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  • 1. STEAM TABLES PRACTICE EXAMPLESUsing your Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids Tables, determine.1. The specific enthalpy of: i. Saturated water at a temperature of 130oC, ii. Dry saturated steam at a temperature of 130oC2. The saturated water pressure, and the dry saturated steam pressure at 130oC3. The specific volume of dry saturated steam at a pressure of 2.7bar.4. The specific enthalpy of steam at a pressure of 2.7 bar and a dryness fraction of 0.9.5. The specific enthalpy of steam at pressure of 20bar and a temperature of 400oCSOLUTIONPage 5 of tables:1.i Under column: ts read down to 130.0, read across under column hf = 546 kJ/kg. ii Under column: ts read down to 130.0, read across under column hg = 2720kJ/kg.2. " " " " p = 2.7bar.3. " p " 2.7 bar, read across under column vg = 0.6686m3/kg.4. hwet = hf + xhfg hwet = 546 + 0.9 x 2174 2502.6kJ/kg Ans5. The saturation temperature for steam at 20bar is 212.4oC. In this case the steam is above its saturation temperature it must therefore be superheated steam. Page 8 of tables. Under column: p read down to 20, read across to h and under column 400 = 3248kJ/kgDetermine the following specific enthalpies.FLUID STATE ANSWER (kJ/kg)Boiling water temperature = 165oCBoiling water pressure = 5barSaturated water temperature = 195oCSaturated water pressure = 1.6barDry saturated steam pressure = 11barDry saturated steam temperature = 165oCSteam p = 5bar, dryness = 0.8Steam ts = 128.7oC, dryness = 0.95Steam p = 30bar, temp. = 350oCSteam ts = 250.3oC, temp.= 400oCDetermine specific volumes for:FLUID STATE ANSWER (m3/kg)Steam p = 6bar, dryness = 0.9Steam ts = 250.3oC, dryness = 0.88Dry saturated steam p = 30barDry saturated steam ts = 195oCSteam p = 40bar, temp = 450oCSteam ts = 263.9oC, temp = 500oC