Municipal and state archives of Vienna


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Presentation of the Municipal and state archives of Vienna by Brigitte Rigele at the workshop "Österreichische Archive in Europa", 17th & 18th of October 2012 in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna

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  • The holdings of the Archives go back to the century. On the reverse side of a document we found the sentence: This letter has to be guarded like gold It is one of the oldest evidences for the well known value of a document in Vienna, always protected in the townhall of Vienna. In 1863 the archive was seperated from the registration an in 1889 The modern City archives was founded as an institution. Since 1920/1922 , when the City of Vienna also became a province of Austria (Bundesland) with ist own legislation, it got also the function of state archives (Landesarchiv).
  • 57 persons at the moment; 12 archivists, further on 2 librarians, a cameramann who looks after our more than 700 films from 1905 to 2010, Political scientists for the documentation of theVienna city council and the regional parlament. A lot of staff to fetch and bring back the documents in the depository, we have about 36,000 movements of documents every year.
  • The Gasometer – the 4 gasometers were built 1896 and they were in use till 1984. Look over the roofs, 8 floors of appartements, no possibility to enter the roof, they want to save their privacy
  • Decicion of the Municipal council 1998, violett floots belong to the archives Übersiedlung 2000/2001 Architekt: Clemens Holzbauer 21. Mill Euro Space for about 8- 10 years -
  • I want to give you a small summary over our facilities: you can see them tomorrow on your tour in the archives Back a lorry against a platform forestage (Hebebühne) Expertise how to handle the materials
  • Mayor and governor of vienna; eight administrative groups; city councillors; Chief executive office/MD; Municipal departements, special assignements; municipal district offices Enterprises: cemeteries, Wienkanal, Gas company, electric company and so on. Nachlass: estates, collections, most of all scientist, politicians, architects and viennese families (Felder, Hugo Breitner, Karl Seitz, Theodor Körner)
  • Magistratsabteilungen: MA 8; MA 35;
  • Geschäftseinteilung
  • Electronic ordering system We have switched to electronic ordering. Orders can be completed from any computer station. This makes ordering more efficient while supporting a data base of user data which provides the Archives with precise information on what is used, the frequency of use, the number of users and what days they attend. Telephone and personal inquiries are also registered this way. First enlightening assessments found that most users visit the Archives for legal information and more than 53 % do not return for more information. A mere 7.9 % return more than six times. This kind of user structure requires a good deal of consultation facilities. There has been a marked increase in the number of written requests, especially via e-mail. At the moment we don’t demand fees for research work, but we are thinking about it.
  • Municipal and state archives of Vienna

