Complex for the production of synthetic fuels and electricity based on deep processing of brown coals


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Complex for the production of synthetic fuels and electricity based on deep processing of brown coals

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Complex for the production of synthetic fuels and electricity based on deep processing of brown coals

  1. 1. Ukrainian commercialization & technology transfer center Complex for the production of synthetic fuels and electricity based on deep processing of brown coals49000, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Karl Marks av., 81 • • e-mail: • tel. +38(056)376-10-70
  2. 2. Problems - fuel Oil price forecast to 2015 actual data forecast to 2015 (01.01.2006) forecast to 2015 (01.01.2010) The structure of consumption in Ukraine, per year Domestic Imports, TOTAL, Wholesale prices, $/t production, kt kt kt Light petroleum: 2244 5232 7476 including petrol 11300(UA)/11000(FOR) 1200 2664 3864including diesel fuel 9600 1056 2712 3768
  3. 3. Problems - electricity and natural gas Dynamics of the purchase price for Russian gas 2006-2011, $/thousand m3 Electricity, UAH/kWh Natural gas, UAH/m3 Cost of production (TPP) 0,10 Cost of purchases in Russia (TPP) 2,08Purchase price of the energy market 0,40 - 0,50 Public price 0,75 - 1,20 Retail price for legal entities 1,20 - 1,75 Price for legal entities 2,50 - 2,95
  4. 4. Proposed solution
  5. 5. Proposed solution
  6. 6. Worldwide Gasification Capacity (cumulative by year)
  7. 7. Worldwide Gasification Capacity (cumulative by feedstock)
  8. 8. Worldwide Gasification Capacity (cumulative by product)
  9. 9. Structure of production of gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine (2010) Shebelinka Ukrainian refineries Kremenchug Lisichansk Drogobych Nadvornaya Odessa GPP TOTALDesigned capacity of processing, kt 18600 16000 3300 2600 2800 1000 44300 The volume of raw materials, kt 3400 4813 372,9 189,9 1448 660,2 10884 Using the design capacity, % 18 30 11 7 52 66 20 Gasoline, kt 1056 1322 94,5 37,5 204,9 368,9 3083,8Change in comparison with 2009, % 2,70% -13% -5,40% 10% -24,20% -13% -8,70% Diesel fuel, kt 1227 1299 128,4 66,8 459,5 172,5 3353,2Change in comparison with 2009, % 21% -6,30% -12,20% 20% -30,30% -9,20% -3% Counterfeit, kt 1287,4 Ukrainian refineries produce petroleum in the amount of 20% of installed capacity. Refineries suffer multimillion damages in connection with: - obsolete industrial base and high energy production, - the ever-increasing prices for raw materials, - rigid regulatory policy of the state in establishing retail prices for petroleum products.
  10. 10. Appearance of the gasification plant
  11. 11. Existing projects Great Plains Synfuels Plant Alaska Coal Gasification API Energia (USA) Plant (Italy) (USA)Daily productivity of IGCC process, 2 productions:approximately 160 million m3 Recycles 11,700 tons of lignite production of synthesis gasof synthesis gas. Recycles 18,000 per day. (SMPP), a plant with combinedtons of lignite per day. cycle electricity generation. Technology. Upperground coalTechnology. Upperground coal gasification (CTL). Technology. Upperground coalgasification (CTL). gasification (IGCC). Products. 14,600 bbl/day ofProducts. Fuel oil, phenol, liquid fuels (5.3 million bbl/year). Products. Electricity production.fertilizers, cresylic acid, liquid By-product - electricity - 45,5 Capacity of 280 MW.nitrogen, methanol, kerosene, MW, sulfur -18 tons/day.krypton, xenon.
  12. 12. Existing projects ENEL Viesgo Puertollano Sasol’s Secunda Plant Vresova IGCC Power Plant (Spain) (South Africa) (Czech Republic)The plant was built by Siemens. Burns 30 million tons of coal per The plant was built by «SokolovThe plant burns 2,600 tons per day year. Coal Corporation». Consumptionof mixed fuel (coal + petroleum 2000 tons of lignite per day.coke). Technology. Upperground coal gasification in syngas Technology. Upperground coalTechnology. Upperground coal and electricity by CTL&GTL gasification (IGCC).gasification (IGCC). technology. Products. Electricity production.Products. Electricity production. Products. Production of Capacity of 400 MW.Capacity of 330 MW. electricity - 900 MW. GTL-fuels production - 160,000 barrels per day.
  13. 13. Vresova IGCC Power Plant (Czech Republic)• 26 LurgiGasifiers - dry coal feed - lignite - consumption - 2000 tons per day• 1 Siemens SFG-200 gasifier - feedstock: phenols, tars, petrol, etc. created during gasification - oxygen blown• 2 combustion turbines• 1 steam turbine• Plant startup • Power generation - 1970 towngas - Combustion turbine 309 MWe - 1996 converted to IGCC - Steam turbine 114 MWe - 2007 added Siemens gasifier - Internal load -25 MWe - Net output 398 MWe
