I Can Grow People - General Overview


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The I can Grow People Programme is available for businesses to purchase under license and deliver by their own people within the business. A comprehensive Train the Trainer Event will ensure you have everything you need to start Growing Your Own People. Alternatively we can deliver a suitable programme for you.

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I Can Grow People - General Overview

  1. 1. Training Overview<br />
  2. 2. Who is IGP for?<br />IGP is basically an innovative and unique way of understanding the essentials of management using a powerful metaphor to bring the subject matter to life<br />The core to the concept is a Management Development programme<br />Aimed at new / recent new managers or team leaders<br />Up to 20 Management topics that can be recognised by the client through a IGP Award or linked with the Institute of Leadership & Management. For example a Level 3 Certificate in Management<br />Ican Grow People TM Copyright Ican Development www.icandevelopment.co.uk<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Team Leader / First Line Manager<br /><ul><li>How is it delivered?
  4. 4. Up to 20 key management development modules can be delivered;
  5. 5. By an Ican Development Associate, you sit back and relax!
  6. 6. Under licence from Ican Development – we train your trainers and provide the materials – You pay a small fee for each person you train.
  7. 7. Under Licence, training modules are purchased in batches of 5 and IGP recognised Certificates can be awarded through the recognition scheme (bronze, sliver, gold and platinum).</li></li></ul><li>IGP Main Aims<br />To modify and change thinking styles and behaviour of managers in business to get the best out of their people through the effective application of essential management skills. <br />IGP will<br />Seriously improve personalREFLECTION and self awareness<br />Seriously increase what managers can RECALL following the learning event<br />Seriously embed skills and knowledge so managers RETAIN and develop habitual behaviours in the future<br />Seriously impact on your business RESULTS by improving staff engagement and organisational climate<br />Ican Grow People TM Copyright Ican Development www.icandevelopment.co.uk<br />4<br />
  8. 8. Is IGP for anyone else?<br />Absolutely! <br />Ican Grow People works at any level within any organisation, here are some examples of how Ican Grow People can be delivered.<br />You can use for established managers where the programme can be implemented as a reminder/refresher and delivered over two day workshop or experiential & practical residential (5days)<br />You can use for Senior Managers/HR Managers and Trainers as a 1 day taster workshop or people strategy seminar to put people back on the corporate agenda and link with IIP and “Best Companies To Work For.”<br />Also for Boards and Company Directors as a seed for germinating and growing a people focused organisational culture – we can also use IGP in conjunction with Organisational Culture Diagnostics <br />Ican Grow People TM Copyright Ican Development www.icandevelopment.co.uk<br />5<br />
  9. 9. Present Customers and Programmes<br /><ul><li>Medium size IT Business have delivered a 2 day refresher programme for their senior managers
  10. 10. Large national UK company delivering a 2 Day Team Leader programme “in-house” to 500 newly appointed managers
  11. 11. Two large County Councils
  12. 12. One delivering a full 20 module programme to 64 Team Leaders linked to ILM Level 3 Certificate over 18 months
  13. 13. One delivering a 2 day “informal” modular Team Leader Programme to 36 people in one month with a learning review day built in 2 months later</li></li></ul><li>Want to find out more?<br />Join Jason on one of the Taster Days<br />See the EVENTS tab/window on the main page for more info<br />A whole view of the completeIGP concept. A real reflective yet “full on” People Day that is more workshop than seminar. You will be a Senior Manager, Trainer or HR Manager / Director and interested in how the overall IGP Programme works and can easily be applied to develop capability in your business. <br />For people who want to think people for a day<br /><ul><li>For potential purchasers of the programme who want to touch, feel and experience the materials and learning processes before any kind of commitment
  14. 14. Also provides a great opportunity to ask questions about IGP and share people strategies with others</li></li></ul><li>So, to summarise Ican use IGP…<br /><ul><li>A coreEssential Management Skills Programme </li></ul>Covering all aspects of management in detail and linking with recognised qualifications<br /><ul><li>Established Manager Programme (2to3 Days) & Residential
  15. 15. Designed and delivered by Ican Associate in partnership with the client and their needs as a reminder and refresher
  16. 16. Senior Managers and HR Teams etc
  17. 17. Delivered by Ican Associate or Jason Stevens in a fun, informal but powerful way to get people back on the agenda
  18. 18. Board & Directors
  19. 19. Delivered by Jason Stevens or Senior / Accomplished Ican Facilitator (Forum Accredited - International Standard) to link IGP with your people philosophy / company culture</li></li></ul><li>Costs<br /><ul><li>Development Programmes are flexible and negotiable as we build the programme based on what you really need.</li></ul>Example:<br />Typical pricing structure (for a First Line Manager<br />programme) delivered “in-house” by your training team<br /><ul><li>Train The Trainer Event – 2 Days – You pay for the licence fee
  20. 20. Materials - Fantastic set of training materials (see samples). You pay for each set of 5 modules
  21. 21. Recognition Certificates – you pay for each delegate certificate</li></li></ul><li>Other Stuff<br /><ul><li>Unique and highly effective – beats the usual management theoretical gobbledygook.
  22. 22. Highly professional resources and materials
  23. 23. Ican Grow People (The Book) being published soon
  24. 24. We have our own IGP Community being built online
  25. 25. Full client support from the Ican Team</li>