IBM Cognos - IBM informations-integration för IBM Cognos användare


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Hur kan användare av IBM Cognos analys- och rapporteringsfunktioner känna 100% tillförsikt till den information de analyserar? De måste kunna se och få förklaringar till vad informationen betyder, var den kommer ifrån och vilken status den har. Lösningen på denna typ av krav, och fler därtill, är IBM InfoSphere Information Server, som är marknadens mest kompletta plattform för informationsintegration. Denna presentation hölls på IBM Cognos Performance 2010 av Mikael Sjöstedt, InfoSphere Specialist, IBM

IBM Cognos - IBM informations-integration för IBM Cognos användare

  1. 1. IBM COGNOS PERFORMANCE 2010 Smarter Decisions. Better Results. 1
  2. 2. IBM informationsintegration för IBM Cognos användare Mikael Sjöstedt 2010-11-16 2
  3. 3. Product Portfolio of IBM InfoSphere • IBM InfoSphere Information Server: – All components of InfoSphere Information Server – InfoSphere Change Data Capture – InfoSphere Federation Server – InfoSphere Global Name Recognition • IBM InfoSphere MDM – MDM Server – MDM Server for Product Information Management • IBM Industry Models • IBM InfoSphere Warehouse – IBM Smart Analytics system – Warehouse (Starter, Base, Intermediate, Enterprise Edition) IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  4. 4. InfoSphere Software leading the Market Data Integration CDI Warehousing ETL PIM Customer Hubs IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  5. 5. IBM InfoSphere Information Server Everything you need to integrate heterogeneous information and deliver it when and where it is needed Market-leading data integration platform • Linear scalability for exploding data volumes • Operational integration 24x7 • Complete metadata integration and data lineage insight • Aligns business and IT objectives • Optimized connectivity to diverse data sources IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  6. 6. Align business and IT objectives using single platform that creates trusted information for use in key initiatives Sources legacy Executives Business Enterprise Data Business Architects Analysts & Subject Matter Initiatives apps Analysts Architects Experts BI dbs SAP Xls., xml, Warehouse flat warehouse MDM App z/OS Consolidation custom Data DBA Steward Developer ERP System System Manager Architect IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  7. 7. InfoSphere Blueprint Director The GPS for your information project • Create and manage actionable blueprints of your information project Information Solution Architect • Accelerate information centric projects by leveraging templates with methods – e.g. warehousing, master data – and customize your best practices • Establish business-driven development by – aligning business & IT views – creating a consistent end-to-end design from business requirements • Navigate through your information project Information project leadership team by managing the information roadmap & its (stakeholders, bus. Analysts, stewards, specialty architects, etc.) evolution over time IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  8. 8. InfoSphere Blueprint Director Overview of the interface Diagram for a blueprint •Method browser (displaying method content) Palette free form •Asset browser (browsing metadata repository) “sketching” elements •Glossary explorer (showing glossary tree view) •Outline (zoom in/out view) •Blueprint explorer (shows tree view of the Context specific elements in the blueprint) property view IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  9. 9. InfoSphere Data Architect Requirements Model, visualize, and relate diverse Design and manage and distributed data assets enterprise models Data Architect Enforce model conformance to enterprise standards Leverage industry data models for best practices Benefits Speed design activities Populate Business Glossary from model terms Validate models for enterprise conformance 9 IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  10. 10. BG: How do I Find Out … Do I have the Business latest, accurate Analyst Information on this report? • … what it mean? • … what the related assets are? • … who it owns? IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  11. 11. InfoSphere Business Glossary • A web-based tool for business users that enables – The creation & management of a controlled vocabulary – Creation & management of a business taxonomy – Collaborative authoring of business metadata • A reference for learning about the information assets of the enterprise – Meaning – Dependencies – Usage Organized according to the business hierarchies defined by the business – Quality taxonomy – Ownership/Responsibility IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  12. 12. Create a Common Vocabulary Database = DB2 Schema = NAACCT Category: Costs Table = DLYTRANS Term: Tax Expense Column = TAXVL Full Name: Tax to be paid on Gross data type = Decimal Income (14,2) “The expense due to taxes …..” Derivation: SUM(TRNTXAMT) Integration Business (John Walsh is responsible for Specialist Analyst updates. 90% reliable source) Status: CURRENT Achieve a common vocabulary between business & technical users! Shared Metadata Server & Repository InfoSphere DataStage InfoSphere Business Glossary IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  13. 13. Data Stewardship • Identifies – Who is responsible for this Term? – Who is responsible for this Category? – Who is responsible for this Asset? • Assign Stewards to Terms, Categories or Assets • View Contact Information for Steward IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  14. 14. Business Glossary Anywhere with Cognos 3. Select term to view full details. 2. Candidate terms returned. 