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Go And Chess
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Go And Chess



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  • 1. Go and Chess Made by icemilk
  • 2. What is Go? (Weiqi 圍棋 , Igo 囲碁 , buduk 바둑 ) Go is the oldest board game. Go is a territorial game, where each player tries to surround the largest part of the board.
  • 3. What is Chess? The Royal Game of Chess. Originally the game of kings, chess today is a sport for all. Sixteen white pieces battle against 16 black pieces.
  • 4. Game Board 19X19 lines vs. 64 squares (8 rows and 8 columns)
  • 5. Rule
    • Simple vs. Difficult
  • 6. Depth of Complexity
    • Go is so complex that the best computer programs lose to talented children.
    • The computer programs may beat the pro chess players. In 1997, Deep Blue became the first computer to beat the World Champion Garry Kasparov in a match.
  • 7. Moves or Plays
    • 200-300 vs. 50-60
    Ending Goal
    • Finish the details vs. Close in for the kill.
  • 8. Summary of Comparison Close in for the kill Finish the details Ending Goal Control the Center Stake your Claim Opening Goal 0-2851 9d-1d (Pro Players) 1k-9k(Intermediate Players) 11k-30k (Beginners) Rank Total destruction Win by one point Winning Process Checkmate or Draw A winner all the time End of Game Tactical Strategic Skills 2 2 Players India (1500 years) China (3000 years) Origin and History Chess Go
  • 9. Woman Grandmaster Almira Skripchenko of France Chess goddess Alexandra Kosteniuk, an aspiring model and the 2008 Women’s World Champion of chess disproves that. Who says that beauty and chess genius won’t go together? 梅澤由里香 唐莉
  • 10. Want to play Go or Chess?
    • Internet
    • Go or Chess School
    • Email me
    THE END THANK YOU [email_address]