The Night Legacy Generation 2 College (Part 1)


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The Night Legacy Generation 2 College (Part 1)

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Night Lgeacy! In the last chapter, Generation 2 had grown up and went off to college. Orion and Regulus cannot inherit and therefore don’t matter for the most part, so they dropped out right away. We will be following the adventures of Luna and Celestia. Strap in, guys. This chapter is going to be long. For a part of the game that I hate and think is boring, a lot happened and I took a lot of pictures, even with the semester shortening mod. Their college time is going to split into at least two or three chapters. So, let’s dive in! Here’s our lovely Luna, looking very lovely indeed.
  2. 2. Seeing as Luna wants to be a Mad Scientist, she decided to major in Physics. She is a woman of SCIENCE!
  3. 3. Already bored with college life, I sent Luna downtown to everybody’s favorite night club! “You need to branch out.” Shut up.
  4. 4. Hey, look! It’s Contessa Hope! This was back when I was still trying different eye replacements. “Hey, why is your face grey and the rest of you not?” “I don’t want to talk about it.”
  5. 5. Luna stopped to have dinner before I decided to take her advice and branch out.
  6. 6. So, I sent her to the art museum. Here, she met Count Charles. “Hey, cool, you’re a vampire?” “Yes. Yes, I am.” “That’s awesome, man.” Unfortunately, Luna wasn’t interested in him. She isn’t interested in men at all.
  7. 7. “Yes, I burn in the sun. It’s very painful.”
  8. 8. “Unfortunately, cloud cover does nothing to alleviate it, as it cannot completely cover the sun. Perhaps if I was one of those sparkly vampires, this would be different, but to actually be one would be...embarrassing to say the least.”
  9. 9. “Eh, I don’t know much about that, but I do like rain. It may be kind of gloomy, but it’s strangely peaceful, even the thunderstorms.”
  10. 10. “So much better than the sun. What’s so special about it, anyway? The moon is much better.” “I concur.”
  11. 11. “Speaking of which...” “Hey, why’d you stop the game?”
  12. 12. “I apologize for stopping the game abruptly, my dear, but the sun has risen and I must flee before I slowly burn to death. Ta-ta.” “Oh, okay. See ya, then.”
  13. 13. “RUN AWAY!”
  14. 14. “Hey, Marylena is cute.” Oh, come on, she’s not a redhead or a vampire!
  15. 15. Speaking of redheads, I had Luna invite Kaylynn over. If Luna likes her, she will be marrying Kaylynn if she becomes heir, which currently seems unlikely.
  16. 16. As it turns out, Luna likes Kaylynn a LOT. They were all over each other. “I like you, Kaylyyn. A LOT.” “I like you too, Luna.”
  17. 17. “Mmph!”
  18. 18. Ah, transparent dormies. Gotta love ‘em. “Hey, man.” “Hey.”
  19. 19. “Now, where were we...?” “*giggle*”
  20. 20. I decided to let the two go on a date. Back to our old night club. I don’t think these two even noticed.
  21. 21. While there, I saw the female slob. I thought she might make an interesting spouse, so I sent Luna to check her out. It didn’t go well. “She’s so...filthy.” “You’re wacko.” No, she’s Yakko.
  22. 22. The night ended with a make-out session in front of the dorm.
  23. 23. Yep, college life is working great for Luna Night. But she’s not the only Night at college. Let’s check in with the other one...
  24. 24. Ah, here she is! Celestia Night, youngest Night child and the current favorite heir, came strutting into the dorm and didn’t even seem to notice that the walls were missing. “Say what now?”
  25. 25. Even though they’re competing for the heirship, Luna and Celestia get along famously. “Luna, stop it!” “What, are you ticklish, Cel? How about here?” “No!”
  26. 26. Since Luna’s destined hobby is tinkering, I decided to get her a robot workbench. Let’s work on those badges, now! “Yes, ma’am!”
  27. 27. “NOM NOM NOM!” I see your eating manners haven’t changed... “*extends pinkie*” Oh, yes, much better.
  28. 28. Ah, romance between dormies. This is Fray and Audrey. I ship them. “Did you hear something?” “Stop talking and kiss me, you fool!” “Yes, ma’am.” I’ll leave you lovebirds be. “There it is again!” “Shut up, you!”
  29. 29. Luna wasn’t the only one finding romance. Celestia decided she liked bad boys and fell in love with Valentine here, which happens to be the worst bad boy name of all time. “Hey!” Oh, come on, you share a name with the holiday of pretty flowers and at babies in diapers! “Hmph!” That said, I’m not sure I want him as a spouse. I’ve used his face style recently and I don’t really want to have it again. Still, Celestia likes him and she deserves a little romance. “His tattoos are so sexy. Mwor.” ...Okay, next slide.
  30. 30. “He even has a tattoo on his—” NEXT SLIDE!
  31. 31. “He doesn’t!”
  32. 32. “He does.” *facepalm**shakes head* Moving on...
  33. 33. That’s one mean dancing face you got there, Cel. “I am one with the music.” I’m sure you are.
  34. 34. “Hello, Daddy! Hello, Mom! I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!” What was I saying about her being prim and proper?
  35. 35. “You are such a babe, kitten.” “Oh, Valentine.” Looks like things are well in paradise.
  36. 36. They even shared Celestia’s first kiss.
  37. 37. “Nice moves, kitten!” “You too, babe!” The random dormie is not impressed. “They both suck.” “Hey!” “Hey!”
  38. 38. “Hey, Orion, it’s Celestia. Oh, nothing, just called to talk. What’s up? ... Sounds like your new apartment’s great! And Reg lives two doors down? ... Awesome! College is fine. I met a guy. ...*giggle* Well, wouldn’t you like to know!”
  39. 39. How goes to badge-building, Luna? “Pretty good. I just got bronze.” Awesome! Keep it up! “You got it!”
  40. 40. “Whoa, kitten, slow down!” “I can’t help it, babe.”
  41. 41. “I’m falling in love with you.” “Yeah? Me too.” Oh, great.
  42. 42. Cel? Cel, what are you doing? “Treasure hunting.”
  43. 43. “Ooh, a book!” Who throws a perfectly good book away?! “By E.L. James...” Ah. It all makes sense now.
  44. 44. “Let’s see what else we can find!”
  45. 45. “Ooh, an alarm clock! Cha-ching!” Well, I did say that she was a slob.
  46. 46. “Ta-da!” Oooh, what is it? “A hydrobot!” Neat! Now, sell it for money!
  47. 47. Fray and Audrey are still at it! Red-headed dormie is irritated. “Couples...”
  48. 48. “Yay! Leaves!” Luna, you just raked those up! “Of course I did!”
  49. 49. “Yahoo!” You’re just a big kid, aren’t you? “Yep!” I love you.
  50. 50. Oooh, woohoo in the photo booth! Let’s see who’s gonna come out.
  51. 51. It’s Luna and Kaylynn! A friend of Kaylynn’s called for an outing and these two decided to take advantage of the private space. Well, mostly private, Melissa. “Heh heh, woohoo.”
  52. 52. “So, I like the Llamas.” “Really? That band sucks!” “No, I’m with her, Kay! The Llamas are awesome!” “You two are nuts! The Grilled Cheese all the way!” “Bleck!”
  53. 53. I decided that Luna should have a back-up spouse in case she wasn’t voted heir (that’s not creepy, right?). So, I aged up Meadow and here she is, post-makeover. She’s quite gorgeous, if I do say so myself. “I’m so hot!” Yes. Yes, you are.
  54. 54. “Meadow, it’s so good to see you!” “So good to see you too, Luna!” “Now, where were we...?”
  55. 55. “*giggle* Oh, Luna!” “You like it!” These two are making up for lost time.
  56. 56. “*sigh* Time to get up.” Oh, come on! The sky is blue and the sun is shining! “Bleck!”
  57. 57. Ooh, matching nightgowns! I like it! “I pull it off better.” I don’t know, Celestia. Luna’s pretty hot. “I’m hotter.” Whatever you say.
  58. 58. “Hi! I’m Meadow! I’m dating Luna! You must be Celestia!” “Hey, don’t think you can suck up to me! Luna is my sister and I will always look out for her!” “What you think I’m gonna hurt her or something? I love Luna! I would never hurt her!”
  59. 59. “I’ve got my eye on you.” “Hmph.”
  60. 60. Luna does not seem to be aware that her sister and girlfriend are fighting. She’s too busy getting her silver robotics badge. “*whistles*”
  61. 61. “Time to ditch this joint! Greek House, here we come!”
  62. 62. Before we go, let’s take one last look at two more dormies getting some.
  63. 63. Here’s our new Greek House living room! The house does not have an official name, but I will have one made up by the next generation.
  64. 64. Here’s Luna, taking a moment to sit on the pink, flowery couch. “Cel picked it out.” Surveying the room is the SentryBot that Luna made. His name is RoboCop. “Scanning...scanning...The premises is clear.”
  65. 65. And here’s Celestia, playing outside. This is your favored heir, folks, playing in a puddle during a thunderstorm. “Whee!”
  66. 66. Scanning the college directory, I found a student named Maxwell. He’s blond, has green eyes, and has skintone 4. He’s also very handsome. This is who Celestia will marry if she’s heir. Thankfully, Celestia seems to like him. “He doesn’t have any tattoos...but he’ll do.”
  67. 67. “Hi, I’m Luna. I’m Celestia’s sister.” “Excuse me, could you move? I’m trying to watch this guy rant about fried eggs!” “Psh, sorry!” Doesn’t look like these two are going to get along either.
  68. 68. Thankfully, it looks like it was just a misunderstanding. “Why did the gerbit cross the road?” “Ooh, I love jokes! Why?” “To become roadkill!”
  69. 69. “Ha! That’s pretty funny! You’re not bad, Luna!” “You’re not too bad yourself, Max.”
  70. 70. “Hey, Maxwell, it’s me. So, I was thinking; want to go downtown? On a date? ... Great! I’ll see you soon!”
  71. 71. Ooh...awkward. Just as the taxi shows up for Celestia’s date with Maxwell, Valentine walks by. “Hm...wonder where my little kitten’s going...” The awkwardness! It’s over 9000!
  72. 72. These two only have one bolt, but their relationship grew fast. Like mother, like daughter, I suppose.
  73. 73. The two decided to go have their picture taken together because Maxwell wanted to. And yes, they are just having their picture taken, for now.
  74. 74. “I got the pictures, but I think you should have them. I know you wanted them.” “Wow, thanks, Cel! This is so sweet!” “You’re welcome, Max!”
  75. 75. “Maybe we can go on a cruise sometime!” “I don’t think we can do that, but maybe we can go on an island vacation.” “I’d like that.”
  76. 76. “Oh, good! Our food is here!”
  77. 77. “Er...wasn’t she supposed to give us our food?” “I think she was...” “Maybe we should order again.” So, they did and the waitress still didn’t leave them their food, and the club charged for both meals. Assholes.
  78. 78. Angry about being cheated, the two decided to woohoo in their photo booth.
  79. 79. And oh, look! Mrs. Crumplebottom is here! ... Uh-oh.
  80. 80. “Well, I’m satisfied.” “All right! Public woohoo is awesome!” “Weirdos.”
  81. 81. Uh-oh, Crumplebottom is on the prowl. “Oh, Max, that was amazing.”
  82. 82. “You miserable hussy! How dare you soil this establishment with your filth?! Get out!” “Hey! Leave her alone!” “That’s enough from you, young man! Filth!”
  83. 83. “Get back here, you old hag! You can’t hit me with your purse and get away with it! Hey!”
  84. 84. “You okay, Cel?” “I’m fine, Max. What a prude.” “I know. C’mere.” “You know just how to make me feel better.”
  85. 85. I heard some thunder and went out to see if it was raining and look who it is! Hi, Margaret! “Haha! The suffering of others is hilarious!” Nice to see you too.
  86. 86. Celestia went to greet her. “Hi! I’m Celestia!” “You look familiar. Are you related to Lila Night?” “She’s my mother.” “Oh, really?”
  87. 87. Oh, look here! We have a good witch arriving around the same time as the evil witch. That almost never happens. “Hope I don’t run into any evil witches—oh.”
  88. 88. “Hi! I’m Celestia!” “Nice to meet you, dear. I’m Clemencia.” “Hey, our names are similar!” “They are indeed.”
  89. 89. “I like your sparkles!” “Oh, well, thank you, dear!” “Ugh! What is that smell?!”
  90. 90. “Hey! I was talking to her first!” “Well, I never!”
  91. 91. “Well, nice meeting you, Celestia! Hope we meet again! Ta-ta!”
  92. 92. “That horrible, little—Oh!”
  93. 93. “Hey! Watch me dance!” “I—what?” “There! Now, you feel better!” “I suppose...”
  94. 94. “Oh, thank you, dear. You are such a sweet young lady. Is there anything I can do for you?” “Oh, I don’t know. Teach me magic? *laughs*” “Granted.” “...I was kidding.” “I wasn’t.”
  95. 95. “Really? You’re really going to teach me magic?” “Yes! Now, hold still!” “O-Okay.”
  96. 96. “Ooh, tingly!”
  97. 97. “Wow, that was weird. What the—? Cool! New outfit! This is great! Thanks!”
  98. 98. “Let’s try some magic!”
  99. 99. “Wow, I raised the sun? Great!” “It feels good, doesn’t it? You’re doing well!” “I’ve gotta go tell Maxwell!”
  100. 100. “Wow, Cel, you’re glowing!” “Thanks, sweetie!” “No, you’re literally glowing!” “Really? Oh, wow, cool! That’s awesome! I’m a witch now!” “Really?”
  101. 101. “It doesn’t freak you out, does it?” “Well, it’s kind of weird that you glow now, but I still think you’re amazing.” “Oh, Max, you’re the best!”
  102. 102. After an eventful night, it was time for Celestia to return home. “I can’t wait to tell Luna!”
  103. 103. “Good luck, dear! Start studying and practicing and you’ll be a talented young witch! I’ll visit again soon! Goodbye!”
  104. 104. “Wheeeeee!”
  105. 105. “Oh, wow, Cel, you’re glowing!” “Yeah, I know! I’m a witch now!”
  106. 106. “Really? When did that happen?” “I was on a date with Maxwell and I met a witch and we became friends and then she turned me into a witch!” “Wow...did it hurt?” “Actually, it kind of tickled.”
  107. 107. “So, what can you do?” “I can raise the sun!” “Really? Think I could raise the moon?” “Raise the moon? Oh, Luna, that;s just crazy!” “Yeah, it is! *laughs*”
  108. 108. “Teehee! I’m so good!”
  109. 109. “Stupid Greek distracting...” Not liking the Greek life, Luna? “Can’t a girl just do her homework in peace?” Not here, you can’t. “Hmph!”
  110. 110. “Intruder alert! Intruder alert!” “AIYEEEEEEEE!” Ha! RoboCop really doesn’t like the cow mascots. It shocked this one twice. Good robot! Now, if only you hated llamas and cheerleaders...
  111. 111. Time to go to class! “See you after class, Luna!” “Pfft, show-off.”
  112. 112. “Hey, Meadow! It’s me. Yeah, I love you too. Hey, listen, you want to go on a date? There’s a club in Bluewater Village I want to check out. ... Great! I’ll see you there! Bye!”
  113. 113. They arrived at Club Dante and hey, look, it’s Romi! Hi, Romi! What are you doing here? “Needed a night out. The kids are asleep.” Where’s Alan? “He had errands to run.”
  114. 114. Romi headed straight for the bar. “Hey, bartender, make me a Bloody Mary.” “You got it!” A Bloody Mary? Really? “The straight stuff comes later.”
  115. 115. “Hey, I’m Luna.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Romi.”
  116. 116. “Nice outfit, Romi!” “Thanks! Yours isn’t bad yourself.” “We are women of excellent taste.” “I agree.” Meadow is not so amused by Luna’s new friend, however. “Luna, maybe we should go.” “In a minute.”
  117. 117. “You know, I think we should start our own fashion line.” “Eh, not really my thing. I’m more of a mechanic.” “Really? You fix cars?” “And robots.” “That’s cool.” “Luna, I’m gonna go into the other room.” “Okay, Meadow, see you in a minute.”
  118. 118. “I’m working on my gold robotics badge. Soon, I’ll be able to make servos.” “Well, keep working at it. You can do it!” “Thanks for the support!”
  119. 119. “Why would Luna want to be friends with a vampire?”
  120. 120. “Sorry about that, Meadow. Want to dance?” “Sure!” Romi, you don’t look too happy. “I hate this song.”
  121. 121. “Heh heh, sometimes the vampire shtick can be fun. I might go over an BLEH that guy. But first, sports.”
  122. 122. “So, you should totally come over a visit sometime! You can meet my sister and we can hang out!” “Next time I can find the time, I will. Maybe you could make me a servo.” “I’ll see what I can do!”
  123. 123. “Ah! The sun!” “Yeah, my sister raises it.”
  124. 124. “Well, I must get home now! I will see you soon!” “Okay! Bye, Romi!”
  125. 125. “It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!” See you later, Romi!
  126. 126. “Hey, Cel, I met a friend while I was out with Meadow. Is it okay if she comes to visit sometime?” “Sure, it’s okay with me!” “Cool! Oh, and by the way, she hates the sun.” “Really? Your friend is weird!”
  127. 127. And we end with a nice shot of the Greek House! There’s so much more to come in the next chapter! So, join us next time for the next chapter of the Night Legacy!