IBM Solutions Connect 2013 Leadership Meet Keynote


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IBM Solutions Connect 2013 keynote presentation talking about emerging challenges in today's business world and various technologies that can help decision makers address these challenges and drive their business forward. Smart ideas. Smarter actions.

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  • For example: The importance of the CIO-CMO partnership has never been greater. CEO’s and CMO’s want to understand individual customers better and respond faster How are these responsibilities changing? As part of our CMO study, IBM talked with more than 1,700 CMOs, analyzed academic writings, took a look at what content and ideas were shared through social media, and interviewed several CMO-CIO Leadership Exchange participants. Based on that, three imperatives were identified:Understanding each customer as an individual.Creating a system of engagement that maximizes value creation at every touch.Designing your culture and brand so they are authentically one.The new marketing paints a predictive picture of each customer by harnessing data on a massive scale. The new profession designs the full customer journey, knowing what clients want before they do and creating value at every touch.
  • Big Data is the NEW NATURAL RESOURCE - - we mine for it, sift through it, parse out the good from the bad. And then analytics becomes the UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR that sits on top of all that new and interesting data so you can extract insights and patterns to change different dimensions of the business.Data Analytics Will Revolutionize Decision-Making. Big data and analytics is crucial to understand who your customers are – their behaviors, intentions, preferences and needs. All of the interactions we discussed – mobile and otherwise – generate immense amounts of information. Properly leveraged, this wealth of data provides insights to further personalize customer, partner and employee engagement; improve innovation; optimize operations; identify threat and fraud; more accurately monitor and report business performance; and, overall, support more informed decisions and increased competitive advantage.Excerpts from Ginni’s Interview with Fortune: Many more decisions will be based on predictive elements versus gut instincts,” Rometty said. Even in the most scientifically oriented fields, she noted that decisions are still being made based on anchoring biases. In other words, leaders and managers interpret information through the lens of their subjective perspective and set of experiences. However, with the incoming “tsunami of information,” Rometty believes that those companies that are able to use data to their advantage will make better, more objective calls. As an example, she cited IBM’s use of software analytics in its CRUSH (Criminal Reduction Utilizing Statistical History) initiative with the Memphis Police Department. Finding a correlation between rapes and outdoor pay phones, they decided to move the phones indoors, which ultimately contributed to a 30% reduction in crime.
  • Shinsegae Mall - A leading retailer in South Korea gathers deep insights into consumer behavior and runs targeted online marketing campaigns for greater profitability and loyalty when it implements a solution based on IBM Unica Campaigns software, IBM Netezza Data Warehouse software, IBM InfoSphere software, IBM Cognos software, IBM SPSS Modeling software and IBM Power 570 systems running IBM AIX 6 Guohua Energy Investment Co. - A renewable wind energy utility company in Beijing improves forecasting accuracy by 15 percent and boosts power-producing capabilities by 10 percent when it engages IBM China Research Lab and deploys a power output-forecasting solution based on a HyREF solution; IBM business analytics and IBM Information Management software; and IBM BladeCenter, IBM System Storage and IBM System x technology Allianz Life Insurance - A major Korean insurance company estimates gaining nearly USD1.4 billion in profits, reducing liability fees by 12 percent, accelerating the fraud detection process by 50 percent and increasing employee productivity by 60 percent when it engages IBM Business Partner KSTEC to implement a fraud detection solution based on KSTEC SmartWorks FDS software as well as IBM DB2 Enterprise data server, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM WebSphere ILOG and IBM WebSphere Application Server applications running on IBM System p, IBM System x and IBM System z servers and validated on the IBM Insurance Industry Framework State Bank of India –A global bank based in India analyzes credit risk in near-real time and cuts reporting time by 92 percent when it taps IBM Global Services - Global Business Services and IBM SPSS Lab Services to implement IBM Business Analytics and IBM Information Management software supported by an IBM WebSphere solution to help it proactively manage risk and comply with Basel II recommendations Thiess Pty. Ltd - A mining company in Australia reduces heavy equipment maintenance costs and improves productivity when it works with IBM Global Services - Global Business Services and IBM Research to pilot an advanced condition-monitoring solution based on IBM SPSS software and an IBM DB2 data server Since 2005, IBM has invested US$16 billion in boosting its analytics capabilities, both through acquisition and research and development.
