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ICANN's New generic Top-Level Domain Program
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ICANN's New generic Top-Level Domain Program


This presentation gives an overview of domain names, presenting ICANN's New generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Program timeline and its history. Why is ICANN opening up the top-level of the Internet’s …

This presentation gives an overview of domain names, presenting ICANN's New generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Program timeline and its history. Why is ICANN opening up the top-level of the Internet’s namespace? What are the potential impacts for businesses, governments, Internet communities and end users?

Learn more about ICANN's New generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Project here:

Published in Technology
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  • 1. New gTLD Basics!
  • 2. 2 +  Overview about domain names, gTLD timeline and the New gTLD Program +  Why is ICANN doing this; potential impact of this initiative to businesses, governments, Internet communities and users +  Program – who, when, what, how +  Where to get more information Agenda! 2
  • 3. 3 The Anatomy of a Domain Name! 3   First or Top-Level Second-Level Third-Level
  • 4. 4 The Anatomy of a Domain Name! 4   First or Top-Level Second-Level Third-Level
  • 5. 5 Terminology Clarifications! +  gTLD = generic Top-Level Domain Also known as an extension, label, string, suffix… Series of characters that make up part of your Internet address +  ccTLD = country code Top-Level Domain +  IDN – Internationalized Domain Name Domain name represented by local language characters, or letter equivalents 5
  • 6. 6 ROOT New gTLDs IDN ccTLDs . .brand   .generic   .city   .acronym   .gIDNs   .region  .community   
‫ت‬‫.ا%$را‬ .рф     &'‫ا,+*)د‬ -.% . 香港 .சிங்கப்பூர் . ไทย 6 New gTLD Program Fast Track Program .name .gov .mobi .asia .arpa .edu .com .cat .jobs .travel .museum .net .tel .org .int   .info .biz .mil .aero .pro .post .coop .xxx gTLD .jp .br .nl .eg .eu .mx .cc .cv .dm .hr .py .ru .sg .pt .va .ws .nz .au .mo .kr .jm .tv .be .cl .is .tr .cn ccTLD
  • 7. 7 DNS - A Complex Ecosystem! 7 ccTLD Registries Registrars gTLDs + some ccTLDs   Resellers gTLD Registries Registrant
  • 8. 8 What is a gTLD Registry?! +  Is a business with very specific technical requirements +  Mandatory Agreement with ICANN +  Is the authoritative, master database of all domain names registered in each top-level domain +  Keeps the master database and also generates the "zone file" which allows computers to route Internet traffic to and from top-level domains anywhere in the world +  Today, Internet users don't interact directly with the registry operator; users can register names by using ICANN-Accredited Registrars 8
  • 9. 9 What is the New gTLD Program?! +  An initiative that will enable the introduction of unlimited generic top-level domain names or extensions (both ASCII and IDN) into the domain name space +  Managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)   9
  • 10. 10 gTLD Timeline! 10 Predating ICANN (before 1998) 2000 Round 2004 Round .com .edu .gov .int .mil .net .org .arpa .aero .biz .coop .info .museum .name .pro .asia .cat .xxx .jobs .mobi .tel .travel .post New gTLD Program Policy development Dec 2005 to Sep 2007
  • 11. 11 11 ICANN Board Policy approval Jun 2008 Development and Publication 
 Oct 2008 – Jan 2012 Application Period Jan – May 2012 First New gTLDs Delegated into Internet Root Zone Evaluation Period 1930 Applications Received
  • 12. 12 Why Expand the Top-Level?! +  Remove existing limitations to ASCII gTLDs which do not reflect growing Internet reality and needs +  Create platform to innovation in the industry and Internet +  Open doors to increase choice and competition in the market place   12
  • 13. 13 Potential Impact - Businesses! +  Opportunity for investment +  More choice and competition +  Platform to innovation; new business model opportunities +  Brand management and online marketing practices +  Impact to industry sectors; security; control; user behavior +  Upgrade systems/applications to accept new TLDs 13
  • 14. 14 Potential Impact -! Governments & Communities! +  Increase of online cultural, linguistic, geographic communities +  More globally and culturally inclusive internet with IDNs +  Geographic names 14
  • 15. 15 Potential Impact - Internet Users! +  More choice; innovation; competition +  Online cultural, linguistic, geographic communities +  New ways to find information, products and services   15
  • 16. 16 Safeguards | Evaluation Process! +  Applicants must demonstrate technical and operational capabilities in application +  Must show understanding of technical requirements for operating a registry +  Background screening process looks for criminal history and past cybersquatting behavior 16
  • 17. 17 Safeguards | Objection Process! +  Built-in means to protect certain interests and rights +  Clear path for formal objections during evaluation process +  ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee can issue advice to ICANN Board on applications 17
  • 18. 18 Grounds for Objection! 18 String  Confusion       Legal  Rights       Limited   Public  interest       Community   Objec%on    
  • 19. 19 Rights Protection Mechanisms! +  Trademark Clearinghouse +  Uniform Rapid Suspension +  Post-Delegation Dispute Resolution Procedure 19
  • 20. 20 Safeguards | Mitigating Malicious Conduct! +  Applicants reviewed for past criminal history +  DNSSEC deployment +  Thick Whois +  Single point of contact for abuse complaints 20
  • 21. 21 21 What’s Next for New gTLDs?! +  Contracting and Pre-Delegation Testing +  Delegation into the Root Server +  No specific date for next round
  • 22. 22 Get Involved with ICANN! +  Make your voice heard – join the discussion! +  Check for upcoming events.   22
  • 23. 23 More Information…!                 23 @ICANN @NewgTLDsICANN
  • 24. Thank You!