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SenseCamp Berlin 2014
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SenseCamp Berlin 2014


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Sensecamp Berlin Sponsorship Presentation. …

Sensecamp Berlin Sponsorship Presentation.
Sensecamp is a community-driven event organised by MakeSense in order to foster and catalyse social entrepreneurship.

More information and registration here

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  • 1. What is MakeSense? MakeSense is a global grass-roots & open-source movement to promote Social Entrepreneurship accelerate the impact of Social Entrepreneurs
  • 2. What is a SenseCamp? SenseCamp is an event, organized by Makesense, dedicated to social entrepreneurship. It brings together social entrepreneurs, social business enthusiasts and others for a full day of talks, workshops and networking.
  • 3. Why we do it? • • • • Promote social entrepreneurship Highlight local social projects Strengthen the community of social innovators. Create a place for social business enthusiasts to discover and share new ideas and insights
  • 4. What’s happening at SenseCamp? SenseCamp Berlin is organized like a barcamp: community-driven, planned by volunteers, and participatory in nature.
  • 5. This is the 4th Sensecamp in Germany. The previous SenseCamp Berlin was attended by 200+ participants from the UK, France, Denmark, Germany and the USA engaging in 15+ interactive sessions. In Berlin, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur. Each event brought together an average of 150 delegates.
  • 6. Who is in the room?  Average age is 22 - 32  They are highly interested in finding profitable & sustainable solutions to the world‘s greatest problems  They are innovators, early adopters and establish trends rather than follow them  They are keenly driven by their passions  They think global and want to make an impact on the world  They are highly mobile, well-educated, super connected, influential and engaged in the world  Total : 200-250 people.
  • 7. We are global influencers     MakeSense HotSpots in more than 50 cities 13.000+ facebook fans and 500 visitors per day on MakeSense blog 10.000+ participants in Hold Ups 800 MakeSense members, each with min. 500 facebook friends
  • 8. Become a Sensecamp Partner… Sensemaker Sponsor  Company logo as sponsor on promotional material  2 guaranteed tickets to SenseCamp Berlin 2014  International visibility as SenseCamp Berlin Sponsor (website, facebook) Total Cost: 500 EURO (+VAT/MwSt.) Super-hero Sponsor  All of the above + 5 free entry tickets.  Engagement opportunities at other SenseCamps around the world  On-site branding as sponsor of the event Total Cost: 1.000 EURO (+VAT/MwSt.) Gold Sponsor (only one)  All of the above +5 free entry tickets.  1 guaranteed speaking slot / workshop space  3x5m exhibition space at SenseCamp  2 invitations to exclusive pre-conference dinner Total Cost: 5.000 EURO (+VAT/MwSt.)
  • 9. ..Or Sponsor the Kickstarter Programme!  Fund travel tickets to SenseCamp of 10 young social entrepreneurship enthusiasts from Germany and Central Eastern Europe  We train them on how to launch a successful MakeSense hotspot in their local aread during a dedicated workstream.  They use their training to catalyze social innovation in their cities once back  Post-Camp we’ll help them in-situ and online to get these hotspots off the ground and sustain them for growth.  You will have further engagement opportunities once the hotspots are developed. Total Cost: 2.000 EURO (+VAT/MwSt.)
  • 10. Contact Michaela Trestikova· Organisation Ismail Chaib· Partnerships & Sponsoring