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G.ho.st VC just released a much faster version

have your own G.ho.st VC for Free.

register at http://g.ho.st

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  1. 1. Global Hosted Operating System No Walls http://g.ho.st The Computer that goes through Walls!Proprietary & Confidential © 2006-07 G.ho.st Inc.
  2. 2. Reasons not to store your data in your computer
  3. 3. Computers could breakdown
  4. 4. Computers could easily be stolen
  5. 5. Computers Most Especially Those Using Windows System are exposed to computer virus that destroys your data.
  6. 6. A new line of thinking is needed In which individual computer systems are not longer considered as data centers but as ATMs that is connected to a much larger computer system in the internet cloud
  7. 7. Web 2.0 makes it possible for users to upload contents on line
  8. 8. It also made it possible for us to be productive on line
  9. 9. But there is a problem: As many online apps that you subscribe it also means that you would have to remember as many user name and password to login to each individual accounts.
  10. 10. Why not sign in only at one account to access the others And have the convenience of having your own web based desktop That you can access anywhere, anytime at any computer system?
  11. 11. And the best news of all You can use it for Free
  12. 12. G.ho.st® (quot;ghostquot;) Virtual Computer (VC) includes a desktop, file storage and applications. Your VC lives securely in the internet cloud and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone in the world via this Web page.
  13. 13. G.ho.st® is a free and complete Virtual Computer (VC) service which can provide you many benefits like Access your desktop, data and apps from any browser. Enjoy free 5GB G.ho.st® Storage for files and 3GB for G.ho.st® Mail. Launch Web apps with a single sign-in and without installation. Rely on fully automated professional security, backup and updates. Benefit from complete privacy - close your browser and all traces of G.ho.st® activities are gone.
  14. 14. Key Features:
  15. 15. G.ho.st Menu
  16. 16. Control Panel
  17. 17. Desktop Customization
  18. 18. Upload and share your files through G.ho.st Drive
  19. 19. G.ho.st Mail Collaboration Suit
  20. 20. Zoho – G.ho.st Online Office Suit
  21. 21. Single Sign in Google Docs Access
  22. 22. Shopping Throu Amazon.com
  23. 23. Watch Youtube
  24. 24. Play Flash Games
  25. 25. Find Music Online
  26. 26. G.ho.st Browser
  27. 27. There is another side to this story..... Technology is used to achieve Peace In Israel
  28. 28. Its a story about the people Palastenians and Israelis Who collaborated with one another. Showing the world that PEACE could be achieved through the use of Technology
  29. 29. Have your own Free Web Based Desktop Register for Free at: http://g.ho.st And Start enjoying your own G.ho.st VC