  14. 14. Technology and equipment providersName Country Services, equipment Engineering and supply of equipment: gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, Germany gasifiers, the system delay of CO2, combined-cycle energy companies, management system. Consulting, engineering, construction services, management of energy Germany companies, specialty - gas processing into petroleum products, polymers, biofuels, etc. It has its own patented technologies. Engineering and supply of equipment: gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, USA gasifiers, the system delay of CO2, combined-cycle energy companies, management system. The Corporation is engaged in engineering, plant construction, the complex South Africa delivery of equipment, also it is using CTL and GTL technology in the Middle East (Qatar), Iran, Nigeria, Germany, Slovakia, USA, China, Uzbekistan. The company is engaged in engineering, plant construction, the complex Australia delivery of equipment for the underground coal gasification (UCG) worldwide, including Uzbekistan.
  15. 15. Potential partnersName Country Description One of the largest global engineering companies. It has offices in 25 countries. It has vast experience of technological Great Britain expertise (about 140 enterprises) in the energy sector. 18 projects in CTL - GTL segment. Group of design engineering and manufacturing companies in the U.S.. One of the main activities is the development and USA introduction of advanced technological systems in oil and gas industry. About 80 projects in the energy sector. One of the largest engineering companies in Australia. It’s a Australia leading provider of consulting services in energy and mining and mineral processing. Engineering company with a worldwide reputation. 129 Germany gasifiers worldwide (South Africa, USA, Germany, China). 14 patented technologies in the field of coal gasification.
  16. 16. Productivity of planned enterprise Name Amount Coal consumption 2 419 355 t per yearThe main product - a synthetic fuel (petrol) 375 000 t per year By-product - sulfur 2 992 t per year By-product - liquefied petrogas 42 614 t per year By-product - Argon 32 912 t per year Electricity production 20 MW
  17. 17. Requirements for deposit Reserves of brown coal in Ukraine Region Deposit name Reserves, million tonsDnepropetrovsk Verhnedniprovske 146Dnepropetrovsk Karnauhovskoe 203Dnepropetrovsk Novo-Aleksandrovskoe 82 Kharkiv Novodmitrievskoe 390 Specifications for the brown coal deposits Name of indicator Required value Reserves, million tons, at least 60 Ash, %, max 12-28 Mass fraction of sulfur, %, max 4,5 Mass fraction of chlorine,%, max 0,6 Mass fraction of arsenic, %, max 0,02
  18. 18. Key economic parameters Annual financial results of the project Product Volume Incomes, $ mln Expenses, $ mln Profit, $ mln Synthetic fuel 375 000 t 539,06 111,98 427,09Electricity (20 MW) 131 400 MWh 7,39 3,00 4,39 Sulfur 2 990 t 0,66 - 0,66Liquefied petrogas 42 615 t 34,62 - 34,62 Argon 32 920 t 8,23 - 8,23 TOTAL 589,96 114,98 474,99 Integral indicators of the project Name Amount Capital investments, $ mln 1 232,00 Annual income, $ mln 474,99 Borrowed capital return, years 5,00 ROI, % 39%
  19. 19. The main stages of the project Financial Amount,Stage Works Investor tool $ mln Terms Preliminary assessment of the project Obtaining a license and mining lease Ukrainian Shareholder I Land issues Permit the design and construction company equity 2 2011-2012 Feasibility study Development of the plant construction project Career development project Shareholder Banks,II Career construction Supply of mining equipment funds equity 30 2012-2013 or credit Building works at the plant site Equipment delivery Banks,III Commissioning Start of production funds Credit 1 200 2014-2015 TOTAL 1 232 5 years
  20. 20. Special tax treatment Electricity production Liquid fuels production• Enterprise profit is exempted from taxes • The goods importing transactions of raw in the capital costs for construction and materials, equipment and components upgrading of power grids. for the production of alternative energy• Enterprise profit is exempted from sources (including from brown coal) business income taxes, resulting in the into the customs territory of Ukraine are simultaneous production of electricity exempted from taxes. and heat until January 2020.• The importing transactions of materials, equipment, components used to produce energy-efficient equipment and materials, products, operation of which provides savings and rational use of energy resources into the customs territory of Ukraine are exempted from VAT.
  21. 21. Ukrainian commercialization & technology transfer center Thank you for your attention!49000, Ukraine Contact personDnepropetrovsk Oksana DukhonchenkoKarl Marx ave., 81 Chief of Marketing&Sales e-mail: ph.: +38(056)3761079ph.: +38(056)376-10-70 mob.: +38(050)4214302