request form will be provided (mobile, web, 3-1-1- operator) to forward the request by email to appropriate department. The department will be able to follow up. 3-1-1- System will be able to track such calls. 13Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  16. 16. 311 Integration Model (Phase1)    Unified   Identity   Management   311 Service Request Management System Report   KB   LADBS   Engine   LABSS   LABOS   311 Portal •  Service Requests generated in 3-1-1 system and passed …   …   to departmental system for back office workflows •  Work Order workflow Request ID managed in back office Request Location(s) Status Update system Requester information Request Updates •  Dispatch managed by back Request Type, Subtype Request Description office system (manual or Request Field 1-99 automation) GIS (Address Verification,   Initial Status Application Layers Business Report Layers)   •  Building & Safety Departmental Systems   •  Street Lights (DBS, BSL, )   •  Animal Services •  DOT 15Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  17. 17. 311 Integration Model (Phase2)    Unified   IdenNty   Management   311 Service Request Management System CSD   LADBS   Report   Engine   LABSS   LABOS   311 Portal •  Service Requests generated in 3-1-1 system …   …   •  Work Order workflows managed in 3-1-1 System •  Dispatch service (truck roll) managed in separate system Request ID Work Order Updates Work Order ID Request Updates •  Bureau of Street Services GIS (Address Verification,   Application Layers,   Business Report Layers)   Dispatch System   16Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  18. 18. 311 Integration Model (Phase2)    311 Service Request Management System Report   Engine   CSD   LADBS   LABSS   LABOS   311 Portal •  Service Requests generated in 3-1-1 …   …   •  Work Order workflow managed in 3-1-1 system •  Dispatch managed in 3-1-1 system WO Details Request Updates (NO Back Office System) GIS (Address Verification,   Application Layers,   Business Report Layers)   •  Bureau of Sanitation •  Recreation & Parks •  Anti Graffiti 17Copyright © 2012 3Di, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Confidential & Proprietary.
  19. 19. <Insert Picture Here>Oracle’s Integrated Policing PlatformPatrick NguyenTechnical ConsultantFusion Middleware and Core Technology
  20. 20. Agenda•Challenges facing Law Enforcement Agencies•Oracle’s Integrated Policing Platform•Customer Case Studies
  21. 21. The Challenges We’re Hearing Fragmented Evidence, Police Investigations, and Intelligence Info: How can we create a trusted environment for the sharing of critical information across departments and jurisdictions? Inability to Analyze and Act on Criminal and Emergency Event Info: How can we identify trends and patterns to anticipate and prevent incidents? Limited Resources: How can we reduce crime, enforce the law and protect the public with limited resources?
  22. 22. Policing is an Integrated Process So Information should be integrated and holistic Citizen Incident Crime Intelligence Evidence & Service Management Property Victim Witness Suspect Custody Performance Reporting Officers Resources Missing Firearms Case Persons Register Preparation Duty HR Financials Asset ProcurementManagement Management
  23. 23. Information Sharing is Critical International National Fragmented Information Local Regional
  24. 24. Unstructured data is adding to the problem New Data Sources Video AudioOpen Source Images Transaction Information
  25. 25. Agenda•Challenges facing Law Enforcement Agencies•Oracle’s Integrated Policing Platform•Customer Case Studies
  26. 26. Key Functional Components Self Service Non Emergency E-Mail & Text Citizen Relationship Portal Call Handling Management Command & Incident Crime Intelligence Control Management RecordingNeighbourhood Evidence & Property Custody Link Policing Management Management Analysis Missing Registers e.g. Criminal Court Case Persons Firearms Records Preparation Duty Resource Fleet Procurement Management Management Management HR & Learning & Supplier Financial Payroll Development Management Management
  27. 27. Police Business Architecture Legal Trusted 3rd PoliceInvolved parties Citizens parties Representative StaffChannels Internet Phone eMail SMS Texts Face to Face PaperOperational Policing Support Incident Crime Evidence Intelligence Information Management Management Management Management Analysis & Visualisation Business Rules Legislation Policy Procedures Service Rules Behaviour Models Scheduling Resources Document Management Knowledge Base Administration Systems Finance HR Asset Management Training Procurement Business Intelligence and Analysis Performance Management Information Management Database Master Data Resilience & Availability Spatial Data Security
  28. 28. Integrated Location Intelligence Location information integrated with BI to allow analysis of crime patterns, geographical hot spots. .Draw linearound an areaof interest andhighlight allcases in area,and drill intodetails of aspecific crime.
