Enabling a Smarter Infrastructure for your Cloud Environment - IBM Smarter Business 2013


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Businesses are facing an unparalleled rate of change and CIOs continue their reliance on innovative technologies to drive business outcomes and technology is more important than ever. Dominant transformations like
Cloud, Mobility and Smarter Infrastructure have become even more important. As organizations embrace these technologies the challenges of managing service availability, performance, data and quality become
ever more critical. In this session we will discuss IBM’s Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure strategy and how it has helped customer’s meet these challenges. Speaker: Glenda Lyon, World Wide Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Business Development, IBM. Mer från dagen på http://bit.ly/sb13se

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Enabling a Smarter Infrastructure for your Cloud Environment - IBM Smarter Business 2013

  1. 1. Enabling a Smarter Infrastructure for Your Cloud Environment Glenda Lyon glyon@us.ibm.com
  2. 2. Our infrastructures are virtually without limits - growing smarter and more interconnected with every passing second… 200 Billion 1 Billion Connected physical Consumers will assets & devices have SmartPhones Instrumented Physical Assets Growing Mobile Access 62% 2.72 ZB of workloads will be Cloud-based of digital content - a 50% increase New types of workloads “Internet of things” 2 Big Data Explosion
  3. 3. Smarter infrastructures create new opportunities to deliver better business outcomes… React with agility Deploy SAP applications for students 86% faster than before, with Cloud. 3 Reduce cost and risk Assure 98.5% compliance for 50,000 endpoints spread across 1,800 locations. Realize better outcomes Increased predictive work orders 400% and achieved record high availability.
  4. 4. The ability to balance Optimization and Innovation will be critical to success… Drives need for continuous optimization Optimization Fuels investments in innovation 4 Innovation
  5. 5. However, organizations are challenged by a complex mix of vendor tools, technologies, and manual, disconnected processes… Customers 41% experience development delays Business Development 34% experience deployment delays Source : A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, 4Q2011 5 Operations 45% experience production delays
  6. 6. Success will require Visibility, Control and Automation across service design and delivery processes and infrastructure… Visibility Control Automation See your services Minimize cost & risk Optimize for innovation Monitor and predict the health of infrastructure & operations and measure delivery against committed objectives. Enforce change and compliance policies across infrastructure & operations for improved reliability & economics. Optimize workloads and interconnect processes for greater agility, innovation & competitive advantage. Hybrid Clouds 9k physical airport, and facilities assets 6 Mobile & IT devices 40k mobile devices and instrumented endpoints Big Data Instrumented assets 50k IT assets in the data center hybrid cloud & across
  7. 7. IBM clients are realizing the transformational benefits of improved visibility, control and automation…  Speed infrastructure delivery from 45 days to 20 minutes  Increased water leak detection eightfold for participating citizens  Reduced administrative  Decreased water utilization during pilot ratio from 10’s to 1 to 100’s to 1 6.6 percent  Handling 70 million pieces of luggage/year  Increased capacity by 20 million
  8. 8. Visibility, Control and Automation are enabled by specialized capabilities, and a better approach to multi-vendor integration... React Objectives Plug & Play Architecture with agility Visibility Realize Reduce cost and risk better outcomes Control Automation Not proprietary integration-- standards-based to easily interconnect any multi-vendor tools. Plus open services to simplify sharing of data across vendors and processes. Cloud Service Management Specialized Capabilities Smarter Infrastructure & Operations 8 Unified Device Management IT Operational & Storage Analytics Integrated Infrastructure Mgmt Not just resources– integrated design and delivery of hybrid cloud services across Dev & Ops. Not IT or mobile– unified compliance management for all devices, mobile and IT, irrespective of vendor. Not reporting & backup-advanced analytics for new insights and scalable assurance of big data. Not asset siloes– complete lifecycle management across IT, operations assets, and facilities. IBM Cloud Technology IBM Endpoint Mngt. IBM Analytics & Storage Management IBM Maximo & Tririga
