Steps of writing a draft


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Steps of writing a draft

  1. 1. Steps of writing a draft
  2. 2. Step One Spend a little time brainstorming, generating ideas related to your topic, before beginning your rough daft. Write these ideas on a sheet of paper.
  3. 3. Step Two Organize your ideas by clustering them. Write each idea in the center of a page and circle it. Then go to step three.
  4. 4. Step ThreeArrange related ideas around eachidea, trying to place ever-more-detailed pieces of information close oone another on the paper.This will give you some idea of how tostructure your paper; if you find youhave many ideas clustered in onearea, you may want to focus there.
  5. 5. Step FourMake an informal paperoutline to provide guidelines for 1. Red is …….the format and flow of you paper. 2. Rose about ….. 3. Lamp can be ….At first, you can just list points inorder. 1. Green …. , …… and ....Later, you may want to arrange 2. Lamp … your information in standard 3. Rose ….outline form. 1. Color Yellow ?!! 2. Lamp 3. Idea ←
  6. 6. Step Five Do some brief, preliminary research. Consider which authors, books or quotations might offer you good supporting evidence.
  7. 7. Step Six Write your thesis statement and a summary of your Thesis statement papers objective at the top of ---------------- a clean sheet of paper. ---------------- ---------------- This will become your topic ---------------- paragraph after revision. ---------------- Summary -----------
  8. 8. Step Seven Approach your rough ------------------------- draft in sections. ---------------------. Each section will be ----------------- ----------------- a paragraph in your -----------------. final draft. --------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------.
  9. 9. Step Eight Start with the first item TITLE 1 on your paper outline. 1. Red is ……. Write the title of this item 2. 3. Rose about ….. Lamp can be …. on a sheet of paper and •Idea 1 write all relevant ideas beneath it. •Idea 2 •Idea 3
  10. 10. Step NineWrite the title of the next TITLE 2item of your outline on aseparate sheet of paper 1. Green …. , …… and .... with all its relevant ideas 2. 3. Lamp … Rose ….beneath it. •Idea 1 •Idea 2 •Idea 3
  11. 11. Step Ten Continue this process with all sections of the outline.
  12. 12. Step Eleven Tie together each item on your outline in a brief conclusion at the end of the daft. This will become the concluding paragraph after revision.
  13. 13. Step Twelve After completing your draft, wait a while before returning to revise it. This will give you a fresh approach to the paper.