  29. 29. Agenda•Challenges facing Law Enforcement Agencies•Oracle’s Integrated Policing Platform•Customer Case Studies
  30. 30. Illinois State Police CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVECOMPANY OVERVIEW “The Illinois State Police (ISP) embarked on•The Illinois State Police is the state police force of Illinois. a statewide information sharing initiative inOfficially established in 1922, the Illinois State Police haveover 3,000 personnel and 21 districts. ISP also maintains 2005 - Illinois Citizen and Law Enforcementthe Illinois sex offender registry, administers the states Analysis and Reporting (I-CLEAR). In anAMBER Alert program, and issues Illinois Firearm Owner effort this large and complex, the ISPIdentification Cards (FOID). The Illinois State Police is also required expertise in law enforcementresponsible for driving and physically protecting theGovernor of Illinois. systems, as well as an advanced computing platform. Oracle Corporation brought both. I-Case, the case management and incidentCHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES reporting system, continues to scale andPolicing rural as well as urban areas perform at near 100% reliability. Analytics,Need to share data with various agencies the business intelligence based information access system, provides near real-timeNeed for a reliable scalable infrastructure information in new and innovative formats. Oracle Corporation was a huge contributorSOLUTIONS to the success of I-CLEAR, and built a•Oracle Database foundation for future system enhancements."•Oracle Identity Management - Kim Cochran, Lieutenant Colonel –•Oracle Fusion Middleware Division of Administration, Illinois State•Oracle Business Intelligence Police
  31. 31. City of Chicago Police DepartmentCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE•The Chicago Police Department is the principal law “Our administrative overhead costs areenforcement agency of Chicago, Illinois, in the United down roughly 15% across the board as aStates, under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Chicago. It isthe second largest local law enforcement agency in the result of development of the CLEARUnited States behind the New York City Police Department. system. The speed at which officers canIt has about 12,244 sworn officers and over 1,925 other pull key information during criticalemployees. Dating back to 1837, the Chicago Police situations has greatly increased. BecauseDepartment is one of the oldest modern police forces in theworld. the police force is able to do its work much faster, weve gained an equivalent of 300 officers on the street."CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES - Ron Huberman, Deputy Superintendent-Reduce the time officers are required to spend inside Information & Strategic Services, ChicagoDepartment offices filling out reports Police DepartmentIncrease tactical data available to officers in the fieldimproving effectiveness and safety RESULTSProvide actionable information to command staff for  Administrative overhead costs downefficient deployment of resources 15%SOLUTIONS  Increased time officers are in the field•Oracle Database  Relevant data put in the hands of every•Oracle Application Express officer•Oracle Fusion Middleware  Timely data available to command staff•Oracle Business Intelligence•Oracle Endeca
  32. 32. Mobile solution - Dutch PoliceCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• 55.000 police officers• ca 1.600.000 fines yearly “When I have the choice, I prefer• ca 260.000 arrested suspects yearly to keep my P-Info in stead of my pistol”CHALLENGES (Policeman participating in the pilot)• Policemen need real time access to information during their patrol on the street. They use their mobile phone or PDA.• They have access to national information systems and national databases. This concerns information about crimes, stolen property (bikes, cars, etc) and geographical information RESULTS• They also have central office functions like mail, agenda, contacts, etc. •20% more time for policemen to• Policemen are informed in real-time about incidents on the do their job on the street street and they can anticipate and react directly. They can •50% less time needed concerning see the position of their colleagues on the street on the screen. surveillance tasks• Information push concerning locations in the proximity of •Direct acces to information the Policeman. without intervention from others •More quality in services and moreSOLUTIONS customer satisfaction• Oracle Database Enterprise edition• Spatial• Wireless option• Internet Application Server February 2007
  33. 33. Finnish Police Criminal Justice ChainCHALLENGES SOLUTION Expected Outcome• Multiple bespoke legacy • COTS based approach • Greater efficiency of police systems – poor front line • Full Oracle stack • Less need to return to access to data Police offices • Integrated enterprise wide IT• High cost of maintenance solution across the police • Improved service delivery and slow development of new requirements • One integrated shared • National Registers information store across all• Poor support for new ways • Crime Reporting processes and areas of the of working, especially Mobile police and prosecutors. • Investigations• High profile gun incidents led • User focused - Process led • Reduced administration and to need for national weapon approach rather than IT bureaucracy register system led • Improved flow of information• Need to share information • Integrated front line through the criminal justice across the police and with applications, delivered via chain through shared partner agencies in the mobile devices platform criminal justice chain.
  34. 34. Polish National Police ImprovesAvailability of InformationOVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE The National Police Service of Poland has implemented a national system of criminal information which is accessible by “By implementing the new Oracle-based 100,000 officials from 11 government and local agencies system, we improved the availability of including: information and streamlined the  Prosecutions operations of police units”.  Border Guards and Customs  Police “Now, any procedure that requires  Immigration, asylum and citizenship access to information can be performed  Intelligence service on a nationwide basis”CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Polish Police Unite the various agencies’ criminal information systems onto a common, web-enabled infrastructure based on "commercial RESULTS off-the-shelf" software Provide real time multi channel access to data and reporting • 4000+ concurrent users from 11 for front line officers – in progress different agencies accessing dataSOLUTIONS within target response times proved Oracle Database including Spatial and Mobile scalability and performance Oracle Application Server • Real time multi channel access to Oracle Designer Oracle Developer / JDeveloper data for front line officers under Oracle ADF – web based technologies. development Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
  35. 35. Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) Pursues SOAto Automate Processes and Protect Data BundeskriminalamtCOMPANY OVERVIEW CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE• The German federal crime agency “With Oracle SOA Suite, we expect the• Aims to make an active contribution to maintaining security centralized processes and consistent in Germany and throughout Europe interfaces to help us reduce costs and• Industry: Public Sector• Employees: 5,000 future-proof our investment within the context of the existing heterogeneous IT landscape.”CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES Matthias Memmesheimer, Project• Implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and automate internal BKA business processes Manager• Ensure a smooth integration with the existing operational IT infrastructure• Establish a component model to support a gradual, iterative RESULTS strategy and support defined, established business processes • Worked with Oracle Consulting to create a SOA to improve businessSOLUTIONS processes across the organization• Oracle SOA Suite • Developed a plan to unite disparate• Oracle BPEL Process Manager applications and enable simplified,• Oracle Web Services Manager secure access to data• Oracle Enterprise Service Bus • Created plans to ensure significantly• Oracle JDeveloper higher flexibility and maintainability of• Oracle Database• Oracle Application Server systems May 2008
  36. 36. San Joaquin CountySan Joaquin County Moves to Oracle-basedLaw and Justice System Video (4:00)
  38. 38. <Insert Picture Here>THANK YOU