  9. 9. Cloud Computing: Cloud Service Management Challenge: Provisioning of virtual resources is not enough - cloud services must be optimized, secure, trackable, and constantly evolving to transform business. Why IBM? Better Outcomes Beyond Virtualization Not just VMs – hybrid service orchestration, image mgmt, recovery, accounting, security, perf. Interoperable* No proprietary vendor lockin – open standards for quick plug in of multi-vendor applications. Continuous delivery Not siloed & slow – closed loop design & delivery bridging Dev and Ops for innovation. American Greetings • Deployment times reduced from hours/days to minutes • 2X improvement in admin productivity *OpenStack – TOSCA – OSLC ** Also Gartner market leader for ITOM for Mainframe tools 9
  10. 10. Mobile Enterprise: Unified device management Challenge: Multiple mobile & IT vendors & operating systems make it difficult to consistently enforce compliance across mixed mobile devices, much less all IT. Why IBM? Better Outcomes Unified Not multiple tools – automatically manage & secure all mobile, desktop, server, & devices. Compliant Not point-in-time audits – real-time reporting & enforcement of config, patch, & software policies. Light Not heavy agents with too much network chatter – a centrally deployed, single intelligent agent. Li Fung • Improved endpoint coverage from 50% to 100% with near real-time reporting • 95% reduction in servers, 6X reduction in admin staff 10
  11. 11. Smarter Infrastructure: Integrated infrastructure mgmt Challenge: Reactive management & maintenance practices are expensive & must give way to real-time & predictive models for optimizing infrastructure ROI. Why IBM? Better Outcomes Return on Investment Not basic lifecycle mgmt – extend the useful life of capital & physical assets, & optimize facilities. Predictive Analytics Not just maintenance planning – collect & analyze data from any source & predict service impact. Embrace Convergence Not just enterprise assets – manage all IT and operational technology in one place. 11 Taiwan High Speed Rail • Improved safety, reliability, asset utilization & asset life with condition based maintenance • 99.15% of trains within 6 seconds of schedule
  12. 12. Big Data: IT Operational & Storage Analytics Challenge: Explosive data growth makes it difficult to isolate useful insights before impact, and scale data storage in mixed, multi-vendor environments. Why IBM? Better Outcomes Predictive Analytics Not manual thresholds & service models – early warning using behavioral learning from Watson. Search Analytics No sifting logs – indexed search pinpoints issues linking to support documents & expert knowledge. Storage Analytics Not complex – non-experts can predict and resolve problems before users are impacted. Consolidated Communications • Analyzes 80,000 statistics in nearreal-time providing advanced warning far earlier than normal • Detects 100 % of the major incidents, including silent failures • $300K annual cost savings 12
  13. 13. The business impact of a better approach to integration… Challenge: Smarter infrastructures are more complex, requiring costly and time consuming integration across many, multi-vendor service delivery tools. Business Owners Design / Release Orchestrate / Monitor Remediate / Bill Mixed multi-vendor tools Smarter Infrastructure 13 Service Consumers
  14. 14. IBM has the capabilities, and expertise needed to help you realize better business outcomes… • 80% of Fortune 100 companies use IBM cloud capabilities • 5,000+ successful cloud client transformations • 200M+ daily cloud transactions • 1M+ managed virtual machines • 50% reduction in IBM’s IT labor cost with Dev / Test Cloud React • 250,000 client devices being managed (GTS) • 120,000+ users accessing IBM with mobile devices •80K employees BYOD •40K IBM issued smart phones • 600,000 managed laptops & desktops (5% personally owned) 14 • IBM IT manages: •10 PB of operational data •15 PB backup • 200+ IBM Software apps available in App Stores; ~ 1M downloads •70-85 PB in other parts of the business •25%+ data growth per year • 225,000 IP hard phones at 337 sites •Increased storage utilization from 50% to 90% with agility • 40% reduction in end user IT support costs. • 163,000 IBM users of Blue Insight - world’s largest business analytics private cloud. •Provides analytics on more than 1 PB of data •Federates info from 100 different sources Reduce cost and risk • 47,000 sq ft reduction in data center floor space • 20k MWh in energy savings • Rochester Complex is 33 buildings & 3.3M sq ft •Underwent years of improvements before advanced analytics •250,000+ sensor points generating 2.1M relevant data points / month •8% annual savings in equipment operating costs. •5% YOY reduction in energy use & carbon Realize better outcomes
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