Advance Diploma In Image Management


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Advance Diploma In Image Management

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Advance Diploma In Image Management

  1. 1. PresentsAdvance Diploma in Image Management
  2. 2. IF YOU ARE HAVING A BUSINESS OR PROFESSION INFashionBeautyWeight ManagementGroomingCommunicationAnd desire to enhance your business potential
  3. 3. ORYou are having any business whereyou deal with a lot of people:AndDesire to enhance your business
  4. 4. ORYou are a working professional in:MarketingSalesCustomer ServiceTrainingHRDesiring to enhance your growth
  5. 5. ORA highly ambitious fresher wanting to make it big in life
  6. 6. ORSomeone interested in:FashionClothesGroomingEtiquetteGlamour
  7. 7. THENYou need a qualification in Image ManagementWhich will open doors for many exciting career andbusiness enhancement opportunities for You
  8. 8. PRESENTINGAdvance Diploma In Image Management
  9. 9. Program DetailsTotal :16 units12 core units2 specialization units out of 6 options2 project units –Industry & Employer specific
  10. 10. PROGRAM DURATIONTotal : 6 months6 hours per week classroom teaching10 hours per week guided learning throughassignments and projects
  11. 11. UNIT DETAILS-CORE UNITS1. Introduction to image management and concept of inner image2. Art and science of vocal, verbal and non-verbal communication3. Body language and Etiquette4. Grooming principles and art of make-up5. Wardrobe strategies for appropriate appearance6. Body shape for attractive appearance
  12. 12. UNIT DETAILS-CORE UNITS1. Public speaking and presentation skills2. Training and delivery skills3. Leadership Skills4. Marketing, sales and PR5. Transactional analysis6. Counseling and coaching skills
  13. 13. UNIT DETAILS- ELECTIVE UNITS (ANY TWO OUT OF FOLLOWING)1. Fashion styling2. Personal style3. Color psychology and evaluation4. Transactional analysis in training5. Interpersonal relationship management6. Corporate communication
  14. 14. UNIT DETAILS- PROJECT UNITS1.Industry/Employer Specific Project2.Industry/Employer Specific Project
  15. 15. TIME TO UNDERSTANDWhat is Image Management?
  17. 17. FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDINGLets compare Image Managementwith interior design
  18. 18. EVERY INTERIOR HAS 7 ELEMENTSCarpentryElectricalsPlumbingPainting and PolishingFurnishings and fabricsMasonryArtifacts
  19. 19. People dealing in all elements have existedfor hundreds of yearsYetIf one does interior design through them itresults in a mess
  20. 20. WHY?Because 7 elements have to come togetheraesthetically to create an interior designButAny one of them has no knowledgeof other 6 elements
  21. 21. Interior designing is Combined expertiseIn all 7 elements of interior design
  22. 22. SIMILARLY IMAGE HAS SEVERAL ELEMENTS Clothes Fashion Grooming Glamour Etiquette Body language Soft skills
  23. 23. AGAINPeople dealing in these elements have existedfor decadesBUT AGAINNone of the individual specialists have muchKnowledge about the other 6 elements
  24. 24. Image Management is combined expertisein all 7 elements of image
  25. 25. IMAGE MANAGEMENTComplete science and art of projecting a winningImageTo create a powerful first and lasting impression,every time
  26. 26. HOW IS THIS DIPLOMA DIFFERENT FROM?• A course in Fashion Design• Personality Development Programs• Grooming and Beauty Courses
  27. 27. FASHION DESIGN• Focuses on garment• Teaches how to design a garment
  28. 28. IMAGE MANAGEMENT FOCUSES ONClothing for an individual based onRolesGoalsOccasionsBody ShapePersonal ColorsVisual communication need in a particular situation
  29. 29. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT• Focuses on inner strengths &• Vocal and verbal communication which is only about 20% of any communication, any message
  30. 30. ACCORDING TO THE RESEARCHAlmost 80% of any communication, any messageis VISUAL (meaning Appearance) which is throughclothes, grooming, body language including etiquette
  31. 31. CONSIDER THISMost basic human necessity is FoodEven when you eat, you first eat visuallyIf it does not appeal visually or appear appetising,you don’t eat it
