If Castillo You The New Product Ready To Launch


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How to market yourself and make connections.

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If Castillo You The New Product Ready To Launch

  1. 1. New Product Development YOUAn Amazing Product Ready to Launch Irene Francesca
  2. 2. Networking – Marketing Yourself Breaking the ice Working the room Your elevator pitch
  3. 3. Breaking the Ice Have your tools ready • Read the news of the day, particularly the ones related to your own industry. • If the networking event is related to an association of which you are not a member, do a little research to find out the type of people that are members. • Find common links to the group and you. We tend to like people like us. • There is nothing like a friendly smile. It has been proven that people respond better to a smile than to a serious face.
  4. 4. Working the Room – Marketing Yourself The best marketers create an experience the consumer wants – Not just music but portable and with a great sound – iPod You are the product – Need to wrap it well (dress for the occasion), create a desirable situation – they want to be associated with you because you bring them value “…Think of a networking event as the possibility of making 100 friends.” Quoted from a smart Latina at a networking event. What do friends do – help each other, right?
  5. 5. Networking – Marketing Yourself Have your elevator pitch ready and rehearsed • Your elevator pitch is what you can tell me about yourself in one or two minutes. • I use a branding – What differentiates me from other people: – My international experience – My education – My languages Bring all the points together to show who You are. Like the stars in the sky that by joining the dots make wonderful constellations – that stars are your skills – the constellation is - YOU.
  6. 6. Networking – To Open Doors to New Possibilities You must have business cards – self-printed or store bought. Names on napkins get lost. After event, follow-up with an e-mail note or an article that you may think the person would be interested in. Or just a short hello to re-connect and keep in touch. • Repetition = remembering You
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