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  • High-Def streaming Over IP networks (Ryerson U) – Canada/NZ over ORION/CANARIE/KAREN Vineyard monitoring sensors and systems with large datasets (Niagara, Brock U and Guelph U)
  • Consistent, reliable sound and video quality- 100Gb powers ‘real’ video conferencing 50% reduction in power consumption Arising from collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent and platform migration to their state-of-the-art equipment PLUS (OLDER) Science Studio for remote control of science experiments (UWO, Canada's national synchrotron research facility, Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatoon, Concordia University and IBM) • Science Studio for remote control of science experiments (UWO, Canada's national synchrotron research facility, Canadian Light Source (CLS) in Saskatoon, Concordia University and IBM) • The backbone for all of Ontario’s High Performance Computing (HPC) major academic and health computer and data systems
  • • Data & Computing – cycles, storage, backup & recovery • Administrative – student /staff management & • information systems, online learning and education content • Support – ISP, email, VoIP telephony, video teleconference • Government – support activities to research, education & innovation institutions and organizations
  • 121021 orion i canada d graham

    1. 1. Dr. Darin PW GrahamPresident, CEOwww.orion.on.ca
    2. 2. As one of theworld’s fastestResearch andInnovationnetworks, we cansupport infinitepossibilities
    3. 3. By the numbers • Self-sustaining not-for-profit • Nearly 6000km of optical fibre connecting over 30 PoPs • Over 2 million researchers, scientists, faculty, teachers, students and innovative organizations every day • Contribute over $140M annually to Ontario’s GDP • 100Gb/second and testing for 400 equivalent to 100,000 iTunes downloaded in 1 minute • > 50% annual growth in network usage with < 5% cost increase passed on to our members
    4. 4. Collaboration Collaborate with major Telcos and suppliers Including Bell, Hydro One, Rogers, Cogent, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent. We support Canadian industryWorking Collaborate with leading IT vendors to buildtogether ORION Nebula – cloud sharing model driven byfor members for membersOntario’s Over 100 member institutions across Ontariofuture universities, colleges, research hospitals, K-12 school boards, innovation centres & cultural institutions Over 2 million users daily restricted to research, education and innovation users
    5. 5. Connecting BIG data… Vineyard monitoring High-Defstreaming International Consortium on Anti-Virals Atlas project: Higgs boson discovery
    6. 6. … and BIG ideas The God Particle ORION handled upwards of 10% of data for Higgs boson discovery High school student Consistent, reliable Marshall Zhang sound and video conducts groundbreaking quality reduces power research in cystic fibrosis consumption by 50% Experiential Media Dominican research program Republic’s national at Y ork relies on O3 power provider learns from ORION’s infrastructure, business model and member base
    7. 7. connectivity cloudcycles collaboration challenges centres What do people want from a network? everything
    8. 8. CyclesPlanning ahead to build theinfrastructure to supportanticipated plans for computingCloud ComputingChanging the world of Advanced Computing/HPCDiversifying access to more users
    9. 9. CentresExponential growth in dataCentralized efficiencies Choosing the locationGOING GREEN – power needsImproved data accessibility,storage and recoveryCLOUD STORAGE
    10. 10. Connectivity The LAST M ILE working with 500Gb local providers “New” and 1Tbps technologies WIRELESS > Regional Footprint Deciding Reliability and Redundancy base needs with flexibility > 99.99% to scale
    11. 11. CollaborationAvoid Re-inventing the WheelIncreasing Accessibility for everyoneTechnical and administrative supportBuilding broader partnershipsGovernment supportLeverage what you’ve got in novel ways
    12. 12. The world is reachingfor the cloud • More efficient • Shared resources • Less cost • Faster implementation • Adjust resources dynamically • Correct mistakes easierTypical Data & ComputingServices Administrative A fast, reliable, Support redundant Government network is critical
    13. 13. ChallengesLast M ile availabilityWhat are the REAL user requirementsLinking Research with Commercial InnovationCost and timing of implementationLegacy systems and transition to CloudIntra- & Inter-region connectivity
    14. 14. challenges cycles cloud centres With vision, collaboration and creativity, the possibilities are infinite.www.orion.on.ca@ ORIONNetwork