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Icinga @GUUG 2013 Icinga @GUUG 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Open Source MonitoringBernd ErkFrankfurt | 28th FebruaryGUUG – Spring Break WWW.ICINGA.ORG  
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Agenda!  Introduction!  Tools and Platform!  Architecture!  New in Icinga!  Live Demo!  Icinga2!  Roadmap!  Questions & Answers   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Team   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IntroductionStatistics !   Forked from Nagios in April 2009 !   Over 280,000 downloads until now (123,000 in 2011) !   Different teams with independent responsibilities ! Icinga Core & Packaging ! Icinga Web & Reporting ! Icinga Q&A & Docs ! Icinga VMs ! Icinga Community !   25 “active” members on the team   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Tools and Platform Icinga Quality, Testing and Community Support Website and Open Source Ticketing System Icinga Core Icinga Web Icinga Doc Icinga Reports based on PHP based on C based source using Sencha, Docbook in based on MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle Agavi MVC English and Jasper Reports German Classic-­‐UI   IDOUtils Mobile NRPE and NSCA   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Architecture Classic UI REST API Mobile Icinga Web Icinga Core (with DB abstraction layer) IDOUtils SOAP Provider IDO Database Icinga Reporting   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Core!   Global notification deactivation with expire time!   Configurable check_result list for optimized result handling!   Fixed unknown macro replacement!   Over 75 minor fixes in 1.8.X   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga – Classic Interface!   New pagination in ClassicUI!   Regex-based configuration search!   Predefined time periods in log search!   Date-picker for all relevant input fields!   Preselected hosts in forced check schedule!   Global refresh in tactical header   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga – Web, VMs & Docs!   New credentials model to increase performance! Cronks & categories permissions editing in frontend!   Redesigned status map!   VMs extended to cover Debian, OpenSUSE & CentOS in VirtualBox & VMWare!   Revamped Docbook format for easy navigation   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Reporting!   Better support for PostgreSQL!   New reporting template for all reports!   Added morning report for quick overview!   SQL Procedure for fast SLA aggregation!   Predefined time periods for relevant reports!   Enhanced chart functionality!   Support for JasperServer 4.7   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Live Demo DEMO   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ - State! ZeroMQ - Pros !   Fast !   Various platforms available !   Running prototype! ZeroMQ - Cons !   Missing security implementation !   Bidirectional communication not provided !   Needed features broke with platform and framework compatibility   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ X   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  2   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga2 – Why?!   Scalability problems in large monitoring setups!   Difficult configuration with dozens of "magic" tweaks and several ways of defining services!   Code quality and the resulting inability to implement changes without breaking add-ons!   Limited access to the runtime state of Icinga (e.g. to query a service’s state or dynamically create new services)   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga2 – What the hell is that?!   Independently developed from Icinga 1.x! Compat layer for Icinga 1.x!   Built from scratch based on C++ and Boost-Libraries!   Support for current and older *NIX platforms and Windows as well!   Modular design and configuration!   Licensed under GPLV2! Dualstack IPv4 and Ipv6 over SSL!   New configuration format – DON’T PANIC!   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga2 – Components delegation compat plugins checker Icinga2 api replication compatido handler   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga2 – Architecture delegation compat plugins Classic UI checker Icinga2 api REST API Mobile Icinga Web replication compatido handler (with DB abstraction layer) SOAP Provider IDO Database Icinga Reporting   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga2 – Distributed checker compat delegation Icinga2 replication checker Icinga2 replication api Icinga2 compatido IDO Database replication handler   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Live Demo Icinga2 DEMO   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Benchmark   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Availabilitygit.icinga.org/icinga2.git   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Roadmap!   Planned public events !  GUUG - SpringBreak J ! Chemnitzer Linux Tag ! FlossUK Newcastle ! LinuxTag Berlin !  OSMC 2013 !  LISA - Washington D.C.!   Versions planned !   04/25/2013 – 1.9 !   10/24/2013 – 1.10 !   10/24/2013 – 2.0a1   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Questions & Answers Web www.icinga.org Development dev.icinga.org ? Feedback feedback.icinga.org Wiki wiki.icinga.org Twitter twitter.com/icinga Facebook facebook.com/icingaQuestions & Answers …….. Everywhere!   www.icinga.org | docs.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga