The TAO of Banking APIs - Open Bank Project


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Why banking APIs? What's it for banks?
Summarizing opportunities and threats for banks and exploring the Open Bank Project API.

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The TAO of Banking APIs - Open Bank Project

  1. 1. The Tao of Banking APIs Ismail Chaib - @OpenBankProject
  2. 2. Background • COO Open Bank Project • Joined early! • Built a Telco API startup before • Tweet @iChaib
  3. 3. Opportunities
  4. 4. Threats
  5. 5. No longer a pioneer thing…
  6. 6. Key challenges… • Security • Ability to scale and monitse • API that developers use
  7. 7. The Open Bank Project is an open source API and App Store for banks and a community of developers using it Our solution
  8. 8. API and App store for Banks OBP API Bank’s Legacy IT System Bank’s Customers Provided by their bank OBP App Store 3 2 1 (On different platforms) Use innovative financial apps Card-linked offers Cash management AccountingERP KYC CRM Crowdfunding jQuery Savings GamificationData Visualisation Advisory PFM AML Anti fraudRegulation Your bank’s data center / cloud How it works Open Bank API fosters a customer-centric open innovation ecosystem
  9. 9. Love Insurance
  10. 10. Selfie Bank Selfie BankRegister for Selfie & take several ‘Selfies’ Register for Selfie & take several ‘Selfies’ Take Photo and Click Pay App Sends Photo and amount to Pay Selfie matches photo to the Account and Pays
  11. 11. KidsView
  12. 12. Mortgage Masher
  13. 13. 2000 banks +100 developers 17 apps
  14. 14. Ismail Chaib Thanks