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Published on was established in October 2008 by a team of young and ambitious technopreneurs. The company was formed with the vision to provide a complete end-to-end e-commerce platform to the Asia industry by easily setting up online-businesses and trading in the global marketplace. In a short span of three months, we have obtained the MSC status from Malaysia Government in early January 2009 to recognize for our innovative research and development efforts in e-Commerce era. In April 2009, when was just seven months old, we are proud to launch our brainchild, SMILD(S), the fourth generation e-commerce solution to the public. Being young and energetic, SMILD(S) was well received and we were pleased that in a glimpse; our community grew to several hundred merchants and still growing.’s mission is to become the Pioneer and Enabler as well as a being a professional Service Provider in a brand new Business-to-Business-to-Consumer-to-Consumer (B2B2C2C) platform in Asia Internet Retailing industry. It has been our vision to be the Top 5 Internet Retailing platform in Asia Pacific Region and to build our very own Malaysian brand and make a stand in Asia. As our motto says “We will definitely make it happen!

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  • Company Profile

    1. 1. Platform2u are not only a global e-commerce company, but also a localize e-commerce company. Today we are proud to introduce the latest e-commerce solution in the entire industry. It is a revolutionary breakthrough that has will change the e-commerce development roadmap. It is cutting edge, it is unique, it is advance, and it is going to be a truly e-commerce solution that constructed by Malaysian for Asian, Chairman; and we, definitely will make it Dato’ Donald Lim happen.
    2. 2. • smile everyday • constantly and continuing improvement • 100% professionalism all the time • team spirit • speed! speed! speed!
    3. 3. Startup: Recognition: SMILDS Soft Launch: SMILDS HK: Incorporate Obtain MSC Status Pan Pacific Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel @ Company from Malaysia KLIA with 300 pre- 25th May with 150 Government subscribe merchants subscribe merchants Operation: MoU : SMILDS MY: SMILDS PH: Company in MoU with Easy Pha- Pan Pacific Hotel Shangri-La Hotel operation with 7 max to develop e- KLIA @ 26th April @ 4th Jul with 300 staffs Commerce solution participants
    4. 4. e-Commerce 4.0 Easiest way to transform into e-Commerce e-Payment, e-Logistic build in CRM build in
    5. 5. SMILDS Members Values
    6. 6. Shopping Payment Inventory Order Logistic Delivery Customer Cart Gateway Control Fulfillment Tracking Services Our Official Strategic Partners:
    7. 7. Web Blogs Social Network Search Engine Video & Photo Forum sharing SMILDS Square Bookmark SMILDS Parade Newsletter SMILDS City RSS SMILDS Gallery Promotions SMILDS Valley Weekly Carnival Radio Sales Billboard Super Sunday Online Ads Roadshow Lucky Draw Competition
    8. 8. SMILDS assistant to you SMILDS assistant to you SMILDS assistant to you • SMILDS University • SMILDS University • SMILDS University • Customization and product listing • Order monitoring • Take part in SMILDS Guru •Photo shooting and modeling • Logistic & fulfillment support • SMILDS e-Commerce Case Study •Video editing for products • Payment monitoring • SMILDS Success Stories sharing SMILDS assistant to you SMILDS assistant to you SMILDS assistant to you • SMILDS University •SMILDS World advertising • SMILDS University • Customization of entire design •Participate in SMILDS Event • Database marketing • Copywriting of web contents •Search Engine Optimization •E-Marketing campaign • Photograph of corporate & model •Internet Ads •Sponsorship in events • Video shooting and editing •SMILDS e-Promo Newsletter
    9. 9. Expanding services in PH, CH, SA, AU,ID, TH, VN Launching of new SMILDS shopping mall Launching of new SMILDS V2 service Launching of new Partnership program
    10. 10. Expansion Strategies • 13 countries by Y2, 25 countries by Y3 • Glocalization of system and operation • Complete e-Commerce eco- system
    11. 11. 3Year Target More than 2M merchants 30M transaction monthly US$1B transaction value monthly US$1B yearly profit Created more than 3M career opportunities