  32. 32. YOU DON’T GIVE A CHANCE TO FOODIf it is not visually appealingWhy will anyone give you a chance if you don’tappeal to them visually
  33. 33. A FEW SECONDS IS WHAT PEOPLE TAKE TO DECIDE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR: Personality Authority Intelligence Financial Success Trustworthiness Candidature for Job or Promotion
  34. 34. First Impression is key to success in personal,professional and social livesPersonality development hardly touches uponvisual communication which isAlmost 80% of any communication
  35. 35. GROOMING AND BEAUTY COURSESTouch upon smallest part of visualCommunication that is:GroomingMajor visual communication happens throughClothing and body language including etiquette
  36. 36. A QUALIFICATION IN IMAGE MANAGEMENT IS The only qualification covering all aspects of creating a powerful and appropriate image through the following:
  37. 37. Ongoing pro-active process of evaluatingAnd controlling the impact of yourappearance on others and on yourself
  38. 38. ADVANCE DIPLOMA IN IMAGE MANAGEMENT Also qualifies you for teaching image management skills to others in existing business, profession or job scenario
  39. 39. ORDo it for your own use and interestAsk yourself whether clothes,fashion, glamour & beauty excite You
  40. 40. A QUALIFICATION IN IMAGE MANAGEMENT The only qualification which can change perceptions, realities and, perhaps, your entire life. Forever.
  41. 41. INSTITUTE DIRECTOR Suman Agarwal Master Image Consultant MFIPI, UKSenior most image consultant in Indian Sub-continent
  42. 42. PROGRAM PARTNER Conselle Institute of CEO and PromoterImage Management, USA Judith Rasband One of the senior most image consultants in the world
  43. 43. ACCREDITATION PARTNERScottish Qualification AuthorityNational accreditation and qualification awardingBody of Scotland
  44. 44. OPPORTUNITIESAdvance Diploma in Image Management can open doorsfor many great career and freelance opportunities
  45. 45. SOFT SKILLS TRAINING• Soft Skills is one of the biggest future industries• Even government is taking huge initiatives to promote soft skills• Educations systems are getting revamped to include soft skills from earlier age• Biggest of corporate getting into this business• Biggest Challenge is that hardly any certified soft skills trainer available
  46. 46. SOFT SKILLS TRAINING• ADIM is the one of the only program which can make you a certified soft skills trainer• A huge opportunity to enhance your career prospects• Can also operate as freelance trainer• Institute can also give work to deserving candidates
  47. 47. FASHION STYLING• Poised to be a huge profession• Styles individuals as compared to fashion designer who designs outfits• More and more people are looking at getting tips on clothing as per their body types, colors and roles and goals• Focus is on individual and not garment
  48. 48. FASHION STYLING• ADIM is a complete program to become a fashion stylist• Also gives subject matter knowledge on grooming, body language and etiquette which no other fashion styling program gives• Can look for job opportunities in fashion and glamour industries• Can look for freelance options also
  49. 49. FASHION MEDIA/BLOGGING• A larger number of fashion media houses and more coming each year• Fashion related television shows and events• Fashion is one of the most growing industries• Great career opportunities in these fields
  50. 50. CORPORATE COMMUNICATION• Companies realizing the need for projecting right image through their communication• Advertising, PR and Social media• Lots of opportunities in these fields
  51. 51. FACULTYMost of the training is conductedby practicing Image ConsultantsThey bring in a practical and reallife consulting experience intotraining
  52. 52. Other courses usually have facultywho are academicians or theoryteachers.
  53. 53. PROGRAM INVESTMENTRs. 1,10,000 Plus service taxThree payment plansIntroductory offerFrom 1st April, Rs. 1,30,000
  54. 54. RememberNo opportunity is ever lost. Someone else takes it.Start early, so that soon, creating a powerful firstimpression becomes part of your second nature.Register now to attend a free presentation