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Tv crime drama v2
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Tv crime drama v2


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Published in: News & Politics
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  • 1. TV Crime Drama Exam IntroductionC To able to define TV Crime DramaB To able to identify the three sub-genres of TV Crime DramaA To be able to analyse the conventions TV Crime Drama Brief Release Date: 14th May Exam Date 14th June
  • 2. What is TV Crime Drama? Definitely Definitely Not Maybe EXT: In your book make a list of what elements helped you make your decision
  • 3. 27/02/12 What is TV Crime Drama?EXAM DATE: 14th June Unit 1: Assessment Objectives • Media Knowledge and Understanding AO1 • Research, Planning and Presentation AO3 • Production and Evaluation AO4
  • 4. 27/02/12 What is TV Crime Drama?EXAM DATE: 14th June Unit 1: Key Concepts • Media Language • Institutions • Audience • Representation
  • 5. What is TV Crime Drama? GenreFactual Comedy Drama Within these genres there are sub-genres Soap Historical TV Crime Hospital Operas TV Crime Drama - Crime fighters Individual Procedural Crime Solving Detective Dramas ProfessionalsAO1 & AO3
  • 6. What is TV Crime Drama? Sub-Genres Individual Sometimes not a member of Detective the police force I.D. Procedural Dramas The police force itself P.D. Crime Other crime solving Solving professionals - forensic C.S.P.Professionals scientists, psychologistsAO1 & AO3
  • 7. What is TV Crime Drama? Discuss What Sub-Genres do your examples fit into? EXT: What clues do you get from the DVD covers? I.D. P.D. C.S.P.AO1 & AO3
  • 8. What is TV Crime Drama? Textual Analysis Sound Mise-en-scene Title Sub-Genre Characters Setting (music & sound (costumes, props) effects) Sherlock The BillSilent Witness (3:20 - 6:14)AO1 & AO3
  • 9. So, What is TV Crime Drama?•C To able to define TV Crime Drama•B To able to identify the three sub-genres of TV Crime Drama•A To be able to analyse the conventions TV Crime Drama Write a paragraph defining TV Crime Drama D Grade- TV Crime Drama is... C Grade- The different sub-genres of TV Crime Drama include... B Grade- Some examples of these sub-genres are... A Grade- Give detailed conventions of each sub- genre using your grid.AO1 & AO3
  • 10. Using the template create a character for a TV Crime Drama Swap your character with a partner and underneath answer the following questions: 1) Who is the ‘stock’ character type. 2) How have they represented them?
  • 11. Consider the following statements about characters in TV Crime drama TV Crime Drama presents us with unfair representations of gender Using your DVD covers, notes on character fromCrime drama still portrays a very masculine culture in the screening and the police force sketches which do you agree with and why? Crime drama shows women playing powerful and intelligent characters Leading detectives in television crime drama are mostly white and male
  • 12. Characters and Representation Homework:Over the next few weeks you will Need to research your own casestudy TV Crime Drama to discuss in the exam: By next week you must hand in the first two slides of your case study
  • 13. What is TV Crime Drama?AO1 & AO3