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    MET 212 Cw 2 MET 212 Cw 2 Document Transcript

    • MET212- Fluid Mechanics & Machines st1 Semester, September 2011 CLASS WORK - 2 10Name…… ……… ……… …… ………… I.D No.…….… ………Date … … … Section ………… 1. Determine the absolute pressure in Pa at a depth of 6 m below the free surface of a tank of water when a barometer reads 760 mm 3 mercury (ρ Hg =13600 kg/m ). 2. Determine the pressure in bar at a depth of 10 m in oil of SG 0.75. 3. What depth of oil in meter, specific gravity 0.75, will give a gauge 2 pressure of 275000 N/m . 4. Express the pressure head (h) of 15m of water in meters of oil of SG 0.75.Dr. Adel Afify MET 212Octuber, 2011
    • Question 1 Multi-fluid open mouth container is connected to a U-tube, as shown in Figure. For the given specific gravities (SG) and fluid column heights, determine the gage pressure at A in kN/m2.Question 2 The gage pressure of the air in the tank shown in Figure is measured to be 65 kPa. Determine the differential height h of the mercury column. Water density is 1000 kg/m3.Question 3 A closed tank fitted with a gauge and a manometer contains mercury as shown in Figure. Find the gauge pressure reading in kPa if the mercury manometer shows a reading of 200mm [g=9.81m/s2 and ρHg=13600 kg/m3]. 2
    • Question 4 A close tank contains compresseed air and oil (SGoil=0.90) as shown in Figure. A U-tube manometer using mercury (SGHg=13.6) is connected to the tank as shown. For column heights h1=92cm, h2=15cm and h3= 23cm, determine the gage pressure in kN/m2.QUESTION 5: Consider a U-tube manometer whose arms are open to theatmosphere. One arm contains 70-cm high water and other arm contains light oil(S.G 0.79) from the other. If the other arm contains oil-water and the height ratio of 6(ho=6hw). Determine the heights in meter of each fluid in the right arm of thismanometer. 3
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