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Familia real uk 2

  1. 1. The British Royal Family
  2. 3. Britain‘s Monarchy Britain is a constitutional monarchy . That means the Monarch is the head of state, but his power is limited by constitutional rules. But... Who is this Monarch? Queen Elizabeth II Date of birth: 21 st April 1926 Family: Prince Philip and four children and six grandchildren Coronation: 2 nd June 1953 in Westminster Abbey Hobbies: Horses and dogs
  3. 4. What‘s the Queen‘s role?  representative and symbolic function  head of the Church of England, special relation to the Church of Scotland  head of the Commonwealth
  4. 5. What powers does the Queen have?  signs bills into laws  appoints Prime Minister & he is granted an audience every Tuesday  appoints the life peers  pardons convicted criminals  dissolves Parliament and calls an election  declares a state of emergency  declares war  awards honours
  5. 6. The Royal Family The Queen is supported by the members of the Royal Family. Her family carries out a wide range of public and official duties. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Date of birth: 10 th June 1921 Parents: Prince Andrew of Greece Princess Alice of Battenberg Duties: Patron or President of around 800 organisations, accompanies the Queen Hobbies: Nature
  6. 7. Children of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales (eldest son) Date of birth: 14 th November 1948 Family: 2 nd wife: Camilla Parker (Duchess of Cornwall), two children (Prince William and Prince Harry) Duties: Patron or President of around 200 organisations, public commitment Hobbies: Environment (organic agriculture) Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Princess Royal (2 nd child) Date of birth: 15 th August 1950 Family: 2 nd husband: Commodore Laurence, two children Duties: Charitable appointments 25 journeys to Africa Hobbies: Horses
  7. 8. Children of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York (3rd child) Date of birth: 19 th February 1960 Family: Divorced, three children Duties: Patron or President of about 100 organisations British Trade International Profession: Pilot in the Navy Edward Antony Richard Louis, Earl of Wessex (4th child) Date of birth: 10 th March 1964 Family: Wife: Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones, two children Duties: Patron of 15 organisations Profession: Royal Marines, Theatre and TV production Hobbies: Sports
  8. 10. The bride and the groom Prince William (b. 1982) Catherine (Kate) Middleton (b. 1982)
  9. 12. Now, a video from the wedding 