Memory without borders - Cross border archives 2012 – 2014
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Memory without borders - Cross border archives 2012 – 2014

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Presentation of ICARUS and its work in the cross border cooperation project "Memory without borders" - written historical sources of Austrian and Slovak archives online given by Corinna Ziegler at......

Presentation of ICARUS and its work in the cross border cooperation project "Memory without borders" - written historical sources of Austrian and Slovak archives online given by Corinna Ziegler at the ICARUS meeting at the monastery in Einsiedeln (CH) on 26th of June 2012

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  • 1. MEMORY WITHOUT BORDERS CROSS BORDER ARCHIVES 2012 – 2014 Creating the futureSlovak - Austrian cross border cooperation programme 2007-2013 2007- Written Sources of Slovak and Austrian Archives online
  • 2. Financing Duration: The European Regional Pre-financing – refunding1st of February 2012 - 30th of Development Fund (ERDF) 5 accounting periodsJune 2014 contributes 85% of the project costs Interim and final reports on Part of the European Union´s expenses and contentscross border cooperation 15% of financial input comes from national co- financing or Funding in sum € 808.801program “Creating the future“ equity capital of the partnersSlovak Republic – Austria2007-2013
  • 3. Project partners Partner 2Leadpartner Partner 1 The Ministry of Partner 3 ICARUS The Austrian Interior SR Netzwerk International Centre State Archives The State Archive In Geschichte NÖfor Archival Research Bratislava - The Archive Of The Capital City Of The in cooperation with the Slovak Republic Lower Austrian State Archives
  • 4. Aims & Project Goals Our challenge is to unite historical regions which were formerly closely woven together - in this spirit the project establishes cross border access to written historical sources as a virtual memory without borders Crossing the Border Research Coming Closer International Networking The Online Platform Cultural Events Workshops, courses and guided Overcoming the national barriers Free and easy online access to tours accompany the projectwithin archival work between the historical sources independently raising public awareness of theSlovak Republic and Austria of space, time and social status shared Austrian and Slovak historicalwith the help of close cooperation Boundless and unlimited and cultural roots availability of important cultural utilization of historical documents Borderless networking of archives assets to the interested public for tourism, in schools or furtherand common handling of challenges A virtual platform based on education for adults, as well as for current scientific and technological experts and hobby researchers of standards both countries
  • 5. Cultural Activities 4 Workshops 4 Courses Guided Tours Vienna & Bratislava Vienna & Bratislava Free guided tours in the For interested people like Austrian State Archives or the For experts and the hobby historians, pupils, State Archives in Bratislava incl.interested public students or historical societies free bus transfer Free of costs Free of costs Contents: researching with for interested people like Contents: project progresses, hobby historians, pupils, the help of written historicalworking methods, handling of documents in general, working students or historical societies…the online portal, possibilities of methods with our online portal,active working with digitized reading old fonts, genealogicalarchival documents… research…
  • 6. PR Activities 10.000 bilingual folders in German & Slovak Flyers for guided tours Project Website www.crossborderarchives.euOnline portal for researchForum areaEvent calendar Presentation on social media Final conference in June 2014Presentation of the project results
  • 7. Digitization program Activities Slovakia ArchitectureDocuments of the city administration Written sources of historical counties in the border area Slovakia-Austria Commercial activities - craft activities in Bratislava (1402-1900) (Collection “District Bratislava I”, 1398 – 1922) Contacts between Slovakia and Austria Meeting protocols of communal Protocols - meetings of the districts Migratory movementsauthorities aristocracy Ownerships of manors Records of accounting-books and Documents about military activities River transportsconcerning court issues Taxes Border controls Collection of church books Smaller collections from (1616 – 1895) other archives Migration movements in the region of Bratislava and Trnava Modra, Trnava, Skalica,Šaľa
  • 8. Digitization program Activities AustriaMilitary Church Registers of the „k.u.k. Wehrmacht“ Register books of catholic parishes General information about baptisms, marriages and Until the Second World War nearly 95% of peopledeath living in the Slovak – Austrian border region were Catholics Data about military personnel, their wives andchildren Nearly all of Viennese population from 16th century until 20th century is registered with year of birth, marriages or year of death in the church registers Background information on regional history Vienna as former capital and residential city of theHabsburg monarchy domiciled a large amount ofimmigrants from many parts of the empire, especially Editing of already digitized sources relating thefrom former Upper-Hungarian and today’s Slovak part Austrian-Slovak border region for online availabilityof Habsburg monarchy Regional background studies
  • 9. Save the date and visit our second workshop in the Austrian State Archives! 17th and 18th of October 2012 Get to know more about the Slovak and Austrian archivallandscape Check out lectures and presentations of all project partnersabout the latest archival developments of Slovak and AustrianArchives. Thank you for your attention!