Orientation to Quality Improvement


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Orientation to Quality Improvement

  1. 1. Quality Improvement House of New Hope Orientation
  2. 2. Quality Improvement  Quality Improvement is:  a way of looking at House of New Hope’s services  deciding if our services are meeting the needs of our clients  what we are doing great  what we can do better
  3. 3. Quality Improvement Plan  In order for any Quality Improvement Plan to succeed, each employee has to first take ownership of their work  We also have to align with the values and the mission of House of New Hope
  4. 4. Vision & Mission Statement  Vision Statement  Our vision is a community where children, adults and families have the support necessary to lead safe and meaningful lives.  Mission Statement  It is our mission to optimize the potential of children and adults by providing compassionate healing environments and individualized, community-integrated services.
  5. 5. Process of the Quality Improvement Plan  There are processes and procedures for collecting information to make decisions about how effective and beneficial our programs are  The process starts with  Selection Criteria  Reviewer Skills  Record Review  Compliance Action Plans & Improvement Plans  Surveys and Feedback
  6. 6. Selection Criteria  We work to include a “representative sample” of each program. This means that we try to get a sample of people to obtain information on that represent what our full client base looks like  This is often done through things such as age, gender, program involvement, etc.
  7. 7. Reviewers  We will sometimes do “Peer Reviews”. These are when our peers, or another in the department, might review a chart to give feedback on ways we can improve and the quality of the work done.
  8. 8. Record Review  Each record can go through a review process in which the auditor will look for several things. These include:  Completeness  Accuracy  Quality  Other (i.e. ways to improve)
  9. 9. Compliance Action Plans & Improvement Plans  These are ways to help any worker know what can be improved and track the improvements.
  10. 10. What Does This Look Like for Me?  Depending on the part of House of New Hope that you work within, your quality improvement goals might differ
  11. 11. ODJFS vs. ODMH vs. CARF vs. DODD, etc.  Depending on the program the service is being offered under, different requirements will be monitored  Some different certifying entities include:  Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS)  Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH)  Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)  Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD)
  12. 12. Clinical Department  Providing excellent customer service to each client, their families, and guardians/case workers  Ensuring compliance with ODJFS, CARF, ODMH, etc.  Providing quality care with each contact  Following up on record reviews and compliance action plans  Improving each interaction for better services and quality  Adapting to the change requirements as they arise  Completing outcome measurements  Follow-up surveys
  13. 13. Mental Health Staff  Providing excellent customer service to each client, their families, and guardians  Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies (i.e. ODMH, CARF, etc)  Completing each record review action plan  Completing outcome measurements Follow Up Surveys Completing all required documentation
  14. 14. Personal Care Assistants  Providing excellent customer service to each client, their families, and guardians  Completing all required documentation  Following up with any record requirements  Comply with DODD requirements
  15. 15. Transporters  Provide excellent customer service to each child, family, foster parent, and county workers  Follow-up on all needs of clients and staff  Provide timely transportation services  Communicate any needs of clients and information Document any incidents or important information
  16. 16. Office Staff  Provide excellent customer to each individual  Ensure quality in each task completed  Comply with any requirements from House of New Hope or Agency
  17. 17. How Is It Measured  How the quality of your area at House of New Hope is measured depends on which area you work. Here are some examples: • Clinical Department • Record Reviews • Surveys & Feedback • Agency Audits • Mental Health Staff • Record Reviews • Surveys & Feedback • Agency Audits • Personal Care Assistants • Record Reviews • Surveys & Feedback • Agency Audits • Transporters • Surveys & Feedback • Office Staff • Surveys & Feedback
  18. 18. Surveys & Feedback  House of New Hope will periodically survey our clients and providers to see their satisfaction level with our services  This information will be used to help us continue excellent service and improve to better meet client’s needs
  19. 19. Continuous Improvement  House of New Hope is continually looking for ways to improve our client services, satisfaction, and programs  Each employee has a responsibility to support continuous quality improvement, regardless of the area of employment