  • In the new era of Smart. Marketing Leaders approach customers as individuals, create true systems of engagement, ensure brand and culture are authentically oneSales Leaders sell seamlessly anytime, anywhere and in any sales model across all channels Finance Leaders help business leadership anticipate the future and lead business model innovationBusiness Line Leaders drive innovation of products and services core to the enterprise Supply Chain Leaders anticipate and adapt supply chain execution to market demand HR Leaders - redesign how work gets done to increase employee engagement, improve productivity and drive value for the organizationCTOs Secure, protect and bring innovation into the enterprise CIOs Optimize Infrastructure, Architecture, Security, ITEverything we’ve been talking about lies at the intersection of business and technology, and only through a partnership between business and IT functions can the full potential of this new era be realized.The stage is set already – as both share common goals – understanding customer needs and behaviors, for example, is the top priority on both sides of the aisle.
  • IBM Solutions Connect 2013 Leadership Meet Keynote

    1. 1. Jason Mosakowski Director, IBM Software Group India-South Asia
    2. 2. New Challenges in a So-Lo-Mo World When Big Data Meets Legal Discovery - InformationWeek How to Run an Effective Social Media Program - BusinessWeek Data Analysis in the Age of Social Media - Bloomberg The Hunt for Analytics Talent - Financial Times CIOs Consider Skipping Private Cloud - InformationWeek Social Applications Rise on Mobile - Forbes
    3. 3. New Challenges in a So-Lo-Mo World When Big Data Meets Legal Discovery - InformationWeek How to Run an Effective Social Media Program - BusinessWeek Data Analysis in the Age of Social Media - Bloomberg The Hunt for Analytics Talent - Financial Times CIOs Consider Skipping Private Cloud - InformationWeek Social Applications Rise on Mobile - Forbes
    4. 4. How can we tap into the transformative power of technology to create a Smarter Enterprise that delivers greater value?
    5. 5. A Collaborative Csuite Environment Is Emerging..
    6. 6. Importance of Partnership Has Never Been Greater CMOs Need to Build a Broader Digital Strategy CIOs also recognize the need to digitize front office infrastructure to sync with customers 87% 16% IT focus area – digitizing the front office Integration of crosschannel touchpoints 83% 13% Analytics to capture customer insights 5% 20% 78% Social networks to foster collaboration 83% 13% 73% Workforce aligned to opportunities 11% will focus on front office digitization Four out of five CIOs see front office digitization as a primary focus. 69% 82% Digitally enabled supply chain Large extent Some extent Today Source: 13% 3–5 Years Limited extent 2013 IBM Global C-Suite Study – Question CIO2.a–Focus of IT to help the enterprise’s strategy over the next 3 to 5 years [Digitization of the front office]; n=1,613 [CIO only]
    7. 7. We Are Helping Clients Infuse Intelligence into Organizational Processes to Build Smarter Enterprises Human Resources Logistics Customer Service Technology & Product Development Finance Sales Marketing
    8. 8. Balancing the Need to Optimize and Innovate… Optimize Innovate our IT infrastructure, data and processes how we engage, make decisions and work Technology Leaders Line of Business Leaders Chief Information Officers Technology Architects Dev & Ops Leaders Marketing Leaders Sales Leaders Finance & HR Leaders
    9. 9. …Requires a Continuous, Two-way Process Optimize Innovate our IT infrastructure, data and processes how we engage, make decisions and work Systems of Record Systems of Engagement Secure Data Dynamic Infrastructure On-demand Self-service Drives Need Drives Investment Knowledge Sharing Engagement Models Anywhere, Anytime
    10. 10. Four Technologies Help Define the Smarter Enterprise Constantly adapts CLOUD COMPUTING Clientcentric, digitally savvy BIG DATA ANALYTICS ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SOCIAL BUSINESS Forges deeper relationships with clients and between employees Embraces data in all forms
    11. 11. Cloud. Rethink IT. Reinvent business.
