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"Icertis Contract Management is the premier full-featured product in the market and recognized by customers and analysts alike. Icertis delivers an exceptional product leveraging the latest in Cloud technology to ensure rapid deployment resulting in better ROI for our customers. All of this exists in a modern, intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly and effectively harness the power of the contract management system.

Icertis Contract Management's (ICM) robustness helps customers cover a wide range of contracts from procurement to corporate contracts that supports all departments with a horizontal solution. These include buy side or sell side contracts, vendor contracts, MSA’s and SOW’s, M&A contracts, etc."

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Icertis Contract Management Brochure

  1. 1. Leading provider of enterprise solutions in the Microsoft Cloud Compliance Collaboration Visibility Governance Simple | Compliant | Comprehensive Contracts are the engine of commerce; an agreement between two or more parties that captures business and commercial terms and conditions. All organizations use contracts, however, not all organizations manage them as effectively and strategically as they should. Most all contract management systems use four axes to define their functional areas (Gartner, 2009): • Authoring • Execution • Boilerplate • Support / Administration The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) System not only does a great job of implementing this baseline functionality, but adds another two major axes to take contract management from a tactical need to a strategic investment: • Compliance / Governance • Risk Management At Icertis we understand the need to analyze and minimize contract related risk, and empower businesses to effectively manage compliance. These six key axes of Icertis Contract Management assist enterprises in maximizing revenue, reducing costs, managing risk, and ensuring compliance for all supplier, partner, customer Simplifying your Contracting Process Reduce contracting complexity, increase compliance, and enhance efficiency and lower contract administration costs.
  2. 2. ICM is the premier full-featured product in the market and online environment • Review and approve contracts through recognized by customers and analysts alike. Icertis delivers automated configuring workflows • Create centralized and an exceptional product leveraging the latest in Cloud comprehensive repository for contracts and associated technology to ensure rapid deployment resulting in better documents • Perform advanced and full text search for contracts ROI for our customers. All of this exists in a modern, and associated documents • Track contract performance intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly and through intuitive, role based dashboards and KPI's • Role-based effectively harness the power of the contract management Access Control (RBAC) at individual contract and clause level • system. Track all versions of contracts during negotiations • Maintain associated documents and parent child relationshipsICM's robustness helps customers cover a wide range of contracts from procurement to corporate contracts that Compliance and Governance supports all departments with a horizontal solution. • Regulate through automated commitment tracking and full Execution audit trail • Send automated notifications and alerts on all key terms of contract renewals and milestones • Conduct robust• Automated conditional, sequential, and parallel approval reporting to capture contracting trends across the enterprise •rules based on contract parameters • Compare edited Monitor and mediate inter-linkage of different contracts Retainclauses terms with standards in clause/terms library • full governance around boilerplates • Track and manage projectAutomatically highlight contract deviations from standard level contractual and regulatory obligations • Ensure adherenceclauses • Execute both manual and electronic signatures • to internal corporate policiesFull smart phone and tablet support throughout the contracting cycle Risk Management Partner Boilerplate • Implement contractual and proactive risk profiling • Measure risk associated with clause deviation in all contracts •• Maintain a library of pre-approved templates, clauses, Capture financial, contractual, and engagement risk • Report onand terms • Create boilerplates using clause library, counter-party's changes in financial / business ratingsexisting word document drafts, and contract terms • Build boilerplates using existing pre-approved clause library with Compliance and Risk Management ease • Tag clauses that need to be tracked during • Contract risk profiling • Clause deviation analysis negotiation • Manage changes and edits to the boilerplates • Commitment tracking, audit trail, comprehensive centralized with robust governance document management Administration • Negotiate and collaborate on contracts in a secure and Features
  3. 3. to determine exposure across various axes including financial,Eliminate “Maverick Contracting” contractual and legal risk. Companies going through anToo often there is no central authority to manage the contract acquisition could, for example, look at the body of contracts ofprocesses resulting in individual departments initiating and the acquired entity and determine the risk associated with thestoring contracts separately. Rationalizing contracts across merger/acquisition.geographies and departments reduces overall risk and allows Real time risk assessment through Financialthe organization to accrue the benefits of standardization. ICM provides a consistent, organization-wide view of the Rating Adaptor contracting process and repository to ensure standardization ICM uses a real time risk assessment module to notify and prevent the formation of contract silos. customers of various types of risk and the financial ratings of Identify your most negotiated clauses and contracting counter-parties. ICM does this by ingesting feeds from industry sources such as Dun and Bradstreet, andcreate a repository of fallbacks Bloomberg, etc., and crystallize information relevant toThe ICM Template Management module enables building of a customers. The