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Analisis desain sistem informasi ppt.6 Analisis desain sistem informasi ppt.6 Presentation Transcript

  • 5.1NURHALIMA  1
  • Describe the project identification and selection process Describe the corporate strategic planning and information systems planning process Explain the relationship between corporate strategic planning and information systems planning5.2NURHALIMA  2
  • * Sources of projects * Management and business units * Managers who want to make a system more efficient or less costly * Formal planning groups5.3NURHALIMA  3 View slide
  • * Bottom-up Identification * Business unit or IS group * Don’t reflect overall goals of the organization5.4NURHALIMA  4 View slide
  • * Traditional Project *Planning-Based Identification and Approach to Project Selection Identification and Selection * Solves isolated problems * Focuses on present * Focuses on business and future information processes needs * Does not easily allow * Information needs for organizational change slower than change business processes5.5NURHALIMA  5
  • * Need for planning * Improperly planned projects result in systems that cannot be shared across an organization * As business processes change, lack of integration will hamper strategy and business process changes5.6NURHALIMA  6
  • * Corporate Strategic Planning * Process of developing and refining models of the current and future enterprise as well as a transition strategy * Planning results in several outcomes * Mission Statement * Objective Statement * Competitive Strategy5.7NURHALIMA  7
  • * Corporate Strategic Planning * Mission Statement * A statement that makes it clear what business a company is in * Objective Statement * A series of statements that express an organization’s qualitative and quantitative goals for reaching a desired future position * Objectives are critical success factors5.8NURHALIMA  8
  • * Development process for Internet projects is no different than other projects * Special issues need to be taken into account * Electronic Commerce (EC) * Internet based communication designed to support business activities5.9NURHALIMA  9
  • *Internet * Worldwide network of networks used for electronic commerce *Intranet * Internet-based communication to support business activities within a single organization *Extranet * Internet-based communication to support business-to-business activities5.10 NURHALIMA 10
  • * Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) * The use of telecommunications technologies to transfer business documents directly between organizations * Internet vs. Intranet/Extranet Apps * Intranet/Extranet – Developer knows how application will be run and used * Internet – Developer faces various unknowns5.11 NURHALIMA 11
  • *Project Identification and Selection *Identifying Potential Development Projects *Classifying and Ranking Projects *Selecting Projects for Development *Top-down and Bottom-up identification process *Corporate strategic planning *Process of identifying the mission, objectives and strategies of an organization5.12 NURHALIMA 12