My trip to colorado (1)


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My trip to colorado (1)

  1. 1. By: Julie JosephAPUSH State ProjectPeriod 7 - 5/20/13
  2. 2. Colorado(TheCentennialState)Motto: Nil sine Numine( Nothing without Providence)Admission Date: 8/1/1876 as the 38th state of the USACapital: DenverGovernor: John Hickenlooper | Lt. Governor: Joseph GarciaCurrent Population: 5,187,582Ethnic BreakdownWhite - 81.3%Black - 4.0%Asian - 2.8 %Alaska Native & American Indian - 1.1%Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander- 0.1%Hispanics & Latinos - 20.7%Biracial & Multiracial - 3.4%Other race - 7.2%
  3. 3. In the late 1980s, John Hickenlooper left the oilfields ofWestern Colorado to open the states first brewpub. Hebusiness grew and revitalized popular neighborhood inpresent-day Denver and gradually joined Denvers civic life.With encouragement of friends he ran for Mayor of Denverin 2003. He served as the Mayor of Denver for about 8years before seeking election for Governor of Colorado.Once again the people around him encouraged him to runfor Governor of Colorado and he gained much supportwinning by 51 percent.
  4. 4. Before elected as the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado,Joseph Garcia or better known as Joe Garcia served as thePresident of Colorado State University at Pueblo,CO. WhilePresident of Colorado State University at Pueblo, he servedas co-chair of the Governors P-20 Education Task Force,helping develop a education reform agenda. Joe also servedas one of three Colorado commissioners on the WesternInterstate Commission on Higher Education(WICHE), he isnow the chair of that organization.
  5. 5. U.SAirForceAcademyUnited States Air Force Academy is located near Colorado Springs.The United States AirForce Academy was established in 1954 by President Eisenhower. Since 1954, theacademy has trained 33,000 men and women who have graduated from this prestigiousschool. The motto is "To educate, train, and inspire "Directions|North of Colorado Springs Metro and south of Denver. Enter the Academy fromthe North Gate entrance. Exit off I-25 at exit 156B.
  6. 6. TheHangingLakeThe Hanging Lake is located East of Glenwood Springs in Glenwood Canyon. Itis one of the most recent addition to Colorados Natural Landmarks receiving itsdesignation in 2011 after missing it in 1980. Along with 6 other designations fromInterior Secretary Ken Salazar, a Colorado Native, the 72-acre site in the WhiteRiver National Forest is one of 13 landmarks in Colorado. The designation isreserved for sites with outstanding biological and geological resources.Directions|Access to the trailhead is only possible for I-70 eastbound traffic. Forwestbound travelers, exit at milepost 21 and turn around going east to theHanging Lake exit.
  7. 7. GardenoftheGodsGarden of the Gods is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the 1850s, two surveyors fromDenver City came upon this area of sandstone formations. It contains 20 breathtaking sandstoneformations sculpted by erosion. Formations began forming over 320 million years ago. Two ofthe most well known formations are Balanced Rock and Kissing Camels. Balanced Rock sitsupon another rock, looking as if it will fall on the road. Kissing Camels formation looks as itsname implies, two camels kissing each other.Hiking is a popular activity at the park.Directions|From I-25 in Colorado Springs, take exit 146 and head west on Garden of the GodsRoad. Follow to its end ("T" intersection) at 30th Street; turn left (south) and go about 1.5 miles.The visitor center will be on the left and the park entrance on the right.
  8. 8. ChimneyRockChimney Rock was once home to an Ancestral Puebloan Indian Village overlookingthe Piedra River. With excavation beginning in the 1920s, the archaeological site nowcovers 3,160 acres of the San Juan National Forest. Two trails lead up to excavated andundisturbed sites. Every 18.6 years, the "Northern Lunar Standstill" takes place. AtChimney Rock, the moon appears to rise between Chimney Rock and Companion Rockwhen viewed from the upper mesa near the Great House. The cycle lasts 30 months.Directions|Located about 43 miles from Durango and 17 miles from Pagosa Springs,Colorado. Take U.S. highway 160 east from Durango or west from Pagosa Springs toColorado highway 151 and turn south. The entrance is 3 miles further, on the right.
  9. 9. BentsOldFortBents Old Fort was built in 1833 by William and Charles Bent and Ceran St. Vrain. Itwas owned by the St. Vrain Companys expanding trade empire. Located near La Juntaand Las Animas. From 1833 to 1849, it was the only major white settlement on theSanta Fe Trail from the Mississippi River to Mexico. Settlers stopped for supplies,wagon repairs and trade. During the Mexican War in 1846, the fort served as a stagingground for Colonel Stephen Watts Kerneys "Army of the West." In 1849, the fort wasabandoned due to disease and disaster.Directions| The Fort is accessed via US Highway 50 and Highway 194.From La Junta: US Highway 50, take Highway 109 north 1 mile to Highway 194, theneast on Highway 194 six miles to the fort.From Las Animas: US Highway 50, take Highway 194 west 13 miles.
  10. 10. Colorado was the 1st place explored by the Spanish | In 1541, Spanish explorerFrancisco Vasquez de Coronado reached Colorado. Before then, he decided to send hismen out in different directions in search of gold. The group led by Pedro de Tovartraveled to the Colorado Plateau. While, Garcia Lopez de Cardenas led his group tobecome the first Europeans to see the Grand canyon.
  11. 11. In 1682, French explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle,sailed along the Mississippi river, claiming the entire basin thatincluded present-day Colorado for France. He named it LaLouisiane after the French King Louis XIV.Colorado was claimed by the U.S. as a part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
  12. 12. In 1859, George Andrew Jackson found gold along Chicago Creek in Colorado.Jacksonsdiscovery launched the first mining boom in Clear Creek County, changing the regionand state of Colorado forever. A monument was unveiled in Idaho Springs, Colorado in1909 to celebrate Jackson. It was re-dedicated in 2009 to commemorate the 150thanniversary of Jacksons strike and the Colorado Gold Rush.
  13. 13. George Andrew Jackson and his Monument
  14. 14. Chili VerdeColorado Omelette
  15. 15. Colorado Rocky Mountain Rainbow TroutColorado Pulled-Pork sliders
  16. 16. Colorado Peach Pie Mexican Beans and Corn rice salad
  17. 17. Honey Crust Pizza & Cracked Wheat Sourdough bread