    12. 12. The Greater Promise Of A Greater Cloud. 1,110 430,000 IBMers, in 170 countries, speaking 165 languages 120,000 6,478 Global Business Partners U.S. patents in 2012 alone 65,000 20 consecutive years of U.S. patent leadership Service Delivery personnel 8,000 business analytics consultants with industry experience $16B in analytics software acquisitions alone since 2005 software products in the IBM portfolio Rich enterprise cloud computing capabilities with over $5B in cloud acquisitions to date 3,000 active researchers, including 5 Nobel Laureates $6B invested in research and development each year 20 consecutive years of U.S. patent leadership
    13. 13. The Greater Promise Of A Greater Cloud.
    14. 14. Social. Empower your workforce and deliver a more compelling customer & citizen experience.
    15. 15. Changing Behaviours to Change Outcomes A Traditional Business A Social Business Marketing, Sales, Customer Service ‘Push’ marketing Product & Service Development R&D new ideas internally Traditional market testing Shares insights to generate breakthrough ideas and speeds time to market Human Resources Email & phone Knowledge silos Harvests insights from networks of people to create value Control mentality Builds trusted relationships and brand advocacy
    16. 16. Mobile. Transact with customers, employees and partners through trusted, insights-driven mobile interactions
    17. 17. If we don’t invest in mobile, over time we will reduce our ability to acquire new customers and make acquisitions; our customer metrics will decline. - Head of Group Digital Deployment, Banking
    18. 18. Real Business. Real Results. 80% reduction in per-check-in cost compared to traditional counter check-in Projected 20 percent reduction in development cycles and time to market 50% increase in customer satisfaction through interactive mobile banking experience Potential sales lift for clients, evidenced by a 109% lift in sales
    19. 19. Big Data & Analytics. Transact with customers, employees and partners through trusted, insights-driven mobile interactions
    20. 20. Examples of Outstanding Performance Driven by Big Data and Analytics Traditional Approach Transformational Outcomes One size fits all marketing Personalized, real-time marketing offers Manual weather forecasting Real-time, automated weather prediction Slow claims processing Intelligent & accelerated fraud detection Monthly risk management Real-time Risk Analysis Just in time maintenance Predictive maintenance & improved uptime
    21. 21. “Last two matches Social Sentiment Index for Sachin. 825+ Commit any sins in those 10 days because even God will be watching Sachin’s leg glance for one last time.” Sachin Tendulkar MS Dhoni Rohit Sharm a Virat Kohli news conversations on Oct-10 R Ashw in Fans take to Facebook! 3x more conversations on Facebook than Twitter. 200 200th Match Aw ards Venue 199th Match Popular is not just any number.
    22. 22. Kotak Mahindra Bank Aruna Rao , Chief Information Officer Puneet Kapoor – Executive Vice President
    23. 23. New Partnerships Are Fueling the Smarter Enterprise Business Line Leaders drive innovation of products and services core to the enterprise CMOs stop one-size-fits-all segment marketing to target individuals with context-based personalized engagement Leadership CIOs leverage cloud, mobile, social and big data platforms to optimize and extend new value through the IT infrastructure People & Culture Technology CFOs help the CEO and CTOs Secure, protect and business leaders manage risk, anticipate the future and create innovative new business models bring innovation into the enterprise
    24. 24. Smart Ideas. Smarter Actions. 1. Sign Up for IBM SoftwareConnect (“Made-to-order” solution workshops for your organization) 2. Interact with IBM Social Ambassadors on Twitter (@ibmsoftware_in) and Facebook (IBM Software India) 3. To know more about our products & solutions, visit or read our blog at
    25. 25. We are here to help you on this journey.