platform also uses sentiment analysis andclause library, and specifies the fallbacks for increasing the other proprietary big data techniques to notify customers ofvelocity and reducing the cost of the contracting process. factors that may impact their business. This pro-active Capture internal discussion and tradeoffs approach allows customers to focus on their core business through the Negotiation Tracker while allowing the platform to act as their eyes and ears to the outside world.ICM provides a seamless way to capture internal discussions surrounding the contract through comments and notes Compliance and governance around Templates captured in a Negotiation Tracker minimizing contract / Boilerplates and Clauses negotiation cycle time. The Negotiation Tracker provides a Templates and clauses need their own governance withhistorical tracking of all contract modifications, giving a clear special attention since they are used repeatedly and representview of the contracts as they evolve. Users get a holistic view of an organization's standards and acceptable level. The ICMcomments from internal reviewers and changes requested by Template and Clause Library module provides powerfulexternal parties along with previous versions of the contract. workflow and governance capabilities enabling the Legal and Manage complex contract terms including Finance teams to enforce standards across the organization. rates and discounts Clauses may be locked down or fallback clauses provided in order of priority with the appropriate changes in workflowOrganizations with complex contract terms require special rules when a clause is substituted.attention to ensure proper tracking of all aspects of the contracting terms are managed effectively throughout its Powerful and configurable alerts to all lifecycle. ICM allows discount and other calculations to be stakeholders captured and managed effectively. ICM has a powerful reporting capability allowing users to Drive better vendor monitoring and create reports on demand or at regularly scheduled intervals. obligations Alerts and Notifications may be sent via email, text messaging or any other method to ensure immediate attention. AllThe ICM Obligation Tracker allows organizations to track stakeholders receive timely, accurate reports to make morecommercial and non-commercial obligations during the informed decisions.lifetime of the contract. This dynamic obligation reporting module helps stakeholders make more informed decisions Advanced search for templates / boilerplates and better manage risk. Obligations may be grouped to create and data within contracts an SLA tracker for easy follow up and auditing. ICM uses proprietary search technology to quickly perform Ensure your contracts don't fall through the searches on the repository of contracts and templates. cracks between CRM and ERP Examples include searching for specific contract types (templates), agreements with a specific vendor, specificContracts are live documents and need constant monitoring. clauses (standard or non-standard), contract details, specificOur plug-ins to commercial CRM (, MS CRM, language within a contract, etc. To add configurable securityetc.) and ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics Suite, etc.) rules, ensure that the right access is granted to the rightsystems make sure that all your contracts are visible and people.tracked from both CRM and ERP throughout the contract lifecycle. The benefits are obvious – from the ability to Go live in 60 days reconcile and close books more quickly to improved Order to ICM leverages the benefits of the cloud and its modular Cash and Procure to Pay cycles. architecture to complete most implementations within 60 Calculate Risk Score within a department or days. ICM customers save by not having costly implementation cycles, allowing for quicker return onacross the entire organization investment. The Icertis Managed Business Desk helps withICM allows organizations to take a group of contracts across tasks such as contract migration for even faster deployment.the organization, in a department, with a specific vendor, or any specific group of contracts and use a Risk Score Calculator Benefits
  4. 4. Success Stories Leading provider of enterprise solutions in the Microsoft Cloud | • One of the largest global deployments of a contract management solution on Icertis Contract Management for a software giant - 130000+ contracts managed in 40 languages; 250 templates and thousands of users. The implementation reduced contract administration cost by 40% and improved speed of contracting by 60%. • volume of contracts and achieves rapid deployment - go live within 30 days on cloud deployment, rapid implementation, reduction in administration cost and improved contract compliance. The second largest bank in India uses Icertis contract management on cloud to manage their growing Icertis is built on three core premises: • Economics and efficiency will drive all enterprise software that touches the customer, partner, vendor, or consumer – i.e., ERP-surround software – to the cloud. • Cloud's elasticity, availability, and ubiquity will drive game changing innovation in the ERP-surround software market. • The coming decade will belong to enterprise software companies with products that can be swiftly deployed, rapidly iterated on, and quickly customized to customer's specific business challenges Anchored in these foundational premises, Icertis has catapulted to a leading provider of ERP-surround products and professional services in the Microsoft cloud. Our products include comprehensive solutions for contract and compliance management, transportation management, public transport management, and fleet management. The products have inspired and easy to use interfaces, are designed for quick deployment and easy adoption, and will yield immediate results and quick return on your investment. We offer optional deployment models – on-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises – which are highly cost effective while also ensuring privacy and security of customer data and processes. These solutions help customers to optimize cost of operations and improve business competitiveness by providing capabilities that manage compliance, and improve responsiveness and scalability.