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  • 1. Communities One of the biggest value in today's digital world is creating communities that one can own. Then one needs to find engagement vehicles for the community so that they can interact and transact with the community owner and with each other.
  • 2. Biggest Successes • Some of the biggest successes in the last two decades in terms of business models and valuations are communities like Face Book, Linked In, free email providers etc. • The bottom line is that owning a community of a large number of people from all over the world is something which creates a huge value. • Once the community is formed then there are several things that can be done with this community including selling products, services and networking opportunities.
  • 3. Challenges The biggest challenges faced in creating communities are the following. • A compelling and strong reason for people to join the community • Reasons for interacting within the community
  • 4. E-Commerce All the E-Commerce portals like flip kart, Jabong, Myntra and Snap Deal, OLX etc attract people who buy from there but unless one wants to do that there is no reason to actually go there so there is no community.
  • 5. • 365 Communities by date of birth under one large community called ICBI 365 • People would get excited and enthusiastic about coming together with other people born on the same day
  • 6. Personality and Character Traits • The most important aspect of the identity of a person is the person’s image and soft skills aligned to personal characteristics. • It is well known that personal characteristics are largely related to the sun sign or birth date of the person. • Hence aligning image management advise to the person’s birth date will provide a very powerful way to give individual advise to a large number of people.
  • 7. ICBI-Unique Position • ICBI already has a large network of image consultants who are trained in the art and science of image management. • ICBI is planning to partner with these consultants and offer personalized image advise to people based on their birth date. • Further, it will also provide additional value in terms of products that are particularly suited to personal characteristics such as clothing and accessories, gifts and other personal items that enhance the image.
  • 8. Sharing • Another important aspect of personal image is the feeling that you are not alone - sharing your image characteristics with others who are similar is a very powerful way to enhance one’s self image. • Hence ICBI 365 will also include facilities for persons born on the same day to share their ideas, concerns, challenges and successes with each other, resulting in a powerful feeling of belonging.
  • 9. ICBI-365 • Is one of the biggest project that has been planned and is something which will bring lifetime of earning for the participating consultant.
  • 10. This project is ingenious and will eventually become the biggest initiative which will engulf everything that ICBI will offer.
  • 11. ICBI-365 • This project is about using the existing biggest seller in India to bring people together in communities, and that is "Astrology". Anything related with astrology and zodiac signs etc always sells in India. There are numerous books about personality and character traits about people born under a zodiac sign.
  • 12. • Similarly there are books which talk about personality and character traits of people born on each day of the year. And the fact is almost all the people reading it identify with it to the extent of 70% to 100%.
  • 13. Using a book to establish authority and interest A Unique-First ever book will be published which will talk about personality and character traits of people for each day of the year along with Image Management and Success advice for people born on that day. There will be 365 pages talking about the same
  • 14. • This book will be published and promoted heavily. The reason no one else can do it is that it requires 365 consultants born on one of the 365 days under one roof and other than ICBI no one has that.
  • 15. Each page will be written by an Image Consultant who was born on that day. The consultant writing this page will have two levels of authorityOne because he or she is an Image Consultant and second that he or she is born on that day. So for example for people born on 14th January the page will be written by an Image Consultant born on 14th January.
  • 16. For page of each day that consultants picture and contact details will be mentioned on the page . A format will be given by ICBI to write this page and an astrologer and an editor will be hired to help the consultants write the pages for their day.
  • 17. • A website will be created with 365 mini sites connected with it. • This is a hugely expensive website as it is actually 365 different websites. • Each site for a particular date will be led by the same consultant who wrote the page for the book. • So once someone comes to this website they will enter their date of birth and the website for that day will open with image and success advice etc for people born on that day.
  • 18. • It will again display that consultants picture and contact details and links. This website will also have a face book type social platform with more customized features. • Through promotion it will start creating communities of people from all over the world born on same day. Everyone will love to network • with different people born on their birth day.
  • 20. • A proposed television program which will air everyday as a 2 to 3 minute capsule which will have the consultant for that day talking about advice for people born on that day. This will again bring a huge viewership for each day and it will also end with talking about coming and joining the community for people born on that day.
  • 21. • A newspaper deal is also being considered to print one strip under the horoscope which will again invite people to join the community.
  • 22. Business Implications The business implications for this initiative are un-imaginable. Sky is the limit. Although in future, few years down the line many things will evolve but the following are planned as of now.
  • 23. • The consultant for each day will now actually have a super speciality to guide people on Image Management born on a particular day which is also the birth date of the consultant.
  • 24. • In India the total urban population which as per census is about 38 Crores, the population of SEC A1, A2, B1 and B2 which are the affording class as per Socio Economic classification of government of India is about 12 Crores. • Which means that there are about 3 lac people of affording class for each birth date in urban ares alone. These 3 lac people now become an exclusive target for that consultant.
