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Business Design

  1. 1. Introduction<br /> We plan to use music, arts and theatre to involve as many people as possible in the community<br /> You don’t have to be musician or even be a music enthusiast to join this program<br /> The idea behind involving as many people as possible is simply to increase the brand recognition of RCM<br /> This will eventually lead to a higher utilization of other services offered by the RCM<br /> We are confident that involving a wider group of people with different backgrounds and from different cultures will contribute towards a better final product <br /> That is why this program is open to anybody <br /> People can come just to watch and cheer on their peers<br /> They can come and volunteer<br /> They can participate actively towards the final product<br /> Or they can critique and suggest ideas on improving the final product<br />
  2. 2. WE BELONG TOGETHER<br />THE GEEK<br />THE PRINCESS<br />THE PARTY ANIMAL<br />3 strangersfrom 3 different countries with 3 completely different personalities…<br />differentin every aspect of life…<br />Learn how RCM brings them together…<br />Learn how RCM helps them with their professionaland personalgoals…<br />Learn how RCM can enrichtheir lives!<br />
  3. 3. MARIA<br />NEED: SELF EXPRESSION<br /> 21 year old art student from Columbia<br /> Works part time as a waitress at a bar<br /> Very outgoing and has a huge friend circle<br /> Unable to connect with people who share the same passion for arts <br />“Expanding my professional network is very important for me. Here in Canada creating this network has been a pretty hard task. Even though I have made a lot of friends, I still lack the company of artists who could help me build my career.”<br />
  4. 4. JUNE<br />NEED: BELONGING & INCLUSION<br /> 26 year old theatrical student from Korea<br /> Works part time as at a coffee shop<br /> Shy and lacks self confidence<br /> Unable to make friends in Canada due to her nature and language barrier<br />“The feeling of being heard and understood is what keeps me going in this foreign country. At that moment, I feel fulfilled!”<br />
  5. 5. RAMESH<br />NEED: SOCIAL INTIMACY<br /> 29 year Computer Engineer from India<br /> Works full time at a software design firm<br /> Hard working and works long hours<br /> Wants to find a work-life balance and is also looking to start settling down (Marriage)<br />“One of my passions is food. I love cooking at home but I also love to try different cuisines. The diversity of flavours and cuisines in Canada always surprises me. Cooking is a therapy for me!”<br />
  6. 6. PRIOR TO RCM<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Maria is frustratedbecause she can’t find people to enjoyand shareher artwork with.<br />June is unhappy because she is having a hard time meetingnew peoplein Canada.<br />Rameshis burned out from working long hours and needs a socialoutletthat won’t take away too much from work.<br />
  7. 7. REACHING OUT<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />While in class one day, her instructorintroduces Jenny, an artist from the RCM. Jenny explains how the RCM art group works. Maria is impressed by the activitiestaking place at the RCM and sees this as a good opportunity to get feedbackon her artwork.<br />On her way to the Eaton center, a galleryheld by the RCM catches her attention. June is amazed to find out the content was developed by amateur artistslike herself. Furthermore, June is taken away by the hospitality and friendly nature of the RCM representative. June exchanges contact infowith the representative.<br />Ramesh notices an increasing number of his contacts on facebookjoining the RCM Amateur Artistsgroup and decides to check out what the fuss is all about.<br />
  8. 8. RESEARCH<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Maria visits the group’s websiteand is surprised by the successstories of other artists. She starts interactingwith other users through online chatand other discussion forums.<br />She gets a call from the RCM representative she met at the gallery and is invited for a personalized tourof RCM. June is excited about the tour as she sees this as good means to meeting new people with similar tastes in Canada.<br />By following the discussions on the facebook group, Ramesh learns that there is a group within the Amateur Artists Group that focuses on international music. He also learns about the monthly meeting and is happy to hear that participants share foodfrom their native countries at these meetings. Ramesh is looking forward to attending the next meeting with some of his finest cooking.<br />
  9. 9. INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Maria decides to go to a workshopbeing taught by one of the artists she interacted with online. The instructor connectsher with a group of painterswho are a part of the Amateur Artists Group.<br />June meets the RCM representative for coffee and a personalized tour of the RCM. She is convinced of the valuein joining the RCM and is introducedby the representative to the Theatre group (a sub-group of Amateur Artists Group) at an informal group meeting.<br />Ramesh brings his favorite dish to the group’s monthly meeting. Not only is his food the talk of the meeting, but he also meetspeople with similar interests as his.<br />
  10. 10. ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Maria is thrilled about the theme (FIFA World cup 2010) for the groups next gallery and decides to createa painting for display.<br />June stays involvedin the groups activities by helping create the set for the group’s theatre production.<br />Ramesh hosts a poker night at his apartment with a group of people he met and connectedat the previous meeting.<br />
  11. 11. PUBLIC EVENT<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Paintings from Maria’s group are displayedon the RCM website and outside a theatre where a new film is premiering.<br />June helps the stage crew during the monthly performance.<br />Ramesh brings a date to a concertheld at the RCM.<br />
  12. 12. FEEDBACK<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Paintings displayedby the group are sold, including Maria’s painting. Maria also gets feedback on her stylethrough online comments and live drop ins.<br />There are three curtain calls at closing night and everyone from the cast and crew has a great time at the wrap party.<br />Ramesh offers his two cents on the performances. The group asks Ramesh to post his recipeonline and teacha class on how to make it.<br />
  13. 13. POST RCM<br />REACHING OUT<br />INITIAL INVOLVEMENT<br />ONGOING INVOLVEMENT<br />PUBLIC EVENT<br />FEEDBACK<br />RESEARCH<br />Maria is very happyand contentbecause she was able to shareher art and was also able to get valuable feedbackfrom fellow artists.<br />June is more confidentin herself and no longer feels like an outsider because she has found friendswith similar interests and passions.<br />Ramesh is happy that he now has a social outlet that serves as a good source for stress relief and also allows him to stay connected with his culture. He is able to do all of this on his own terms as he is not bound by any significant time commitments from the RCM group.<br />