1. Highlight term Active and click to look up in Business Glossary IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  15. 15. IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer Data Profiling and Quality Monitoring Tool • Analyzes data sources to discover structure, contents and quality of information – Finds missing, inaccurate and inconsistent data • Provides secure in-depth analysis of heterogeneous data sources Subject Matter Data – Column Analysis Experts Analysts – Table Analysis Understand InfoSphere Information Analyzer Other Business – Primary Key Analysis Analyze source data structures, and Product Modules Glossary monitor adherence to integration and – Cross Table Analysis quality rules – Relationship Analysis • Enables ongoing measurement and baseline reporting of information quality – Duplicate Analysis • Creation/identification of physical metadata from profiling results • Results instantly promotable across IBM Information Physical View Server 15 IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  16. 16. FT: How do we … How can I easily create a mapping between my source and target systems? Data Analyst • …collaborate? Specification • …accelerate the development? Auto-generates DataStage jobs Flexible Reporting IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  17. 17. Projektbasert verktyg för dokumentation InfoSphere Fast Track Projektbasert modellverktyg för dokumentation Bättre förståelse i nästkommande steg Termer och affärsbeskrivningar mot källa och målmiljö Affärsregler & källa-mål Egenskaper hos produkten mappning Importera källa & måldatabas (behöver ej vara fysisk) Se status på arbetet Enkla affärsregler Flexibel Auto-generera Rapportering ETL jobb IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  18. 18. Column Mapping Editor: Heart of FastTrack • Rows record source-to-target column transformation • Source & target columns can be associated with business terms • Transformations are described via business rules (text), functions (DataStage expressions), or both – Functions are placed in transformer stages, business rules are placed in containers in generated job • Rows can be annotated with additional information Source column info Target column info Business rule and/or function Details of source-to-target mapping Drag & drop metadata browser IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  19. 19. InfoSphere FastTrack – Job Generation • Leverages Information Server security user model • Specify DataStage destination folder and job name • Multiple composition options – One specification per job – Combine multiple specifications sequentially or in parallel into a single job • Resulting job is fully documented with specification requirements • Generated jobs are created based upon DataStage ETL best practices • Jobs include shared containers, look-up stages, transformations, annotations and more • Auditing is tracked from specification to the deployed job IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  20. 20. InfoSphere DataStage Requirements Integrate, transform and deliver Integrate and transform data on demand across multiple multiple, complex, and sources and targets including disparate sources of databases and enterprise information applications DataStage Demand for data is diverse – DW, MDM, Analytics, Applications, and real time Benefits Transform and aggregate any volume of information Deliver data in batch or real time through visually designed logic Hundreds of built-in transformation functions Metadata-driven productivity, enabling collaboration IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  21. 21. Parallel Execution Critical Problems • Meeting service level agreements • Unexpected demand Source TRANSFORM ENRICH LOAD Data • Optimizing hardware investments Data Warehouse Alternative Solutions • Manual partitioning • Hand code threading • Single thread bottleneck • Land to disk between partitions • Change program to incorporate changes to hardware • Hand code parallel database and partition schemes IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  22. 22. MWB: How do I Find Out … Where does the data for this Data Analyst report come from? • …where this data comes from? • … when the job had been running last time? • … the details for these assets? IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  23. 23. Where does the Data in this Report come from? • Import & Browse full BI Report Metadata • Navigate through report attributes • Visually navigate through data lineage across tools • Combines operational & design viewpoint InfoSphere Information Source Tables Server IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  24. 24. What Happens if I Change this Object? • Show complete change impact in graphical or list form • Includes impact on reports in BI tools • Visually navigate through impacted objects across tools • Allows impact analysis on many asset types IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  25. 25. What Happened on the Last Job Run? • Navigation through complete job details • Navigation of complete operational metadata IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS
  26. 26. IBM Smart Analytics System What smart organizations want and need for faster results EVERYTHING you need for Business Analytics – not just a data warehouse appliance… Analytics Software Cognos Business Intelligence Transforming Cubing Services information into Text Analytics & Data Mining business insight Powerful Data Warehouse Warehousing Platform 3x Faster Advanced Workload Management System Automation Workload optimized analytics run business intelligence 3x faster Hardware & Services Flexible Server Platform Options 50% less floor space Modular Storage Capacity Data compression reduces storage cost Build, Deploy, Health Check and Premium Support Services World record performance IBM PERFORMANCE EVENTS