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    Sand Sand Presentation Transcript

    • The Adventure of Gary Granite By:Gary Granite(real author: Ethan Lewis)
    • Part 1Hi! Im Gary Granite. Today, you are going to learn all about my life. You will also learn a lot about the rock cycle. I hope you enjoy the story of my life!
    • Part 2One day, when I was just a little granite, I was just resting on the top of a mountain, but then some rain came and started to push me off. It took me all the way to the edge of the mountain. I was teetering over the edge. The rain eventually pushed me off the mountain. I rolled down like a tumbleweed in Texas. I was so scared.
    • Part 3I rolled and I rolled down the river until I came to a peaceful river. I knew I had to go through my rock weathering soon. I was bracing myself for the very painful moment.
    • Part 4While I was flowing down the river peacefully, I heard a very loud sound and forbidding sound. I knew the glacier was coming. I was very frightened, but I knew this has to happen to all rocks. The glacier crushed me, and turned me into rock flour. It was painful, but I knew that I was halfway done with the rock cycle.
    • Part 5My rock flour felt like baby powder. I felt like crushed pumice. I felt so little and helpless. My powder kept splitting up. Life was miserable for me. I kept flowing down the river until I reached a sand bar. I had to get ready for my painful transformation from granite to sedimentary rock.
    • Part 6The sand bar crushed, crunched, and destroyed me. I turned into very small bits of rock. It was like I was a baby again. Life was miserable for me.
    • Part 7I kept flowing down the river until I got caught on a dinosaur drinking water. I saw a bunch of other rocks getting caught on him too. Eventually the dinosaur died and all that was left of him was his bones. I covered his bones and the dinosaur became a fossil. I could finally rest, and that was the story of how I became a sedimentary rock. That reminds me, I have to go change my name to Sam Sedimentary. Bye!