Icinga 2011 at OSMC
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Icinga 2011 at OSMC



Icinga Team at the Open Source Monitoring Conference 2011 in Nuremberg

Icinga Team at the Open Source Monitoring Conference 2011 in Nuremberg



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Icinga 2011 at OSMC Icinga 2011 at OSMC Presentation Transcript

  • Open Source MonitoringIcinga TeamNuremberg | 29th NovemberOpen Source Monitoring Conference WWW.ICINGA.ORG  
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Agenda!  Introduction!  Tools and Platform! Icinga vs. Nagios!  Architecture!  New in Icinga!  Live Demo!  Roadmap!  What’s next!  Questions & Answers   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Team   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IntroductionStatistics !   Forked from Nagios in April 2009 !   Over 128.000 downloads until now – more to come with 1.6 J !   Different teams with independent responsibilities ! Icinga Core ! Icinga Web ! Icinga Reporting ! Icinga Marketing ! Icinga Q&A !   24 “active” members on the team   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IntroductionMerchandising   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IntroductionMerchandising(Behind the scenes)   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Tools and Platform Icinga Quality, Testing and Community Support Website and Open Source Ticketing System Icinga Core Icinga Web Icinga Doc Icinga Reports based on PHP based on C based source using Sencha, Docbook in based on MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle Agavi MVC English and Jasper Reports German Classic-­‐UI   IDOUtils IcingaMQ Mobile NRPE and NSCA   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Icinga vs. Nagios!   Optimized database support !   Better performance & platform flexibility !   MySQL ! PostgreSQL !   Oracle!   80+ bug fixes missing in Nagios ® (https://wiki.icinga.org/display/Dev/Bug+and+Feature+Comparison)!   Many improvements in Core, Classic UI and a new web interface !   IPv6 and IPv4 support, compound commands, log file search and logging!   SLA aggregation and reporting! Plugin and configuration compatibility with Nagios ®!   Public roadmap and active development   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Architecture Classic UI REST API Mobile Icinga Web Icinga Core (with DB abstraction layer) IDOUtils SOAP Provider IDO Database Icinga Reporting   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Core!  Acknowledgement with expiry time! Dualstacked IPv6 support!  Extended logging capabilities!  Object configuration for modules!  Notifications for stalked hosts and services!  Handling of perfdata with empty results!  Enhanced performance (e.g. in notification logic)   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Classic UI!  Acknowledgement of blocking outages!  Advanced RegEx search!  Various improvements in navigation!  Advanced data export !   JSON !   CSV !   XML! Logfile search supported via webinterface!   Maintenance view for hosts and services in downtime   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - IDOUtils!   Optimized check result processing! Timezone awareness using UTC!   Improved Oracle support !   CLOBs for outputs !   Advanced table creation script!   Automatic db-version check!   Various improvements in housekeeping   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - IDOUtils!   SLA Extension !  Improved event aggregation !  Extended database model !  Extended IDO2DB logic !  Base for future reporting implementation Critical - Event Service (Timeline) Downtime Acknowledgement Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Documentation!   Documentation !  Detailed filter doc for CGIs ! Quickstart for FreeBSD !  PNP now described as default graphing solution !  External command specification!   Wiki !   Installation guides for various platforms ! Addon documentation- and installations-guides   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Web!   Reporting integration !   Execute reports in Icinga Web !   Download supported formats directly without access to Jasper !   Job scheduling !   Detailed user privileges!   New module interface !   Update safe modules !   Independent module configuration and installation!   New API !   New Doctrine based abstraction layer supports various databases with easier configuration www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga  
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  New in Icinga - Web!   New Tackle Cronk !  Offers an easy way to see all relevant data in one window !  Time correlation of incoming events !  Relationship windows show all necessary elements !  Comments and detailed host and service information in one window !   Comes as an additional view with Icinga 1.6!   New User Management !   Revamped interface !   Easy administration of complex access rules   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Live Demo DEMO   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Roadmap!   Planned public events ! Chemnitzer Linux Tag !  CeBIT 2012 !  GUUG !  UKUUG - Edinburgh!   Versions planned for 2012 !   03/01/2012 – 1.7 !   08/01/2012 – 1.8 !   10/17/2012 – 1.9   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  What’s next ?!   Business process integration !   Integration of business processes is on our roadmap for 2012 !   Bernd Strössenreuther (current BP Addon maintainer) will join Icinga !   Extend capabilities of business service monitoring and reporting!   Performance improvements !   Optimized check result handling !   Easier handling of large installations!   Optimized installation process!   One more thing….   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ!   Built on ZeroMQ !  Message-queue-like transport layer based on TCP !  Multi-level communication !  Core implementation based on C !  Libraries available for every popular language and operation system!   Solution for large environments’ fork performance lags!   Framework for distributed setup and architecture!   Future replacement for NSCA!   Transport layer for upcoming Core API   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ-Architecture Icinga Core event broker libicinga IcingaMQ libimq Server zeromq Check Result IcingaMQ Broker/Dispatcher IcingaMQ Broker/Dispatcher IcingaMQ Broker/Dispatcher   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ - Advanced Icinga Core IcingaMQ Server Check Result IcingaMQ IcingaMQ Broker/Dispatcher Broker/Dispatcher Check Result IcingaMQ Broker/ IcingaMQ Dispatcher Broker/Dispatcher IcingaMQ Broker/ Dispatcher   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ - Advanced Icinga Core IcingaMQ Server Check Result IcingaMQ Request Broker/Dispatcher CORE-API Result XML-RPC   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ - Advanced Icinga Core IcingaMQ Server Check Result IcingaMQ Broker/Dispatcher CheckResult (NSCA) Result   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  IcingaMQ!   Solution for load distribution!   Automatic fallback to Core checks!   Authentication provider to meet various requirements!   Architecture for distributed setup!   Future base for addons and web interface!   Replacement for NSCA   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Live Demo DEMO   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga
  • OPEN  SOURCE  MONITORING  Questions & Answers Web www.icinga.org Development dev.icinga.org ? Feedback feedback.icinga.org Wiki wiki.icinga.org Twitter twitter.com/icinga Facebook facebook.com/icingaQuestions & Answers …….. Everywhere!   www.icinga.org | doc.icinga.org | wiki.icinga.org | twitter.com/icinga