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Project "Titanium"

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Project "Titanium"

Project "Titanium"

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  • 1. Project «Titanium» Association “Ukrainian Innovation Companies” «Ukrainian Center of Commercialization and Technology Transfer» 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, K.Marx av., 81 K.Marx av., 81 Website: www.auic.com.ua Website: www.cctt.com.ua E-mail: auic@auic.com.ua E-mail: cctt@cctt.com.ua Phone / Fax: +38 (0562) 35-00-80 Phone / Fax: +38 (056) 376-10-70
  • 2. General information & benefits of innovative technology The technology was based on the blended elemental PM method in its simplest press-and-sinter approach without application of any pressure or deformation during or after sintering (contributing to the cost-effectiveness of the approach). The distinctive feature of technology is employment of hydrogenated titanium powder instead of traditional titanium powder. T E CH NOLO G Y CL ASSICA L Employment of hydrogenated High balance of mechanical Cost of production Reducing the number of titanium powder instead of properties of synthesized traditional titanium powder decreases by 5 times technological operations alloys T ECHNOLO G Y IN NOVATI V E
  • 3. Our team + Institute for Problems Ukrainian Center of of Materials named Commercialization and Frantsevich Technology Transfer SERGEY YUKHIMENKO ALEXANDER PLISKANOVSKIY OREST IVASISHIN Dr. Sc., Dr. Sc., Dr. Sc., Director of UCCTT, Chief of Science and Technology Department Acad. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, A.M. of the Ukrainian Ecological science academy, A.M. of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Head of Department Honoured Ukrainian industry worker Ukraine of Physics of Strength and Plasticity of non-homogeneous alloys, Deputy director OXANA DUKHONCHENKO TATYANA SIMENINKO of the Institute of Metal Physics. Chief of Marketing&Sales Department Chief of Financial and Economic Department GV Kurdyumov NAS of Ukraine, Winner of NASU. KD Sinelnikov and State Prize of Ukraine DENIS KONTSOV in Science and Technology, Chief of Legal Department Honored Scientist of Ukraine
  • 4. Market World production of titanium Market segments RAW. Ukraine is one of the liders of titanium ore mining. Stocks of titanium raw materials in Ukraine at the beginning of 2010 is up about 184 million tons of TiO2. GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY. 2015-2016: entering the market of Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. POTENTIAL CONSUMERS. Civil aviation: «Boeing», «Airbus» (France), «RosUkrAvia» (Russia-Ukraine); automotive: «Porsche» (Germany), «Ferrari» (Italy), «BMW» (Germany), «WV» (Germany); medicine: «Waldemar LINK» (Germany), «Altimed» (Belorussia). PATENTS. The technology has patents on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and USA.
  • 5. Stages of the project and business plan I stage Volume of investment Plant design. 2011- 1,5-2 mil. € Development of the documentation. 2012 II stage Construction of the plant. 2012- 25 mil. € Purchase of equipment. 2014 III stage Purchase of raw materials. 2014- Commissioning. Marketing. 2015 2-3,5 mil. € Staff training. Adapting technology. IV stage The yield on the production capacity. 2014- 2018 year Medical products - 20 tons/year. 2015 hurdle rate Mechanical Engineering - 30 tons/year.
  • 6. Strategic goals Volume output Expansion into Reaching new extension the new markets market segments • 5-7% annual growth • India • Aerospace • China • Sports equipment • The Middle Asia • Equipment for the petrochemical industry
  • 7. UCCTT: information, projects Ukrainian Center of Commercialization and Technology Transfer (UCCTT) - a leading Ukrainian company in the commercialization and technology transfer. Our mission is the creation of a link in the chain, which will connect the Ukrainian science and global investment business to meet the growing needs of the international community in innovative solutions, as well as ensuring requests of Ukrainian industrial enterprises in modern technologies, that have been tested in developed countries. Construction of plant Construction of the Construction of the Innovative steel pectin and oil from the variator systems plant implants plant converter production pumpkin Implementation of a Construction of a Construction of cement Creation of high-tech mining company based modern production plant (capacity 2,6 complex of granite on Sergeevskoe gold line at Volnogorsky million tons/year) quarries deposit Glassworks
  • 8. Thank you for your attention! Association «Ukrainian Center of Commercialization “Ukrainian Innovation Companies” and Technology Transfer» 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, K.Marx av., 81 K.Marx av., 81 Website: www.auic.com.ua Website: www.cctt.com.ua E-mail: auic@auic.com.ua E-mail: cctt@cctt.com.ua Phone / Fax: +38 (0562) 35-00-80 Phone / Fax: +38 (056) 376-10-70
  • 9. SWOT analysis (Appendix 1) Strengths Weaknesses • Unique technology • The technology is not implemented on any • Significant local raw materials production in Ukraine (new project) • Low cost products • Early stage of the project (seed stage) • Shortened manufacturing process • Large market capacity Opportunities Threats • Extensive opportunities for expansion • Increase the market value of raw materials • The possibility of producing a wide range of • Depending on the production of raw materials products at Ukrainian enterprises with outdated equipment • Opportunity to expand the area of industrial complex • Government loyalty • The absence of prohibitions on the placement of hazardous industries • The presence of unique coatings of titanium products
  • 10. Technological process of titanium manufacturing (Appendix 2)
  • 11. Additional technologies (Appendix 3) Biocompatible coating. The new synthetic material which by its composition is close to the bone. Plasma-detonation method of applying powder coating. 1. Allows to obtain a coating with adhesion is 4-6 times higher than that required by the ISO 2. The structure of the coating material after application does not change (no impurities, the material structure does not change). 3. Low-temperature method (3000 °C).