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iCity Project Presentation
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iCity Project Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. iCityLinked Open Apps Ecosystem to open up innovation in smart cities
  • 2. iCity Aim:Enhance urban life and respond to societal challenges by means of ‘bootstrapping’ urban openinnovation ecosystems.Contribute to a increase third party services of public interest privision by opening public digitalassets and infrastructure to be used in transforming manner. Objectives:To integrate a common technological platform upon which services, designed and instantiated byinterested user-driven open innovation ecosystems can be offered to the citizens throughout a City OpenApps Store.Create a confident respectful relationship upon data and infrastructure provided by publicadministrations that can be relied to build upon solid third party services. Outputs:A platform for cities to manage open infrastructures and support service of public interest createdand deployed by third party 2
  • 3. VisionBy opening public infrastructures, A digital urban space where servicesiCity is opening space for innovative of public interest are deployed thanksservices of public interest while to third party involvement (SMEs,preserving public service provision developers, students, enterpreneurs,and quality citizens...) 3
  • 4. Focus Human capital New services economy Resilient Informationinfrastructures space 4 4
  • 5. Value Chain The consortium includes all the actors of the value chain CISCO CitiLab Cornella Public ICT ServicePublic Space Infrastructure Operation Living Innovation ofSpace Network of Public Adminis- Lab Ecosystems Public Sensors Infrastructures tration Interest Data Barcelona Bologna Fraunhofer Genova FOKUS IN3 (UOC) London Retevision 5
  • 6. Public Space Value Chain 6
  • 7. iCity PlatformThe project delivers a platform to preserve the provision of publicservices while opening the public infrastructuresAt the same time assuring the reliability of the open infrastructures 7
  • 8. Urban Innovation EcosystemCities have reach innovation ecosystemsThey will use the platform to deliver services of public interest 8
  • 9. Service Deployment ProcessThere is a process to get them on board and launch new servicesof public interest 9
  • 10. GovernanceGovernance bodies based on pppp will be createdAs well as processes to regulate the deployment of such services 10
  • 11. Facts & Figures iCity is a project of the CIP PSP Call 5th Developed from 2012 to 2014 Co-funded by: European Commission Coordinated by: Barcelona Municipal Institute of Information Technology In strong partnership with: City of Bologna, Greater London Authority, City of Genova, CISCO, Abertis-Retevision, Fraunhofer-Fokus, InternetInterdisciplinary Institute (Open University of Catalonia) and CitiLab. 11