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Music piracy new

  1. 1. 5 terms 5 minutes Level 3: Define each term Level 4: Define each term giving and example of each Conglomerate Synergy Cross media promotion Oligopoly Horizontal Integration
  2. 2. Digital distribution and exchange -free access to music and piracy Consider the wider debate and issues that surround music piracy Understand the impact on Sony and how they have tried to counteract it Understand the different types of piracy and the impact on the industry and audiences Piracy- Why Pay When It’s Free? Learning Aims for this week:
  3. 3. Digital Distribution and Exchange The exam question will be focused on one or more of the following areas: Production Marketing and Promotion Distribution Exchange Consumption the making of the music advertising and promoting the artist/single/album Getting the product to the audience-sales/download/streaming Sharing the music from one person/company to a other How the audience then accesses/listens to the music
  4. 4. Production Marketing and Promotion Distribution Exchange Consumption Define: Examples: Define: Examples: Define: Examples: Define: Examples: Define: Examples:
  5. 5. Piracy- Why Pay When It’s Free? P2P Pre-Release Piracy The illegal downloading and sharing of music that infringes copyright. The IFPI Digital Music Report 2010 suggested that for every track downloaded legally there are another 20 that are illegal WHAT is piracy? P2P file sharing accounts for the largest amount of piracy globally. There are hundreds of websites that allow consumers to download music illegally. P2P files has had a massive impact on the music industry and has meant that a shift from ownership to access has emerged. This is the most damaging type of piracy where tracks are leaked weeks before official release. A new track makes the premium of its revenue at this time so protection is crucial (half of album sales are in the first few weeks In 2009 Leona Lewis Echo album was hacked at her record company (Sony BMG) and pre- released. Police and industry investigators found and prosecuted the sources
  6. 6. The Piracy Debate Challenge <ul><li>Group One: </li></ul><ul><li>Defending Piracy </li></ul><ul><li>Consider audiences </li></ul><ul><li>Institutions- Majors and Independents </li></ul>Level 4 answer will have debate and evidence!!!! For Against Group Two: Anti-Piracy Consider audiences Institutions and audiences Your litigation team have 20mins To organise your case: Using the materials you have been given Come up with a list of key points that Support your argument Each argument MUST be supported by evidence or it will admissible in court
  7. 7. The Piracy Debate Challenge <ul><li>Pros of digital music </li></ul>Cons of digital music
  8. 8. Sonys way to combat piracy <ul><li>360 degree deals </li></ul><ul><li>New contracts that artists sign to that mean that the record label take a cut of all music related profits including live shows and agree to promote other Sony products- becoming part of the Sony Brand. </li></ul>Thomas Hessee Sony Chairman The music industry is turning into a true music entertainment business. We are breaking away from the single product format to a vast range of different and complementary products all centred around the release of an artist.
  9. 9. Sonys way to combat piracy <ul><li>Supporting the music matters campaign </li></ul>Supporting the legal distribution of music with music matters and Pro Music Shift from ownership to access Industry=money Audiences= free access to wide range of music Streaming services which are legal and ad based such as: Spotify We7 Deezer Last FM
  10. 10. Sonys way to combat piracy <ul><li>Subscription Services </li></ul>
  11. 11. What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for audiences and institutions? One significant impact digital technology has had on Major record labels is the damaging effect of pre-release piracy. One example is Sony BMG artist Leona Lewis was recently a victim of this when her album ‘Echo’ was hacked from the recording studio and posted online. The continuing development of digital technology can therefore have both positive and negative impacts on major record labels. Level 3: Write 4 PEEs answering this question using the piracy debate as key evidence Level 4: Write a response to this question using key terminology and evidence from todays lesson
  12. 12. What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for audiences and institutions? Write a full answer to the question giving evidence from: Sony and the major labels Your independent record label Audiences THIS WILL BE GRADED TO EXAM CRITERIA EAA- 20 EGS- 20 TERM- 10 Homework-due next friday
  13. 13. What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for audiences and institutions? Majors Much easier to distribute- Synergy with large companies such as Apple- Direct and viral marketing techniques more effective and less costly. Cross media marketing- horizontally integrate with Film and gaming divisions Links to hardware with the use of MP3 formats Is positive for independent labels as it has allowed them to grow and develop; Much easier to distribute through digital means- eg website/online shop Much easier to promote artists through synergy with web 2.0 sites such as Myspace and Facebook The worst effected by piracy as they do not have the money of major artists/labels
  14. 14. What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for audiences and institutions? Audiences - allows for much easier consumption and access to music-development of MP3 format- convergence-portability-access through mobile and gaming formats. Allowed for free access to music through streaming sites such as We7 and Spotify. Allowed for proliferation of music and wider choice (millions of MP3s available to download-variety and diversity of genres) can have a more direct contact with artists- twitter/fan pages etc/online concerts Allowed audiences more power rather than as just consumers due to digital production they can now become producers
  15. 15. Homework <ul><li>Write an answer to this question discussing your independent record label: </li></ul><ul><li>How has digital technology been poistive and negative???? </li></ul>