  • 25. • The consultant will now create workshops and consulting packages for people born on that day with help of ICBI. • Anyone seeing a promotion of a workshop specifically for people born on a particular day will for sure be tempted as other than the workshop it also has the fascination of meeting another 10 to 15 people born on that day. • Also anyone else seeing a promotion like that will for sure either be tempted to gift it to someone whom he knows born on that day or at least inform that person about it.
  • 26. • The ICBI 365 website will also be a heavy duty ecommerce site selling gift items, timeless gift items, clothes, accessories and many other things for specific birth dates. • Imagine that if you had to buy a birth day gift for someone, and if you came to know about a site which sells gifts according to each birth date, would you not really be tempted to go there first to buy gifts?
  • 27. • Many other similar initiatives will be created as we go along. • There is no doubt whatsoever that this will generate enormous income for ICBI as well as the consultant for each day lifelong.
  • 28. Revenue Sharing • Anything that the consultant creates for her day she/he will need to share a percentage of revenue with ICBI. This will include workshops, consulting packages, gift items etc. • Anything that ICBI creates and sell through this website, the consultant will get a share of that revenue. Exact share will be worked out soon.
  • 29. Your Day of the Year
  • 30. BUY YOUR DATE • Buy your date. understand that only one consultant can have one date as the main owner of that date. • This is one opportunity that if you miss now, you can never get it again as someone else born on that day will take that date. • Once you buy a date you own it for your life. • At one stage you will keep earning even without you doing anything as whatever sells for that day you will get a share.
  • 31. Your Investment Rs. 1,50,000 + ST totalling to Rs. 1,68,540 • Rs. 98,540 now • Rs. 30,000 when you submit your page for the book (About 3 months) • Rs. 20,000 when the book is ready to go to print (About 6 months) • Rs. 20,000 when the book is published • Rs. 50,000 per year charge from second year onwards from the date the book is published. • The per year charge right now is fixed for 3 years after which it will be reviewed.
  • 32. • Q) Why are we charged Rs. 1,50,000 for this? • A) This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is not a course or training but a business deal. The cost of this project is huge and at the same time one cannot get it for free. On speaking to one of the top most consultants in the world I was told that this concept is so strong and unique that I should actually auction it in the world market to get consultants. If this were to be floated in open market ne can probably get up to $10000 to $ 20000 at least for it.
  • 33. • Q) Why the annual charge? • A) First of all for clarity understand that this is from second year onwards. The cost of maintaining the website, social platform as well as the e-commerce portal is massive. Also if I were you I would not worry about the annual charge as obviously by that time only if you see the benefit will you renew or you can always opt out.
  • 34. • Q) Why there might be a revision for annual fee after three years? • A) The future implication of this project is un-imaginable at this time. It could reach unprecedented levels hence we do not want to restrict ourselves at this time. But once again there is nothing to worry here as for example even if let's say the annual fee is revised to even Rs. 10 lacs, you will only pay it if you are earning much more from this or you will opt out.
  • 35. • Q) Is this for life. • A) Absolutely if you keep renewing.
  • 36. • Q) What if there are multiple consultants born on one day? A) There are and many more will come. In any case any date owner will need assistance as going forward you will not be able to handle all the work yourself. So there will be 3 levels here. One date owner, 2 seniors and 3 associates and they will all come under the main owner. The partners and associates will pay proportionately lesser and will earn also in the same manner. After 3 years the numbers of seniors and associates may increase.
  • 37. • Q) How will ICBI decide on who will be the date owner if it receives multiple applications right at the start? • A) It has already started happening. Once multiple applications are received the decision of main owner will be based on 3 things. Highest weightage will be to first cum, then seniority and then ICBI's decision on capability. That is why it is important to book your date ASAP by paying the first instalment.
  • 38. • Q) What else will I need to do? A) You will really need to research on your birth date as per guidance of ICBI. You will also need to submit eventually a birth certificate for us to know for sure that your birth date is what you claim as that is the main point in this whole exercise.
  • 39. • Q) How do I pay? • A) Since this is something which will go very fast and once your date is gone, well it is gone forever. This is not an opportunity that will come back ever. Already many dates are blocked. So you are advised to book and pay as soon as you can as here a delay can be really expensive.
  • 40. • Q) Is there a deadline to finalize and pay? • A) Faster you do it better it is or you may loose the chance to be date owner. However after 31st December, ICBI will sell dates to consultants in the world market.
  • 41. • Q) Is there any estimation of earning/ • A) No one can really project how huge it can be however just for example: If there are 5000 people in your date community and each one does a transaction once in a year and if you earn even Rs. 100 from that transaction it comes to Rs. 5,00,000 in that year.
  • 42. Be ready to
  • 43. Connect to us-Fast