Ordinances And Permits

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  • 1. A Look into the World of Business Licensing For Internet Cafes Ordinances and Permits
  • 2. No Central Government Body
    • Internet Café Industry is still considered to be a backyard industry
    • Most of the regulations governing the industry is based on laws enacted by the local government units therefore it is not uniform from place to place.
    • No set of standards to be followed.
    • The success of the industry is dependent upon the support that it receives from the local government units.
  • 3. Regulations/Ordinances
    • It depends from place to place but it is summarized into the following categories:
    • Regulations pertaining to the protection of the welfare of minors or students.
    • Prohibition of students in internet cafes during class hours ( 7:.00 am to 5:00 pm)
    • There are some municipalities and cities that provide exemptions like when students are to do research work with the permission of the school.
  • 4.
    • Prohibition on the establishment of internet cafes within a certain area around schools, churches and government buildings.
    • Prohibiting access to violent, sadistic and pornographic websites.
    • Prohibiting cubicles in internet cafes so that operators would be able to monitor the activities of their customers
    • Keeping a log book to record all activities of the internet café customers
        • In China they are now issuing identification cards with magnetic strips to monitor the customers of an internet cafe.
    • Curfews imposed by the local government and the barangay.
  • 5.
    • 2. Regulations pertaining to the physical plant of the internet café.
      • Having the necessary electrical and sanitary permits
      • Internet Café distance restrictions
      • Having a comfort room for the use of your customers
      • Having the necessary fire extinguishers that you could use in case of a fire.
      • Having sufficient lighting facilities at night
      • Authorities should be able to see the inside of your internet cafes from the street level.
      • Cubicles are not allowed.
  • 6.
    • 3 . Regulations pertaining to the operations of their business.
      • Having the necessary permits from the local and national governments.
      • Mandatory membership in a recognized icafe organization.
      • Regulations related to the control of pricing of computer rentals and services.
    • 4. Regulations pertaining to the use of licensed software.
  • 7.
    • Permits and Licenses to Secure in Opening an Internet Café Business
    • Department of Trade and Industries Trade Name Registration
    • Barangay Endorsement
    • Local Government Business Permit
      • Building Permit
      • Electrical Permit
      • Sanitary Permit
      • Zoning
      • Fire Inspection
      • Environmental Permit
    • Microsoft Internet Café Rental Rights Agreement
    • For internet cafes that will be offering cd burning services secure the necessary permits from the Optical Media Board.
    • Other permits and licenses as prescribe by the ordinance regulating the operations of internet cafes in a particular municipality or city.