    1. 1. Municipal and state archives of
    2. 2. Historical development „ Diesen Brief soll man hüten wie Gold!“ 1312Holdings since the Middle AgesArchive constituted 1863Departement 1889, Provincial archive 1922Change from administration to cultur 1939MA 8 - Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv
    3. 3. Staff Archivists Librarians Bookbinder Cameraman Cartographer Conservator Political scientists Historians Staff for administrative
    4. 4. Construction
    5. 5. Das Archiv im Gasometer D• 6 Archivgeschosse• Gesamtfläche ca. 16.000 m²• Depotfläche ca. 10.000 m²• 17 Depoträ
    6. 6. Facilities • Publik sector: • Exhibition room •researchroom (42 workstations) • lecture hall for 130 persons • Tecnical facilities: • delivery service • Storage for contaminated materials • Restoration workshop • digitisation
    7. 7. We are the archive for• Political bodies• Vienna City administration• enterprises• Federal authorities operating in Vienna• Private institutions• Privat
    8. 8. Our HoldingsMore than 50 Kilometers of shelves charters records books manuscripts maps fotos; films electronical records
    9. 9. Our Holdings M u n ic i p a l a n d s t a t e a r c h i v e s M u n ic ip ia l s ta te C o lle c t io n
    10. 10. M u n ic i p i a l a n d s t a t e a r c h i v e s M u n ic ip a l s t a te c o lle c t io n s S t ä d t is c h e Ä m t e r P a t r im o n i a l h e r r s c h a f t e n H a u p t a r c h iv H i s t o r i s c h e R e g is t r a t u r e n S t a a t lic h e V e r w a lt u n g K a r t o g r a p h is c h e S a m m lu n g M a g is t r a t s d e p a r t e m e n t s S t a a t lic h e G e r ic h te F o t o s a m m lu n g u n d M a g is tr a t s a b t e ilu n g e n M a g is tr a t is c h e S t a a t lic h e A n s ta lt e n H a n d s c h r ift e n B e z ir k s ä m t e r u n d U n te rn e h m u n g e n L e it e n d e Ä m t e r P o liz e i N a c h lä s s e u n d B e h ö rd e n V e rtre tu n g s k ö r p e r K o n f e s s io n e lle B e h ö r d e n P a te n te u n d A n s t a lt e n S t ä d t is c h e A n s ta lt e n P o lit is c h e P a r t e ie n B io g r a p h . - G e n e a lo g . und Fonds S a m m lu n g S tä d t. U n te rn e h m u n g e n In n u n g e n u n d A d re s s e n H a n d e ls g re m ie n E h e m . G e m e in d e n P r iv a t e I n s tit u t io n e n A u to g r a p h e n A lt m a t r ik e n R e c h t s a n w a lts k a m m e r B io g r a p h is c h e S a m m lu n g Ä rz te k a m m e r u n d D o k u m e n ta t io n T o p o g r a p h . S a m m lu n g u n d D o k u m e n ta t io n H is t o r is c h e K o m m is s io
    11. 11. Records on people in Vienna• Online databases• How to find birth, marriage, death certification• How to find coroner records• How to find probate records• How to find an
    12. 12. When / where …*≈ born baptized ∞ married ∞ divorced † died burried
    13. 13. Principles of OrganisationBasic rule:• Provenance• If possible the files are kept in the same order as on the point of
    14. 14. Our main tasks • Allocation of duties – Vienna archives law 2000 – Indexing of municipal council and regional parliament – Historical atlas – Historical commission – Specialised
    15. 15. Our main tasks:• Appraise• conserve• To get available ... records of the Province and the municipal of Vienna and of federals authorities operating in Vienna (mainly the courts of law)
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Bestellung 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 Städtische Ämter Alte RegistraturOrders Hauptregistratur Alte Ziviljustiz Zivilgericht Kriminalgericht Sonderregistraturen M.Abt. M.Abt. 116 M.Abt. 119 M.Abt. 202 M.Abt. 209 M.Abt. 212 M.Abt. 236 MBA Leitende Ämter und Behörden Vertretungskörper Städtische Anstalten und Fonds Gemeinden Matriken Patrimoniale Verw altung und Justiz Grundbücher Bezirkshauptmannschaften Stadtschulrat (Landesschulrat) Schulen Franziszeischer Kataster Vermessungsamt (Bundesvermessungsamt Wien) Klosterrat BG Innere Stadt (I) BG Leopoldstadt (I) BG Landstraße BG Wieden BG Margareten BG Mariahilf BG Neubau BG Josef stadt BG Alsergrund BG Favoriten BG Simmering BG Meidling BG Hietzing BG Fünf haus BG Rudolfsheim BG Sechshaus BG Ottakring BG Hernals BG Währing BG Döbling BG Floridsdorf BG Liesing Merkantil- und Wechselgericht Handelsgericht Wien LGSt Wien LGZ Wien Jugendgerichtshof Oberlandesgericht Wien Berggericht Sondergericht Volksgericht Erbgesundheitsgericht Staatliche Anstalten und Unternehmungen BPD Wien: Generalinspektorat der Wiener GESTAPO NSDAP Innungen und Handelsgremien Private Institutionen H.A. - Urkunden H.A. - Akten Kartographische Sammlung Fotosammlung Handschriften Nachlässe Patente Biographisch-Genealogische Sammlung Adressen Autographensammlung Biographische Sammlung und Dokumentation Topographische Sammlung und Dokumentation Historische Kommission Archivbibliothek Politische
    18. 18. WAIS Wiener Archivinformationssystem Tool for research and
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Information, enquiries, Access to documents researchroom : 4. Archivgeschoss Open: Monday to Friday 9.00 to 15.30, Thursday 9.00 to 19.00
    21. 21.
    22. 22.