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Open bank project api days-presentation-dec2013
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Open bank project api days-presentation-dec2013


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • 1. Bank as a Platform - Bank Presentation - Banks at the API table Simon Redfern, Founder Ismail Chaib The Open Bank Project
  • 2. Ismail CHAIB - @iChaib @OpenBankProject
  • 3. Banking today…
  • 4. What about the future?
  • 5. Bank as a Platform Individuals & Businesses. API Bank
  • 6. Strong appetite for innovation Banks increasing innovation investment 26% invested in channel innovation 13% 77% 2009 2013 Consumers believe their bank should be investing more in Internet and mobile channels Source: Innovation in Retail Banking 2013, Efma-Infosys
  • 7. Hampered by IT legacy system !!!! The #1 barrier to innovation is IT system Source: Innovation in Retail Banking 2013, Efma-Infosys
  • 8. APIs, huge benefits to reap Source: faberNovel, 6 reasons why API are reshaping our business An API reduces the time, complexity and cost of deploying banking apps Banks can leverage the OBP API to create better customer relationships
  • 9. The API Value Proposition Retail / corporate banks ✔ Banks instantly offer new apps to their customers and launch new services faster, cheaper and securely whilst retaining data control and remaining the main customer touch point Trusted Party Developers ✔ Developers have easy access to banking data and trusted services ✔ 3rd Customers enjoy a much greater choice of high quality and secure services Individuals & Businesses. Open Bank API fosters a API to create better customer relationships Banks can leverage the OBPcustomer-centric open innovation ecosystem
  • 10. The Open Bank Project The Open Bank Project is an open source API and App Store for banks And a community of developers using it Open Bank API fosters a API to create better customer relationships Banks can leverage the OBPcustomer-centric open innovation ecosystem
  • 11. Use Case #1: KashFlow Bank reconciliation for accounting software
  • 12. Use Case #2: Momentum Financial KPIs and cashflow forecast
  • 13. Use Cases Category Name Description Produced by Kashflow UK Leading accounting Software for SMEs Kashflow Momentum Business Analytics for SMEs BCMLogic PFM MoneyGarden Personal finance management solution MoneyGarden Data Visualisation MoneyJourney Displays financial flows on a 3D globe Independent developers Social Finance Financial Transparency for Non-Profit organisations TESOBE CashTrack Financial Transparency for current accounts. Transparency International SpeakingBank Banking for visually impaired people (mobile) TESOBE BankingBanquet Different user interfaces according to the user’s preference (tablet) TESOBE Accounting CSR Customized User Experience More information on Banks can leverage the OBP API to create better customer relationships
  • 14. How it works Bank’s Customers 4 3 2 Bank-Branded App Store OBP App Store Trusted developers Mobile and web applications The Bank OBP API 1 Bank agnostic interface Bank-specific Connectors Bank’s Legacy IT System
  • 15. Active developers community • A growing international community of developers and system integrators. • 11+ apps using the Open Bank Project API • Support from The Open Data Institute and wider Open Data community • 500+ registrations on mailing list • 4 hackathons per year “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed” William Gibson
  • 16. API drives innovation A large innovation potential to unlock
  • 17. API drives growth By making customers happier
  • 18. Should banks be concerned? Reasons to worry Why you should not Security/Privacy Bank-Level security Loosing control Monitoring dashboard provides more control Brand dilution Feasibility Bank stays at the center of interaction
  • 19. Definitely! … Payments Account Aggregation Mobile Banks New entrants?
  • 20. Our version of the future… Individuals & Businesses. API Bank
  • 21. We have PoCs with banks Incubated at
  • 22. An open API for every bank! Why do we need a Web site? 1995 Of course we have a Web site 2000 Why do we need an API? 2010 Of course we have an API 2015 “We believe that the Open Bank Project will be appealing to developers because of the ability to build an app that can then be used by any bank or customer.” Kristin Moyer, Research Vice President, Banking & Investment Services, Gartner Source: Hype Cycle for Open Banking, July 2013 Inspired by ProgrammableWeb
  • 23. Thanks Ismail Chaib